Bon Plan Box Fibre: the Best Internet Offers in January’s Promotions

Comparison of the best Internet Fiber Box offers updated on 24/01/2020. All promotions launched at the beginning of January are still valid this week with the exception of the Sosh promotion, which expired on 26 December.

1. The best Internet fibre boxes: RED still king of the promo and Bouygues in ambush

For the month of January, we continue to recommend you the offer without commitment signed Red by SFR at 23€ which is probably the most attractive on the market thanks to the Debit Plus option and the first month offered until January 27th. A tariff sold as valid for life, unlike Bouygues, SFR, Free and Orange whose promotions are valid for 12 months. An excellent price and a recent box with fast WiFi (5GHz MIMO 3×3) and a 4K decoder.

RED Box Fiber at 23€ in detail >

In ambush, and this time with a 12-month commitment, we chose the Bbox Ultym from Bouygues Telecom which, despite its price increase, continues to be one of the most complete in our eyes. This Internet fibre package scores points on the fundamentals for anyone looking to get real fibre with solid speeds (up to 1 Gb/s theoretically) at a contained price, €24.99 per month for the first year, then €41.99. The Bbox Ultym takes advantage of the latest techno refinements with 4K, it is powered by Android TV, has Google Assistant a dual-band transponder and a very solid Wi-Fi. It also remains cheaper than the best offers from SFR and Orange, whether in the first year or after. Please note that you currently have the choice of four bonuses: Canal+ Series, Clé 4G, Playzer or Bbox Jeunesse TV package.

2. What you need to know about Internet fibre offers

Apart from the many promotions regularly distilled on the mobile, the price war also takes place on the Internet boxes via fibre optics where discounts are also frequent. However, as with the mobile plans, you have to sort through them to get your hands on some really good deals. Our selection of the best promotions on fibre subscriptions from different operators is updated every week (or as soon as a new operator offer appears) to offer you updated recommendations.

We focus here on fiber optics, ADSL offers are therefore excluded from this selection but you can find the best of them on our dedicated guide. To learn more about the installation procedure and the best fibre offers outside of the promotions, we refer you to our general guide, which is more dense and exhaustive.

  • Please note that all fibre offers are subject to a termination fee (usually up to €50)… which will also be refunded by the new operator you have chosen. Also note that some offers are subject to a commitment (usually for one year) while others are non-binding. 
  • In any case, if you are still on ADSL, it is the operator you have chosen who will be in charge of installing the fibre in your home.

3. Other best offers to consider from operators


At the beginning of October Orange revamped its fibre offers with the launch of its new box, the Livebox 5. On this occasion, the operator agrees to reductions for 12 months. The Livebox Fibre ticket is 22.99 euros per month for 12 months and then 41.99 euros. It is the cheapest option at Orange and already has a solid 400 Mb/s download and 400 Mb/s upload speed. In this case, please note that the old Livebox Play will be offered.

For those who want to take full advantage of the fiber and enjoy the last box,the Up formula is in our opinion very interesting with a maximum downlink rate of 2 Gbps. This is a shared rate. All in all, this Livebox 5 offers a theoretical throughput of 1 Gb/s per device. The upward flow rate can reach 600 Mb/s. In addition, this box comes with a Wi-Fi repeater, on request, to make sure you can cover your entire home correctly and, still on request, a TV Key or a second UHD TV decoder, which is very useful if you have two TVs.


After discount, it will cost you 30.99 euros per monthfor 12 monthsfor this offer fiber Maxthen 49.99 euros. It should be recalled thatthese two offers are subject to a 12-month commitment, i.e. the period of reduction.

Orange Up Fibre in detail >


The Delta and One Freeboxes have enabled Free to expand its range of offers. There are five fiber solutions at the ISP, in contrast to its competitors who play at simplifying things by offering only two or three formulas. At Free, this ranges from €€14.99 for 12 months then €34.99for the Freebox Mini 4K to €49.99 for the Freebox Delta to which you will have to add the Player at €480 or €10/month for 48 months. Please note that the latter now includes the Amazon Prime service at no extra cost. 


This very high-end subscription always seems too expensive for the added value offered. Free offers the Freebox Delta S formula at 39.99 euros which does not include the Player but for us it is not the most balanced. The offer that remains the most relevant remains the Freebox Mini 4K. Powered by Android TV, it does what it takes in Triple Play with the promise of up to 1 Gbps fiber for 14.99€ then 34.99€. This is still the best value proposition at contained price currently available from Iliad.  

Bouygues Telecom

Bouygues Telecom proceeds in the same way as other operators on their traditional fibre offers (understand with commitment), i.e. a discount valid for 12 months, i.e. the duration of the commitment. Count 14.99 euros per month for one year and then 26.99 euros for the Bbox Fit (200 Mb/s and 100 Mb/s), the most affordable of the Bouygues boxes. Its price therefore does not move, unlike that of the operator’s other two formulas. The Must offer (500 Mb/s and 300 Mb/s) is offered at 19.99 euros for 12 months and then 34.99 euros. The Ultym version (1 Gb/s and 500 Mb/s) is priced at 24.99 euros for 12 months and then 41.99 euros.


Please note that the rental of the box is included in the price and that Bouygues will pay up to 100 euros of your former operator’s cancellation fees. The commitment period is one year, which is the duration of the promotion. Currently, the strongest offer at Bouygues is the Box Ultym, which is heavily discounted at €24.99 per month for the first year and which remains at an advantageous price (compared to direct competition) after €41.99. Also note that Canal+ Series is being offered as a bonus and that this 4K box powered by Android TV is one of the newest on the market, it has Google Assistant a dual-band transponder and fast AC Wi-Fi. Bouygues’ proposal at 24.99 euros is the most complete and accessible on the box market with commitment.

Bouygues Bbox Ultym in detail > 


There are three subscription formulas at SFR: Starter, Power, Premium. The first one offers already very solid speeds of 400 Mb/s (Fibre) and is currently priced at 19 euros for 12 months and then 38 euros per month  

The Power offer benefits from an attractive small bonus, plus debits are offered. As a result, you will findmaximum theoretical data rates identical to the Premium offer, i.e. 1 Gb/s for reception and 400 Mb/s for transmission for29 euros for 12 months and then 45. Not bad. The Premium offer is currently not subject to any specific discount except for a lower call price during the 1st year: 39 euros for 12 months and then 53 euros. There are maximum data rates of 1 Gb/s, 200 channels (as on the Power versus 160 on the Starter) and the Multi TV option.

New in recent weeks has been the arrival on the market of the operator’s new box, Box 8, which is the first to support Wifi 6. It also supports Dolby Atmos and 4K HDR. A proposal similar to Free’s Delta Freebox To benefit from it, you will have to pay 5 euros per month on top of your package.


As with Orange and Bouygues, the duration of the commitment is one year and SFR will refund up to €100 on the termination fees of your former operator. Currently, the Fibre Power offer at 29 euros is the one we are voting for at SFR.

And on the non-binding?

The Debit Plus option (usually charged €5 per month) is again offered by Red by SFR until January 27,. As a result, we find flows of1 Gb/s (theoretical) for 22 euros (compared with the usual 200 Mb/s) and 400 Mb/s in issue (compared with the usual 200 Mb/s). The TV option is available from 2 euros per month. Currently, this fibre box is priced at 23 euros per month compared to the usual 28 euros when this Debit Plus option is paid for. When it benefits from free options, RED by SFR’s fiber offer is a good plan that we highly recommend, especially since the operator also offers 1 month subscription.

RED Box Fibre in detail > 

On the other hand, Sosh is less aggressive about her box. In December, it could be found at 14.99 euros. From now on, count 19.99 euros per month for one year and then 29.99 euros. Speeds are not very attractive since we have up to300 Mb/s (theoretical) for downloading and sending. In addition, if you intend to enjoy TV with the decoder that goes well, you will also have to take off an extra 5€ per month, for a total bill of 24.99€, for 1 year. However, you’ll benefit from the provenLivebox 4, slim consolation …

The Sosh Box in detail >

4. Summary

RED by SFR keeps its crown on the no-commitment this week by continuing to offer the Debit plus (1 Gb/s) and Unlimited Calls to mobiles options as well as the first month of subscription. The box is recent with fast WiFi (5GHz MIMO 3×3) and the 4K decoder holds the road.

RED Box Fiber at 23€ in detail >  

On the other hand, Bouygues Telecom’s 24.99 euro Bbox Ultym offer is the one that has won all the votes. By ticking all the boxes on the speeds, in ethernet as well as in Wi-Fi (which is not always the case with the competition), the TV decoder (4K + Canal+ Series package offered), interface and fluidity of the box, it is one of the most balanced and accessible proposals on the market today.

Bouygues Bbox Ultym at €24.99 in detail >

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