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Boosting Your IG Faster And Easier (Best Tools For Instagram Boost)

With over 800 million users, Instagram has become the most prominent social media platform not only for individuals but also businesses, advertising and marketing companies. Since Instagram has released numerous new features that allow monetization and other ways to boost traffic and make sales, many have seen this as an opportunity for app and tools development to raise Instagram following and traffic, even more easier and faster than before.


However, before we move on with the article it is essential to deal with the basics first; if you are looking for an Instagram boost, make sure to hop over to PapersOwl for some high-quality content instructions and papers. Even so, regardless of whether you simply want to promote your cute cat on Instagram, or you want your business to receive more recognition, here are some tools and tips on how to boost your Instagram in no time.

Magic Social

MagicSocial is a powerful Instagram growing service. As unique as it sounds, the service allows its users to create an account by following your picks when it comes to the target audience that you want to follow you, or who you want to follow as well. The tool is extremely easy to use since MagicSocial connects you to a growth manager and allows you to use smart filters to target the audience demographics of your choice by hashtags, usernames, and locations. Basically, this service provides an Instagram strategy that will attract real, targeted followers to your account. Fake followers have been a significant issue on Instagram, since many high-following accounts buy them, but with MagicSocial, your Instagram will grow thanks to the genuine and active Instagram users.


VSCO is actually a photo company, and now you may be wondering why is it on this list. Well, your Instagram profile needs to provide high-quality content in order to attract an audience, right? Therefore, tools like VSCO can help you receive proper education regarding photography, but will also introduce you to a community and connections that will furthermore help you develop your photo-taking skills. VSCO also provides numerous photo and editing services and tools that will allow an easy and fast editing on both, iOS and Android.


Now, unlike the previous two, Hootsuite is a social media management platform that works in favor of your posts schedule and publishing time. Why is this important? Well, if you want to boost the numbers on your account, it is essential to provide content regularly. Moreover, the Instagram posts now carry ads as well, so the more you post, the more you gain without losing on quality. Therefore, this platform will enable you to create a substantial Instagram following and genuine audience that will help you promote a business or a brand and increase sales according to a schedule. This way, you will generate high engagement which will eventually rank your account higher on the Instagram feed.


Buffer is a social media management service that allows business and marketing teams to schedule their posts, analyze the statistics of the account’s performance as well as to manage other accounts, all in one place. Buffer creates a streamlined dash where all of your social media accounts will be organized together with the scheduled posts for each platform. By planing your posts and by obtaining performance statistics regularly, you will quickly create a consistent Instagram presence, which will undoubtedly generate monetization and a new audience in no time.

More tips:

• Engagement on Instagram should be the primary goal of your account, therefore, base your Instagram strategy on engagement and interaction

• Try hashtag optimization to stand out

• Promote your Instagram account on other social media platforms

• Add CTAs that will direct to the link in your bio or that will appear on a story; this will enable an easier purchase

• Hype up new posts and new releases on Instagram by giving sneak peeks of products or services

• Observe the practices of your competition

• Look into the user experience and feedback your followers provide; this can help you take into consideration what they like and focus on producing exactly that

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