Launcher Shutting Down This Year, Migrating to Steam is the online service that used to host Bethesda’s games and their DLC, but they’ve now decided to shut down this year because of the rising costs associated with maintaining it. Steam already has a lot of Bethesda titles available in its library, so they’re going with them as an alternative. is shutting down this year, and will be migrating to Steam. This means that you need to download the Bethesda Launcher from your local web browser before it’s too late.

Bethesda, Maryland

According to a recent blog provided by the business, Bethesda intends to discontinue its PC launcher later this year. The article describes how customers will be able to transfer their current game libraries, in-game items, and wallet balance to Steam. Although Bethesda’s blog doesn’t provide a certain termination date, the business has recommended customers to start the migration process as soon as it is made available in early April since, starting in May, games won’t be available via the launcher. Game modifications and other stuff may still only be accessed with a account.


  • You won’t lose anything from your account since your game collection and wallet will be transferred over to Steam. The saved from many games will also be moved, however some may need manual transfers. You will still utilize your login to sign in to play any games that demand it. Your account on will not be deleted, will remain visible on our website and in-game, and we will continue to support all accounts with all of our upcoming games.


  • How am I going to play my games?
    • A: We strongly advise the Launcher community to continue their gameplay on Steam. You will be able to transfer your library to your Steam account starting in early April. You may access any game you own on the Launcher for free on Steam. Your Steam account will receive your purchases. The majority of game saves will also transfer, although some may need to be manually copied. Please visit our FAQ Entry “What happens to my game advancement and saves?” for additional details on which games will need you to manually migrate your data.
  • What will happen to the launcher on
    • A: Up until May, you’ll still have access to your games and the Launcher. You won’t be able to play or access your games on the Launcher after May.
  • If I switch to Steam and stop using the launcher, do I still need a account?
    • A: Yes. You still need a account to use many of our games and services. You will be able to continue using services in this way, including access to game modifications, in-game goods like skins, and exclusive news and updates.
  • The titles I own on the launcher will be accessible to me on Steam, right?
    • A: Yes. You must follow the instructions to transfer your account information from to your Steam account. We will inform everyone when the migration procedure to Steam is ready and update this FAQ with the information on where and how to move. Please be aware that although you may start this procedure whenever it becomes accessible, you won’t be able to play your bought games on the launcher after May. Only the ability to play them on the Launcher will expire in May from your Library on
  • What happens to my saved games and game progress?
    • A: If you decide to move your collection to your Steam account, we’ll provide you instructions on how to move your game progress and saves, if feasible, over so you can pick up where you left off. Some saves will transfer automatically, while others need to be manually copied to your Steam folder. More details about manually transferring saves will be available shortly. With the exception of Wolfenstein: Youngblood, which is presently impossible to transfer, we anticipate that practically all save progress will be transferrable automatically or manually.
    • Virtual cash balances as well as in-game skins and DLC will be immediately transferred.
  • Will my virtual in-game money, such as Atoms, be transferred to Steam?
    • A: Yes. Once the transfer procedure is finished, your wallet will be transferred to Steam.
  • Can I switch from Steam to PlayStation or Xbox instead?
    • A: No. Your account information may only be transferred using a PC. Information about PC accounts cannot be transferred to consoles.
  • A: Can I transfer my Steam account to another PC service instead?
    • A: No. Only the launcher to Steam account information transfers are supported by us.
  • Does the closure of Launcher have an impact on my account?
    • A: No. To play our live games like Fallout 76 and use other features, you will still need to enter into your account. In the future, our games will still need a account.
  • Why not mention Fallout 76?
    • A complete list of Fallout 76 FAQs may be found here.
  • Are all languages supported in the same way?
  • Will the buddy lists be combined? Will I have to add my pals again?
    • A: After the migration, games with Friends Lists will be combined. This contains Rage 2, Deathloop, The Elder Scrolls Legends, Wolfenstein: Youngblood, Fallout 76, and Doom Eternal
  • Will playing The Elder Scrolls Online on a PC be affected by the Launcher’s sunset?
    • A: No. This modification has no impact on The Elder Scrolls Online.
    • Keep checking and our Social Media outlets for updates. We appreciate your years of support and look forward to continuing to provide you top-notch titles on Steam, PC Community.

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21 February 2022 22 February 2022 is shutting down this year, and the company has announced that it will migrate to Steam. The launcher will be available for download on November 22nd. Reference: bethesda launcher download .

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