Blac Chyna charges over $1 K to FaceTime And Follow Back Fans And Social Media Is Fuming — Here’s Her Defense!

Social networks are completely dissatisfied with Black Chin’s latest business idea. A reality TV star has decided to sell online fan dating and turn her back on Instagram, and the price she charges is pretty high!

Of course, her price of about $1,000 made a lot of people furious, but she defended herself quickly.

As far as China is concerned, it doesn’t do this out of greed or because it wants to take over its fans.

That’s right! The celebrity cited economic necessity as the reason she demanded so much money.

But although China is clearly not poor or anything like that, it seems she needs a lot of money to fight for custody of her ex, Rob Kardashian.

It all started when this mother of two announced her personal calls to FaceTime and tracked the response to social networking sites at a huge price of $950 and $250 respectively.

Some of their hardcore fans can take the opportunity to communicate with their favorite star, but many others see the price as ridiculously high.

Here are some of the reactions she got: Imagine that you have increased your credit rating because you haven’t finished paying for your Black Chinese face yet. /No offense, no offense, no offense, but we have a pandemic, and we have better things to spend, especially if they’re limited, like we’re spending as much as we’re not a pandemic. // You better buy a $950 sandwich. Those girls at the games don’t want to work tricks like that. You’ll find all the ways not to work with Clownface.

On the other hand, some have praised her for her intelligence and for doing her best to stay afloat during this pandemic.

The former stripper reacted through her spokesperson who said she did this mainly to contact her fans during the forties.

In addition, Chin’s quarantine work was born out of economic necessity. Despite misinformation in the media, Chin does not receive alimony from Rob Kardashian or Tyga for his two beautiful children. Worse than that: Rob and his family have made false accusations that China is not the right mother and are trying to get custody of their precious daughter Dream.


The representative went on to say that Chin was determined to continue to fight these charges in court, but argued that such battles for unjust imprisonment were not cheap.


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