Bouygues Telecom is Going to Put an End to Fair Use for Paying Off-rate Plans

Maj. February 13, 2018 at 9 h 44 min.

UPDATE 15/02/2016 :The choice between off-rate and fair use is now officially implemented, with off-rate set by default. A quick look at the account options and you will still be able to return to classic fair-use without fear of exceeding your package. Click on the “Manage my Internet usage beyond my bundle” menu and choose the option that suits you. Tell us if you’ve performed the manipulation.

“Fair use” is when your monthly data plan is exhausted and you continue to surf but at a very low speed and on certain sites only. From next February, the operator Bouygues Telecom will close this door. Instead, it proposes three new options.

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Bouygues Telecom

In France, there has been very strong growth in the consumption of Internet data. More than a million people use up their package every month and find themselves in the red. Aware of this, Bouygues Telecom has decided to allow its users to continue to use 3G/4G beyond their subscribed rate plan. The new measure will take effect from 15 February next.

In concrete terms, here’s how it’s going to work. Initially, the customer receives a message from the operator when he reaches 80 and then 100% of his current package. Once this threshold is reached, its connection will continue to switch normally to 3G/4G. Only, he will have to choose one of these options:

  • Continue to surf at high speed and without speed limit for a fee per MB
  • Make a new data refill
  • Activate the blocking option from your customer area This allows him to monitor his connection and not have a bundle overrun.

If necessary, it receives a notification of each new level of consumption that it exceeds, the authorized limit being 1 GB. The off-rate is charged at 0.01 euro/minute. However, depending on whether they are old or new, clients will not suffer the same fate when this measure is introduced.

Thus, for older and committed customers, the default option will remain reduced throughput. For everything else, including new subscribers, the default option will be “Billing Beyond Plan”. Similarly, for former subscribers to the Sensation, Sensation 2 GB, B&YOU and Pro 3 GB packages, the fair use option will remain available.





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