Black Lightning Recap: Everything You Missed in “The Book of Ruin: Chapter Three: Things Fall Apart”

a brief jaunt to Akashic Valley last week for the Painkiller backcountry pilot, Black Lightning returns this week to bring the story back to Freeland and update viewers with the Pierce family. The last time we saw the Piers, it was a big change. After a catastrophic encounter with the Ionosphere, Jennifer Pierce was literally knocked out of her equilibrium and had to be reduced to genetic level, resulting in a completely new look (the character was redesigned from Anne McClain China to Laura Kariuki). But that’s not the only challenge they faced. Tobias Keith (Marvin Crondon Jones III) continued his machinations for power in Freeland and the destruction of Black Lightning.

Want to know all the important details and storylines from this week’s episode of Black Lightning? We’ve got your back. Here are the main plot points of The Book of Ruin: Chapter Three: Things are falling apart. Warning: Full spoilers for the episode after this point coming soon. Only read if you really want to know.

Batch failure

Anissa and Grace return from their honeymoon in Akashic Valley and visit their family to announce their marriage. They are greeted with a surprise party – Anissa is the one organizing the party. However, the party is interrupted when the FBI knocks on the door with a search warrant. After a tense moment, Jefferson lets her in. The government claims it is embezzling money from the school. Lynn suspects Tobias of having done this.

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Not only is Tobias trying to nail Jefferson on criminal charges.  At the café, Marcel, a fight club instructor, meets Jefferson to show him the announcement that the city is taking over the house – Tobias and his contractors are taking over the entire neighborhood. He plans to build a hospital in the area, which is very popular with Freeland voters.

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Jen… now J.J. is …. on her way to school. TC asks her how she is doing and they talk a bit, but they also run into a student, Montel, who is trying to gain influence online by making a big case of the allegations against Jefferson. He ran into another student, Uriah. JJ ends up flirting with him. When Jefferson tries to fight for the house, Jen tells him to take the money and move on. During the conversation she calls him daddy, which surprises him. Later, in her lab, Lynn runs more tests on JJ and discovers that there are indeed differences between Jen and JJ – the lab considers JJ unstable, but Lynn says nothing.

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At Lynn’s clinic, Anissa meets an old friend who is pregnant, but the baby has tested positive for cystic fibrosis markers.  Another doctor says they can fix it completely, much to Anissa’s surprise. It turns out to have something to do with her partnership with Montavista, but that’s classified – and patients are sent to Monavista, which Anissa doesn’t seem to like. Blackbird and Wylde rushed to the clinic to pick up the details of Kiki’s cystic fibrosis treatment and met with Ishamel. He manages to take out Blackbird, but after a long fight in which Wylde turns into a tiger, the fight ends with Ishmael fleeing. Later, Gambi tells Anissa and Grace everything he found out about Ishmael.

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Murderer found

Tobias holds a meeting and says that he believes Jefferson was arrested for embezzlement and uses this as an example of how far Freeland has fallen and how he is the solution to bringing Freeland back. He also defies Marcel by posing as a homeless teacher in Garfield. Elsewhere, Tobias’ accomplice confronts Baxter in Monovista. He uses his powers to attack a man with a golf club and then threatens to kill him with a bullet. Gambi looks at the security system. Confirms he’s the mayor’s killer.

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Null and void

Lynn visited Gambi. She has a vial of Val’s powers to test, but she can’t risk testing them on herself. Gambi agrees to let Lynn give her an injection to test her. After the injection, however, Gumby feels no different. Lynn thinks something’s wrong.  Later in Sanctum, CU tries to get to the bottom of the money and the theft, but when Gambi arrives, CU can no longer talk to the computers. If he’s gone, he can. Lynn realized that Val’s authority had been reduced to zero, making her the biggest threat to the Pierce family.

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Coefficients and ends

In his room, TK has a video conversation with Filky about Khalil and the painkiller. TC tells Khalil about what’s going on with Jefferson, and Khalil offers to help him with Tobias.

In Monavista, Lauren receives her energy device. Gumby creates a distraction so he can get Prometium and almost gets caught. He plans to use promethium to bolster the suits of the Pierce family.

The school’s music program is being cut and JJ suggests raising money to keep the program going, and suggests that she figure out how to do it.


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