Black Desert Online Receives Update 1.91 – Patch Details on July 14

As the million dollar question, Black Desert Online is finally getting a massive 1.9 update on July 14, 2017. The update will be pretty exciting, adding in completely new areas, bosses and battle mechanics, which all make for a complete new experience for fans of the game.

Black Desert Online has received another patch, version 1.91 . The new patch is a big one, introducing new features and updating the game with new content. The update is now available on PC; PS4 and Xbox One versions will be released on Thursday.

Abyss has released a new patch for Black Desert Online. We have the full notes for the 14th patch. July.

Black Desert Online update 1.91 is available for download today. Some improvements and bug fixes were made today. The focus is on the characters, all of whom are slightly modified.

Black Desert Online 1.91Patch Notes

Summer season

Beating the next monsters on the season server has a small chance of getting Afuara out.
– Defeat Afuara and obtain Tuvala ore or black stones from purified magic, and hopefully the black stone of the ice floods, which is guaranteed to raise TET(IV) to PEN(V) in Tuvala gear.

Afuaru Zone

Naga Temple in the Desert
Bashim’s Base
Shrine of the Rising Moon
Titium Valley
Red Sulphur Mine
Saw Ku Prison
Manchaum Forest
Fadus’ Habitat
Polly’s Forest
Tshir Ruins
Blood Wolf’s Settlement
Schultz’s Vigil
Varagon’s Nest
Necropolis of Shere Khan (day)Necropolis of Shere Khan (night)Ruins of KadriHerd of CentaursCave of Gahaz the BanditSteppe of NavarnRuins of MirumokCave of ProttiForest of Ronaros

Monster Changes

Daphne DelLucci in Balenos Forest claims to have seen Dastard Bhega in Balenos Forest after she finished collecting Minecraft imps.

– The location of the field boss Dastard Bheg has been changed to Les Balenos.

※ Since the field boss, Dastard Bheg, was disabled for a short time, Dastard Bheg will be disabled after the victory for maintenance on the 21st. July (UTC+1).

Character changes

Absolutely: Ultimate and Righteous Attack – Fixed a bug that caused the damage of the skill in PvP to be lower than expected.

Blinking Light – Fixed an issue where the recoil movement of a skill was shorter when used after a specific Blood Rush move: Katana is taking a shower.

● Fixed problem where pressing the A/X key after using Brace during Prime: The smoke screen is on standby, temporarily freezing the character.

A fundamental element of Corsair’s movement capabilities is the combination of Smooth Sailin’ with Mareca Swing. However, Smooth Sailin”s fade disrupted the natural fluidity of these movements, so we decided to make Smooth Sailin’ usable during the fade to improve the fluidity and make the skill more dynamic. Additionally, skills that could not be tied to a movement skill (such as Smooth Sailin’ or Riding Waves) have been modified to allow for combos. Korsar’s unique moveset can now perform more aggressive attacks.

We also found Mermaid’s skills weak when it came to combos. As a result, we’ve made changes that allow for smoother combinations with other skills, and adjusted the range of attacks to make them easier to execute. We also reworked the Whirling Blast and Storm Boost skills, as these attacks were difficult to land on targets. We found that it was particularly difficult to hit with the Whirlwind kick because there were no collisions, so we changed the skill to include collisions when moving forward. This makes it easier for frontal attacks to land on targets, but note that side attacks still do not collide with targets. For Storm Surge, we have removed the startup move so that the skill can be activated faster.

Riding Wave – fixed an issue where Mareca Swing was used before a skill while LS↑+L2/LT was retained.

Fixed an issue where the Corsair wouldn’t automatically go haywire if you pressed L3 while it was paused to go into combat mode.

Storm Surge – Improved for a smoother combo with skills and moves.

● Wipe Out – Fixed an issue where you press the controls of a skill after using Splashin’ Around and Mareca : Jet Stream activates the overflow instead.

Flow rate: After the Storm – Improved for combos with the skills Whirlwind, Breaking Wave and Marek : Spiral impregnation

Flow rate: After the Storm – Fixed an issue where pressing the buttons of a skill after the 2nd level caused the skill to fail.

First class: Wave Whip I~IV – Fixed an issue where no damage was dealt when the skill was used in place while in cooldown.

First class: Wave Whip II – Fixed an issue where damage reduction was not applied when the skill was used during a sprint or combo after riding a wave.

Golf Crash – Changed so you no longer have to move forward when using the skill during a sprint.

● Mareca: Sailboat – Improved so the character is looking in the same direction as the camera for the final shot.

● Mareca: Sea Walk I-Absolute: Marek: Sailor’s Walk – Fixed an issue where the last strike was not performed even if the LS↓ was held while the skill was active.

Improved fluid movement when stopping in a fighting stance.

Surf – Changed to combo in Wave Lash and Ocean’s Pearl, regardless of which direction the skill was used.

Smooth Sailin’ – improved, the power can now be used in standby mode.

Smooth Sailin’ – Improved combos with Tidal Slash and Ocean’s Pearl when the skill is active.

Smooth Sailin’ – Improves the smoothness of the combo with Wave Lash when using the left or right skill.

Smooth Sailin’ – improved for smoother connection with other skills.

First class: Wave Lash I~IV – Fixed an issue where the sound effect did not occur when skills were used while cooled.

Flow rate: Squall – changed to activate when used during the cool down period.

● Storm Flight – change to activate storm flight by holding down L2+X/LT+B when the skill has cooled down.

Whirlwind Whip – modified so there is no collision for the rope throw when using the skill while moving sideways.

The pearl of the ocean, Mareca: Whale Song – Adjusting the range of the attack to hit targets near and to the side of the character.

Splashin’ Around – Fixed an issue where a character would attack diagonally if it moved left, right or back while the skill was being used.

Storm Surge – Improved to act faster by reducing the initial movement.

First class: Raven’s Legacy – Changed to increase attack range for each Abundance and Flow skill level: The kiss of the tide.

First class: Marek: Jet Stream – improved for combination with Mareca : The song of the whale and the Marek: Spiral impregnation after skill application.

First class: Marek: Spiral Soak – Improved for combos with Mareka : Whale song after the second shot of the skill.

● Mareca: Spiral dipping – The improvement of the 2. Strags applies his effect to all targets, regardless of their attack range.

Ride Waves – Improved for smooth combos with Mareka: Spiral impregnation while the skill is effective.

● Fixed an issue where other skills could not be used when a skill was activated through the ring menu in a non-combat state.

Crashing Wave – Fixed an issue where, in some situations, the damage from the 1st wave was reduced.

First class: Marek: Spiral dive – Fixed an issue where the maximum of the 2nd dive could not be reached. The blow was abnormally applied to the target.

Changed the damage of the following skills.

Skills By According to
Absolutely: Storm surge 1088% x 1, maximum 5 shots, 1088% x 4 938% x 1, maximum 5 shots, 938% x 4
First class: Storm surge I 758% x 1, maximum 5 shots, 758% x 4 820% x 1, maximum 5 shots, 820% x 4
First class: Stormtrooper II 918% x 1, maximum 5 shots, 918% x 4 962% x 1, maximum 5 shots, 962% x 4
Ocean Melancholy IV 905% x 1, max. 8 shots 705% x 1, max 8 shots
Absolutely: The melancholy of the ocean 1090% x 1, max 8 shots 948% x 1, 8-shot mask
First class: Ocean Melancholy I 720% x 1, max 8 shots 767% x 1, max. 8 movements

Soul Lung – can now be obtained from level 1.

● Mareca: Spiral impregnation I ~ Absolutely : Spiral Dip – Fixed bug where the damage description for 2 hits differed from the maximum hit description.

First class: Marek: Spiral impregnation I ~ Absolutely : Spiral Dip – fixed a bug where the 2-shot damage description was incorrectly displayed as 1-shot damage.

Poses 1 and 2 have been changed in the character beauty window.

Black Ghost: Marek: Sea Walk, Black Spirit: First class: Marek: Sailor’s Walk – Changed the description of the skill to include restorative effects.

Modifications to headings

Working time at the Star’s End excavation node was reduced by approximately 50%.

Increased the chance of getting a mass of pure magic when digging in Star’s End to 100%.

The weight of the five different materials needed to improve the Naru and Tuvala gears was reduced to 0.1LT per x1000.

Name of the subject
Black Stone for Beginners (Weapon)
Time-Volved Black Stone
Purified Magic Black Stone
Tuvaluan Ore

Source: Black Desert

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