Black Mirror:bandersnatch: the Netflix Interactive Episode is Not Compatible With All Notches.

28 December 201828/12/2018 – 18:28

Bandersnatch, the new interactive episode of Black Mirror is finally available… but not for everyone. Not all Netflix-enabled devices are compatible with this new format.

Netflix’s event series, Black Mirror is getting a new episode at the end of 2018. The SVOD service has been teasing its project to create an interactive episode for several months now, a bit like some games offer (Cuckoo Until Dawn). Some kind of sick episode where you’re the hero.

This December 28th, the Bandersnatch episode is finally available on Netflix, but you still have to be able to read it. Indeed, this interactive episode only works on connected TV applications, in a PC browser, on game consoles and on Android and iOS. It is already a selection that covers a number of cases but also excludes some.

So, if you were going to watch this special episode on your Apple TV or Chromecast, for example, you will have to find an alternative. Also note that it is impossible to download this episode to watch it offline.

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And if you want to see absolutely all the narrative arcs of the episode, know that a fan has already listed all the possible choices (attention spoiler).

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