Bouygues Telecom Also Automatically Increases the Bill for Certain Customers.

Following our article on the automatic €2/month increase for certain SFR RED subscribers, a reader told us that he had just received a similar email from Bouygues Telecom

Without asking for anything, his Box offer will “evolve” automatically in March. He will pay an extra €3 per month for Unlimited Calls to mobiles.

If Kevin doesn’t want this “exclusive advantage”, he must refuse it in his customer area (it’s up to him to find out where exactly). He has until July 20 to give it up, otherwise this option will definitely be part of his subscription.

Kevin’s not the only customer involved. There are several similar testimonials from yesterday on the operator’s forum.

Like SFR, this is not the first time that Bouygues Telecom has automatically increased the bills of some of its subscribers. There had already been a burst of increases in the spring and fall of 2018. As we were saying then, watch your operator’s emails. All of them, at one time or another, have used this practice.

Following an automatic increase by Orange last year, the UFC-Que Choisir explained that the practice “is legal as long as the customer has the possibility to refuse the increase and to cancel his contract in accordance with article L. 224-33 of the French Consumer Code. »

This article states that contractual amendments must be communicated to the customer in writing at least one month before they come into force, “together with the information that the customer may, as long as he has not expressly accepted the new conditions, terminate the contract without penalty and without any right to compensation, up to four months after the entry into force of the amendment. »

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