Bouygues Customers Attention : Your Flight Package, but Its Price Too.

Bouygues Telecom informs some of its customers that their rate plan is “evolving”. This improvement actually hides an automatic tariff increase that can be declined. Think about it before it’s too late.

Regularly, our mobile plans evolve, and that’s a good thing. However, some operators sometimes take advantage of this to discreetly change their tariffs, which often causes users to be grumbling. Today, it is the consumer association UFC Que Choisir that warns of a dubious practice by Bouygues Telecom

Indeed, some fixed and Mobile customers of the blue operator have received an email to warn them that their “evolves” package. The e-mail highlights the enrichment of the offer with 20 GB more mobile Internet i.e. 70 GB instead of 50 GB in France and 30 GB in the international envelope (available in Europe and the French overseas departments) instead of 10 GB.

It’s rather good news for subscribers who will have a much larger package, without doing anything, since these changes take effect on July 9. What’s the problem? This increase in data is also accompanied by an increase in prices. From 24.99 euros per month it therefore increases to 27.99 euros per month. It’s “only” three euros more, it’s true, but it’s also a price increase without the customer’s consent. Moreover, those who have not read the e-mail may not know that it is possible to renounce this “enrichment” of the package and Bouygues.

4 months to waive

The message sent by Bouygues Telecom specifies that this change is proposed “to better satisfy you”, but that it is possible to cancel it before 9 November from the customer area in the “My Account” section of the official website. If you are not a big consumer of data or have a tight budget, it may be a good idea to take a closer look at this option.

Note that if you opt for this solution, ” you will no longer be able to benefit from this enrichment at the exclusive price of “. We can deduce that a more permanent 70 GB package should soon appear alongside the current packages in the Bouygues catalogue, and that it should be more expensive than 28 euros per month

In the footsteps of Free and SFR

As the UFC QueChoisir points out, Bouygues Telecom is not the only one to discreetly impose novelties on its subscribers with a price increase and the possibility to back out provided that it is aware of them or just curious. Last year, Free was pushing for an upgrade for only 2 euros per month just a few months after SFR’s Privilège option.

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