Black Clover Reveals Luck’s Powerful New Attack

Now that the battle with the diabolical users of the Kingdom of Spades is in full swing in the last chapter on Black Clover, we have begun to see how strong Black Bull and other magical knights have become during the six months of training that they missed in this period. While the Anime will study this period in depth after the return of the Pandemic Break, it was a surprise for the manga fans, as the increasingly powerful enemies of the Kingdom of Spades show how much stronger each of the Magical Knights has become as a result. And the last chapter showed what happiness has learned during training time!

In chapter 248 of this series we see how Svenkin, the lucky devilish user of the Kingdom of Spades, took over. If you remember his training, it is clear that part of his training on how best to use his magic is to use his magic to create runes to create a scheme where you can bend the natural mana to your liking. These runes finally show that she has become much faster.

A demon, already agile thanks to his dazzling magic, has strengthened his arms and legs. His fight with Svenkin pushes him to get even faster. Thanks to the power of the devil Svenkin, who allowed him to harden his body, none of Lucas’s attacks were strong enough to hurt him in the beginning. His skin magic detects attacks and automatically hardens to defend itself. So luck gathered runes to jerk off fast enough to strike faster than Svenkin’s skin could detect.

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Luck turns even faster and opens a new spell by folding several layers of the runes and using them as a launch pad for the final attack of the move. Duplicate this with your True Lightning Magic: Seranos, happiness turns to pure lightning and is accelerated directly by Svenkin – he cuts a whole chunk through his hard skin and hits it through his chest.

Not only did Asta show that he became much stronger during the six months of training, but it is now clear that his comrades did not have a hunchback during this period. You’ll be ready to face new threats from Spade Kingdom Devil users, and luck will probably bring you into even fiercer battles as the ark continues.

What do you think of the great revaluation of happiness? What do you think of the fact that the runes play a role in strengthening these mages? Who do you want to see in action now? Share your thoughts in the comments or tell me directly about all the anime and other interesting @Valdezology things on Twitter!

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