Black Clover Chapter 300 Spoilers, Release Date: Megicula’s True Form Appears

The story of Black Clover continues, as Asta and Yuno charge to their next challenge. After a long fight, Yuno’s true form, Megicula, appears! What will happen now that I’ve finally been able to see the true form of my partner, Yuno? Will Asta be able to defeat Megicula? Time will tell, but in the meantime, let’s find out if Yuno’s true form is the strongest one yet!

In the penultimate chapter of the Black Clover manga, “Chapter 300”, we learn that Noelle was the one who killed Asta’s mother, and in the process, has also revealed her identity. This is the final chapter of the series, in which we will finally see the true form of the witch, Megicula!

Tabata has just published the final chapter of Black Clover. After the events of chapter 299, all Black Clover fans are eagerly awaiting chapter 300. In this article we will give you the details of the upcoming Black Clover Chapter 300, and also a brief overview of Chapter 299.

Earlier in the manga, it was more about fighting Vanika and Megicula. The manga begins with Noelle being despised by Megicule after losing her Saint Valkyrie dress. Gaja was also seen dealing with Lolopecka, who is still under enemy control. Although wounded by Lolopecca, Gaja still manages to use his power and temporarily stop the queen. The manga continues with flashbacks to Gadge and how he became one of the guardian spirits of the kingdom.

In the current era, Gaja has been seen attacking Wanika and Megicula. Gaja converted all his life force into magic and destroyed Vanika’s body. But his attack doesn’t seem to be enough to stop Megicula. The manga chapter ends with a winged devil in silhouette in front of Gadge, who is now about to die.

Chapter 300 Predictions

Despite the cliffhanger in the final chapter that puts Gadge in a terrible situation, most fans are excited about Megicule’s new form. Many speculate that this figure is the final form of the Megicle. Since Noelle has already lost Undine’s power, it’s likely that someone will show up to help them.

Chapter 299: The Sound Of Death by Black Clover is out!
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Chapter 300 Release date

Will there be a delay for the next 300 chapter of Black Clover? So far, no delays have been reported in the release of the next installment of the Black Clover manga. This simply means that Black Shamrock, Chapter 300 will be released on a regular schedule, that is, every weekend.

For those of you waiting for the next chapter: Black Clover Chapter 300 will be officially released on the 18th. July 2021 published. You can read a new chapter of the manga Black Clover on the sites of Viz and Manga Plus. For those who want to print the chapter, it will be available in the next issue of Weekly Shonen Jump by Shueisha.

Chapter 300 spoilers and rough scans

Spoilers and rough scans of the Black Clover manga are usually released two to three days before the official release of a chapter. There are no spoilers or details about Chapter 300 at this time. We will make a new post or update this page if spoilers have already leaked online.

About black clover

Black Clover tells the story of Asta, a boy born without magical powers. Asta dreams of becoming the next wizard king, and with the help of her inner demon and her friends, she begins to work on her dream.

Black Clover is a Japanese manga series written by Yuki Tabata. The manga series was published in February 2015 by Shueisha. Since its release, the manga has already reached 28 volumes. In October 2017, Pierrot Studios released the first season of the animated adaptation of Black Clover.

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