Black Friday Ps4, Xbox and Switch: the Best Weekend Deals on Console Packs

Updates on 29/11 at 6:45pm – BLACK FRIDAY is here and brings in its wake numerous postponements in all areas, including gaming. Unsurprisingly, e-merchants offer great discounts on PS4, Nintendo Switch or Xbox One packs. Here is our selection of the best offers.

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  • Friday November 29th, 2019 at 2:15pm
  • Last Updated on Friday, November 29, 2019 at 6:42 PM

Selection updated on 29/11 at 18:45 with all the great deals still online before this weekend.Too many promotions kill promotions? The Black Friday marathon, which has lasted more than a week this year, is almost over since it’s finally here, on Black Friday’s D-Day. For over a week now, we have been scouring the web sites of merchants in search of the best bargains to advise you on. The best deals start on D-Day Friday and continue through the weekend. So don’t take too long if you want to invest. 

Especially since, every year, Playstation 4, Switch and Xbox One are among the most popular high-tech products. The 2019 edition is no exception and the console packs are available at discounted prices. However, not all offers are created equal and care must be taken to avoid false promotions. To help you find what you’re looking for, here’s a selection of the best video game console deals: 


  • The promotions relayed here have been independently chosen by the editorial staff of CNET France according to the size of the reduction and the quality of the packs, games and accessories.
  • Black Friday requires and due to high traffic on merchant sites, links to offers may not load fully or may not work at first glance. We advise you to refresh (F5 key on your keyboard) the e-merchant’s page several times if necessary. Also remember to disable your adblocker if you are using it where you can’t be redirected to the good stuff.

The cherry on the Black Friday promos

  • Pack Console Microsoft Xbox One S All Digital 1 TB + Minecraft + Sea of Thieves + Fortnite + Xbox Live Gold 1 monthat 129.99 euros instead of 229.99 euros at Fnac and Cdiscount
  • PS4 Slim 500 GB Black + Voucher Fortniteat 189.99 euros instead of 299.99 euros (limited stock)
  • PS4 Pro 1Tb Black + Days Gone + Detroit Become Human + God of War + Spider-Man GOTY + Unchartedat 399.99 euros instead of 609 euros on Cdiscount
  • Pack Nintendo Switch Neon + Lab + Zelda Caseat 299.99 euros instead of 379.99 euros
  • Pack Fnac Xbox One S + Gears 5 + Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order Deluxe Edition + Forza Horizon 4 + Red Dead Redemption 2 + Grand Theft Auto V Premium Edition + 2nd controller + 3 months subscription Xbox Live Goldat 299.99 euros instead of 519.99 euros 
  • Xbox One S Forza Horizon 4 + Turtle Beach Recon 50x White Helmet + Xbox One White Controller + FIFA 19 + Token GOW 4 + Token Apex Legends Founders Pack 2at 210 euros instead of 329.99 euros at Amazon
  • Playstation VR Mega Pack 2: Camera + 5 digital games (VR Worlds + Skyrim + Astrobot + Everybody’s Golf + Resident Evil 7)at 219.99 euros instead of 349.99 euros at Amazon and Cdiscount 

The rest of today’s real good shots

PS4 consoles

  • Around 100 euros discount on many Playstation 4packs at Amazon, Fnac, Cdiscount, Darty or Boulanger… 
  • PS4 Slim 500Gb Black + Crash Team Racing + Crash Bandicoot + Spyro + DualShock Glacier White controller + Voucher Fortniteat 299.99 instead of 439.99 euros at Cdiscount (limited stock)
  • PS4 Pro 1Tb G – blackat 289.99 euros instead of 359.99 euros at Amazon and Cdiscount
  • PS4 Slim 1To Black + FIFA 20 Game PS4 + PS Plus Voucher 14 Daysat 249.99 euros instead of 329 euros at Fnac


  • Xbox One S 1Tb + 5 Gears of War games + 1 month trial at Xbox Live Gold and Game Pass + XboxWireless Controller at 209.99 euros instead of 359.98 euros at Cdiscount
  • Xbox One X 1TB Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order + 1 month trial for Xbox Live Gold and xbox game Passat 329.99 euros instead of 499 euros at Cdiscount
  • Xbox One S 1Tb + 2 controllers + 14 days trial at Xbox Live Gold and 1 month trial at Game Pass + FIFA 20at 229.99 euros instead of 355 euros at Cdiscount
  • Xbox One S 1Tb Forza Horizon 4 + LEGO DLC + 1 month trial on Xbox Live Gold and Xbox Game Passat 179.99 euros instead of 299.99 euros at Cdiscount


  • Pack Console Nintendo Switch + Nintendo Labo Multi-Kit + Aladdin and the Lion King + LEGO Marvel Super Heroesat 349.99 euros instead of 444.96 euros at Fnac 
  • Neon Switch Pack + Lab and customization kit + Fifa 20 + Sonic Racing Team + Mario Rabbidsat 399.99 euros instead of 415 euros at Amazon
  • Nintendo 2DS System Pack + New Super Mario Bros 2 + Yo-Kai Watch 2: Psychic Spectra + Mario Luigi Paper Jam + WarioWare Goldat 126.99 euros instead of 157.23 euros at Amazon

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