Black Friday: Cdiscount Dmarre Early but Are His Good Deals Worth It?

GMT at 5:37pm with the Nintendo Switch bundle price drop. What, Black Friday’s already started? No, and if you see BLACK FRIDAY branded offers blooming on websites or at e-merchants, it’s because the latter intend to occupy the field with sometimes deceptive promotions. So before you open your wallet, it would be a shame to start your Christmas budget by being too impatient.

Black Friday Week is from this Friday 22

The date of Black Friday is well known, Black Friday will start on November 29th. The mechanics being well oiled, for a few years now the dealers have not been waiting for the top start and are shooting their promos earlier and earlier. This year, the hostilities will start one week earlier, from Friday, November 22nd with Amazon who will open the ball, the merchant already has its dedicated space. Even more opportunistic, Cdiscount dictates its calendar and launched its Super Black Week on Monday. Are his promos, preludes to the real Black Friday Week, worth it?

Super Black Week offers to consider

We have sorted out the proposals of Cdiscount and here are the good deals that deserve your attention. This list will be expanded (or not) according to the promos that fall during the day. 1:09 a.m. MDT at 5:38 p.m.

Since its price repositioning, the 64GB version of the iPhone Xr is now priced at €659, here proposed at €589.99 by Cdiscount, this is an interesting offer. Not sure how much cheaper it’ll be next week.

If you’re looking for a quality iPhone, priced under €1,000, this is the device for you. With the iPhone XR – available for pre-order now – Apple has created a smartphone that offers 95% of the iPhone XS experience for 75% of the price. Not everything is perfect, there are compromises: the screen and the camera take small steps backwards compared to the XS models, but generally speaking it does very well.

  • Apple AirPods 2 at €139.99 instead of €179.99

This is a good plan that we relayed Earlier this week and indeed, on the new True Wireless headphones from Apple, at 139.99€ Cdiscount is cheaper than the competition. As it stands, it’s hard to say if the AirPods 2 will be offered cheaper on Black Friday The price is right.

Although they can’t compete with the best models on the market on the sound side (difficult to get powerful bass with traditionally shaped earphones), the AirPods 2019 offer quite good audio quality but above all, these earphones have an extremely reliable wireless connection, with a very satisfactory level of latency. Their optional inductive charger is also very practical and Bluetooth pairing is very simple, even with Android or Windows, contrary to what you might think. On the other hand, tactile controls are limited and not always effective, and their lack of isolation can be a hindrance in noisy environments. But their biggest flaw, in our opinion, is their high price. However, if you can’t stand in-ear headphones, the 2019 AirPods are truly the best alternative for you.


  • Bose QuietComfort 35 II at €234.95 instead of €265

The last good deal for this reference helmet dates from the sales where it was listed at 266€ at Amazon. At the moment, this is the most attractive offer, but it is not impossible that this helmet will lose another few euros next Friday.

The king of the nomadic helmets has returned. The successor to the excellent QC 35, which has been at the top of our top headphone rankings for quite some time, is still as good as ever, both in terms of sound, comfort and design. On the other hand, it builds on its achievements, the new version finally brings only one more button to launch the Google Assistant Given the price of the helmet, no need to change if you already have a QC 35. But if not, don’t hesitate for a second because the QC 35 II is, like its ancestor, a real jewel for audiophiles.


The robot vacuum cleaner which remains our reference in this price segment generally sells for around 350€, offered at 319,99€ it loses more than 30€ which are always good to take.

The Xiaomi Roborock S50 connected vacuum cleaner has an excellent price-performance ratio with interesting features such as the presence of an application to manually control movements or define cleaning areas. It includes a water tank and a mop to clean the floors. Also note its efficiency and its relative silence of operation. Compatibility with GOOGLE HOME speakers is a plus. The reference for vacuum cleaner robots at less than 400€.

This Switch pack is listed at 389,95€ at Amazon and 389€ (+20€ shipping) on Fnac. Cdiscount therefore offers 10% discount on this Switch + New Super Mario Bros U Deluxe combo, why not.

In 2017 – 2018 the console war is made to three belligerents: Sony, Microsoft AND Nintendo. Viewed with a circumspect eye at the time of its announcement, the Switch is an undeniable success. Both by the possibility of playing on the move as well as in the living room, and by its toy library, which now offers at least three “must haves”. Zelda, Mario and finally Mario Kart. That’s enough to keep you busy for hours on end with Nintendo’s latest system, which is also cheaper than the PS4 Pro and Xbox One X.


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