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BofA Chairman & CEO Brian Moynihan Speaks With CNBC

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CNBC Unique: CNBC Transcript: Financial institution Of America Chairman & CEO Brian Moynihan speaks with CNBC’s Wilfred Frost Immediately On “Squawk Alley”

WHEN: TODAY, TUESDAY, December 4, 2018


Following is the unofficial transcript of a CNBC EXCLUSIVE interview with Bank of America Chairman & CEO Brian Moynihan.  Following is a link to video of the interview:

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Wilfred frost: thanks very much I’m joined by the chairman & CEO of Financial institution of America just to reference you could hear background noises of protests for hypocracy towards immigration towards Jamie Dimon that’s happening downstairs however we will ignore that. Apologies for the background noise Brian. Great to have you ever with us.

Brian Moynihan: great to be right here Wilf.

Frost: I need to start actually the place I started with Tim Sloan an hour or so in the past. And that is to say clearly there’s extra bearishness out there in the stock market. Once you speak to your clients and take a look at all the info you get from all of them, does it match up with that bearishness or are they still fairly constructive?

Moynihan: it doesn’t match up and what you’re seeing the underlying activity, I feel you must again up. And assume as we got here into ’18, there was a view of synchronized progress in a world and everyone was going to develop, and as you get to the top of ’18 and think of ’19, the essential prediction for the us financial system, our predictions go from 3% to 2.7 progress the world is principally flat yr over yr. So now you’re establishing within the dialogue about ’19 the are economies slowing however that progress for the us can be one of many quickest progress charges within the final decade, however there’s a half full, half empty view on the market. Now let’s get into what the actual shoppers are doing. Over the vacation weekend, shoppers of Financial institution of America, debit, credit cards spent 6% greater than final yr, up 7 or eight% from the yr earlier than so you’re seeing robust continued progress spending cash across the whole franchise, yr so far by way of end of November, up 9% when it comes to cash spending on goods and providers inside that, you’re seeing retail is growing especially within the Christmas season. However you’re additionally seeing so much on travel, leisure, dining out, which frankly is sweet for employment in the sense that those take a lot of people to make happen. We feel excellent concerning the us financial system the predictions are it should sluggish a bit bit but beneath that may be a robust progress fee we really feel robust about. Unemployment, wage progress, all the elements are robust, together with small enterprise enthusiasm that we simply put out the opposite day.

Frost: you have been in Buenos Aires last week ahead of the g20 how did you gage what came out of that was it better or worse than you hoped for when it comes to the trade truce?

Moynihan: I feel expectation was constructing as I used to be there that you would hear announcement that the two largest economies on the planet will work it out at the finish of the day, a reporter like your self you already know there’s a commerce debate happening, there’s a very good argument about what’s right. Giant economies should be reciprocal should be open as a result of the smaller economies have disadvantages that we have now to assist them develop and are available along. But the largest economies ought to be able to go at it and be competitive, and let’s see who wins. That’s the talk that’s happening the way you do this, it is loads of work you see ebbs and flows that’s on individuals’s minds the assumption was coming into it you’d hear a relaxing down, and I feel in the previous few days heard each side of that that was the primary theme when it comes to international was about trade and concerning the impacts of commerce warfare on all the economies, despite the fact that it is perhaps a few economies concerned.

Frost: is that the most important danger to what you are promoting in 2019 or interest rates what degree price hike would you be completely effective with

Moynihan: at the finish of the day I wouldn’t — there’s not being advantageous with anything– the query is why the fed raising charges, its because the underlying financial system is strengthening and they’re taking lodging out. That’s a really constructive surroundings for each business within the u.S. And the world because of the quantity of consumption happening in the us. Two-thirds of the us financial system is shopper that’s an financial system the dimensions of china’s financial system and multiples of another economies. It’s key that the U.S. Financial system grow if the rationale rates are going up as a result of the financial system is rising, that’s a great factor. Our expectation is long the markets, a couple of price rises subsequent yr, there’s great debate about how briskly or sluggish they’ll go. Watch the fed, they’re knowledge dependent. They advised you that and there’s no new news right here. The truth is the underlying financial system is rising and I feel the danger for inflation just isn’t excessive, inflation is rising wage progress is stronger, unemployment so that you anticipate them to normalize the rate path, and our expectation is they transfer it up three, three and 1 / 4 a normalize price setting.

Frost: you’re relaxed about fee rises. So is Tim Sloan earlier. But we see the yield curve inverted the three to 5 yr half and your inventory worth as we take a look at it reside is down 3.four%. As we speak largely due to the yield curve. What are buyers lacking whenever you see an enormous at some point unload in relation to that issue that you simply’re relaxed about?

Moynihan: final 5 days, the stock worth is flat. Decide which day you’re joyful or not so comfortable.

Frost: proper however typically. There’s no argument individuals don’t like this flattening of the yield curve.

Moynihan: nicely they don’t as a result of they assume it is recession so you must return to the financial system prediction. Some individuals say yield curve predicted last 12 out of the final 5 recessions there’s that debate happening. According to what goes on is the financial transition is potential-yield curve because the fed tightens loan charges stay down so the question is whether it iscausation or end result there’s a fantastic debate amongst economists. The truth is what you’re seeing underneath is a prediction that subsequent yr’s financial system will grow it is rather totally different in a number of methods in the event you look back traditionally, our specialists inform you, you must keep in mind the surroundings all over the world is totally different. Nominal fee setting is totally different. Treasury 3%, versus Germany of the same period. 40 basis factors. The flight to quality and flight to yield is messing up a variety of the issues. If it is inverting, if recession is coming, that’s not good for anyone. Whether it is inverting due to technical features, that’s not dangerous. The query shall be we consider it is because the financial system is robust they usually’re taking out accomodations.

Frost: need to ask about brexit. You will have the required approvals to completely function from the Dublin headquarters in Ireland earlier this week and also you moved 125 staff there this Monday. Complete head rely in the United Kingdom is 6500 or thereabouts if we head in the direction of a no deal, disorderly exhausting brexit, of that 6500, now that Dublin workplaces are prepared, what number of more transfer to Dublin.

Moynihan: we don’t know as a result of we don’t know finally what the principles can be how it will operate.

Frost: if there are not any guidelines set.

Moynihan: we shall be prepared to function day one. There gained’t be a number of movemment as we deliver the broker supplier up in France then employees it up there might be a modest group of people to employees. The actual question is for the subsequent 5 years, what happens. If there’s onerous border, monetary border between the UK and EU without accommodation of how it operates, you must resettle to even it out. There’s three pieces of enterprise, EU business which obviouly has to go inside the EU, and the remainder of the world enterprise and UK enterprise stays in the UK. The query is how does the rest of the world business fall for us and rivals that may come by how the offers have been labored out. Even if there’s a tough in march, what goes on beyond can be fascinating. It isn’t that we’re going to do something in Dublin. We’re achieved. We have now a European bank, it’s up and working UK bank is not merged and in that gained’t return the dealer deal will are available Parris and we’ll employees it up. Stated 100 some individuals when it comes to numbers.

Frost: I need to speak about digitalization. The large 4 u.S. Retail banks investing $40 billion in complete $10 billion every next largest spend only 2.5 billion. 4 x distinction from rivals above it does this have comparable effect as digitalization has in other shopper dealing with companies in that it’s a huge boone for incumbents however smaller corporations are left behind

Moynihan: it is a massive growth for everybody, you’ll be able to provide better service to the client and take the price construction down and move by way of to the client the best way to think about the work on the buyer aspect, 26 million cellular clients, 35 million digital clients, about 1.5 billion log ins final quarter this is not one thing that’s coming that is one thing that already exists 20 odd% of sales are on digital. All is essential to the way you run the franchise. It has given the client higher providers on their time, the best way they need to do it, 24 by 7, and on the similar time lowered working prices, that modifications the working construction. That blend is sweet we assist small banks, Zell is made obtainable to drive funds volumes are growing 100% a yr on that. The objective is to deliver that banking system into the digital age and make it more efficient for patrons. On the business aspect, it goes on everyone talks about shopper on the business aspect, the identical impacts. Cellular cash pro is up and operation very effectively. You assume a treasurer of a company would sit at their desk and interface. They want the cellular interface as a result of that’s how they conduct their every day life. You go on there, tells you you might have three funds to approve it is good for all the companies. The truth that the aggressive edge we’re pushing for giant company is just not versus small corporations, it’s for the business as an entire.

Frost: Brian thanks for joining us. We a lot respect it.

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