Black Friday 2019: When? O ? How? We Tell You Everything!

Ideal time to do your Christmas shopping, BLACK FRIDAY is coming soon! A day of substantial discounts in the major stores, here is our little summary to prepare you as well as possible for this dark day…

What is Black Friday?

Traditional day of madness where people kill each other jostle each other in American supermarkets, Black Friday arrived in France 6 years ago Although it had a rather timid start in France, it is now an unmissable event and opportunity for some consumers. As the holiday season approaches, it’s the perfect time to make good deals and save money. The Black Friday, unlike the sales, is a short event: it takes place on the last Friday of November, the day after Thanksgiving in the United States and is mainly dedicated to high-tech products, household appliances and video games This year’s web and in-store discount day will take place on November 29th, but most e-commerce retailers will be offering offers from November 25th until December 2nd.

Comes with him on Cyber Monday, which takes place on the following Monday, December 2 this year, and also offers some great deals. Basically, this event is exclusively online, unlike Black Friday which initially takes place only in stores and then also on the internet.

A little anecdote to shine in society, do you know why this day is called “Black Friday” in French? When traders still reported their accounts by hand, they wrote down the day’s result in red pencil if the annual result was negative. If it was positive, they would record the day with a black pen. With the appearance of these very interesting promotions today, accounts were quickly going black, hence “Black” Friday.

Tips for a successful Black Friday

Before heating up your credit card and rushing onto a sale, here are a few tips:

  • Before Black Friday do some scouting and write down the prices to avoid unpleasant surprises on the day. Some dubious sites may sell an item at the same price as before the event, or inflate the starting price to make it look like a larger percentage discount.
  • Set a budget or list the products you want to buy beforehand to avoid compulsive buying and ending up in the red.
  • When you think you’re getting a good deal, check the offers for the same product at other e-merchants. You might come across a better offer!

Where to enjoy Black Friday?

In such a short period of time, you have to be on the lookout for the best offers so you don’t miss out. So be prepared from the very beginning of this event! Don’t hesitate to follow our news about Black Friday offers as well as the Twitter account of the Journal du Geek and the Facebook page where we relay these good Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals.

Scheduled for the last Friday in November, it tends to lengthen over the years in major retailers, reaching 4 to 5 days of good deals and other discounts. This year, several online retailers will start Black Friday with a “Black Friday Pre” on November 25, and will end their offers after Cyber Monday on December 2. And, as every year, many brands are offering their best deals. To see more clearly, here’s a small overview of the sites that have planned significant discounts for Black Friday!


How can we talk about Black Friday without mentioning the e-commerce giant? Amazon does not miss this annual event to propose very interesting offers and to sell its high-tech or gaming products. Black Friday at Amazon is scheduled to run from November 25 to December 2.

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Fnac and Darty

Like Amazon, the band can’t miss Black Friday In 2013, Fnac was already trying to popularise Black Friday with offers that were more than attractive to its customers. With very interesting discounts, the sign should also spread the event over several days starting November 25.

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The brand is also making Black Friday its own by offering promotions on a wide selection of household appliances, as well as smartphones, computers and other connected objects. ’re bound to find something to please your loved ones for Christmas.

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Once again, the Rakuten online platform will participate in Black Friday with very attractive promotions for the end of the year. From video games to manga, board games and DVDs, Rakuten intends to make people happy.

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The French e-merchant wouldn’t miss this appointment for anything in the world. It is thanks to Black Friday that the Cdiscount site has managed to become an important player in the online shopping industry. On November 29, 2019, we should be able to find a wide variety of offers at the general retailer, but it is on the consoles and Video games side that we will have to keep a close eye.

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Auchan and Leclerc

It is through their offers of electronic devices and video games that the two groups were able to convince the French and it is likely that the same will be true on November 29th. Last year, Auchan had broken the prices of several console packs: Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo. Two sites to be watched very closely.

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Rue du Commerce

If you want an iPhone at a reduced price, a sufficiently powerful laptop or simply a recent tablet, you will certainly find the best price with Carrefour’s non-food offer. Last year, the website had offered its customers Apple products at rarely seen prices, but also high-tech devices benefiting from very nice promotions. This should be the case again this year.

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The Gearbest platform, already renowned for its very attractive offers, also offers other good deals, coupon codes and discounts on a wide selection of connected devices: smartphones, household appliances, connected objects, etc. Go for it!

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A major player in the French e-commerce market, LDLC could hit hard on November 29th. Nvidia graphics card Intel processor or RAM strips, this is the site where you will have to do your shopping in the hope of finding a few nuggets.

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