Best weapons in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla

a quick dagger to a big heavy saber, Assassin’s Creed Valhalla has weapons for every play style. Each weapon has its own special feature: some increase damage, some speed, some effect. Weapons can be upgraded at the blacksmith, combined with other weapons, and upgraded with your skill trees.

The best weapons are subjective, and Ubisoft notes this in one of the first weapons guides. The power and utility of the weapon depend on your play style. If you prefer a quick, double-edged weapon, daggers are a good choice for you. If you like heavy weapons that do a lot of damage, choose the Great Sword or the Danish Axe. You can upgrade your weapons after a few levels. One of the things that makes Assassin Valhalla’s Creed entertaining is the absence of unique and better weapons.

There are nine different types of weapons, divided into four categories: Multi-purpose weapons, two-handed weapons, bows and shields. We compare the original statistics and the effects of weapons to determine the best weapon, because statistics can change and increase, but the effects of weapons mean more than the basic statistics.

The in-game store offers the best DLC weapons and other perks; they have the highest stats, the highest damage and the best stats. We’ll get past this, otherwise the whole list would be the price of guns.

Best bows

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The bow is your long-range weapon. You can only equip one weapon at a time, and it must be in a different location than your main weapon; however, you cannot use both at the same time. There are three types of bows: a light bow, a hunter’s bow and a predator’s bow. A light bow is faster and does less damage; a hunter’s bow has medium damage and range; a predator’s bow is the equivalent of a Viking sniper rifle.

Light bow: Killer

Light bows are good if you alternate between a ranged weapon and your main weapon in combat. If you rely on your bow in combat, you need a light bow; their range is the lowest of all bows. They have a higher rate of fire and you can carry more arrows than other bows.

The Death Skald is the best bow in terms of stats, simply because it’s lighter, has less range, and the increased damage makes a big difference. With its powerful stun and attack effect, the Death Skald is a good free bow to pick up at the beginning of your exploration. This increases your critical chance based on your weight. The lighter you are, the more chances you have, which is not the best for a bow, but it works well with handling the weapon.

The ark is in the Roman ruins at Bergding. The chest with the bow is underwater and you will swim. The domain is also at a high level. You can get it early if you’re careful and avoid enemies. A coffin at the bottom of the ruin. You can’t breathe when you’re inside, but the path is clear enough. Enter from the east side and go along the wall. You will see a fallen statue with something to collect. Swim through space and two to the chest. Collect the weapons and everything in the area and swim out.

Hunting bow: Death of intervener

The hunting bow is midway between a light bow and a raptor bow, with medium range and damage. They can carry fewer arrows than light bows, but still have more range and power.

Deathspeaker starts lower than Deathskald, but offers better range and capacity. The Deathpicker lets you regain 25% of your health when you hit a target’s weak spot. Since the range is smaller than that of a raptor bow, there are significant benefits to increasing and restoring health without feeding.

The Death Speaker can be purchased at the Repton dealer for 360 money.

Predator arch: Nose or needle

The Thief’s bow is a powerful, long-range sniper weapon. Using a raptor bow limits your field of view, which is a reasonable compromise to increase range and damage. Predator bows also have a limited amount of ammo to further balance these powerful bows.

The best raptor arcs are the recursion arc or the needle. The unique effect of the needle is most useful in special scenarios. When a shot hits an enemy’s head, it creates a sleep cloud on the target that also affects nearby enemies. The recurve bow has a buff effect that increases damage at full health. Under normal circumstances, we don’t like things that attack healthy fans, because fans can be lost quickly. But because of the rank, stationary nature of the predatory bow, it is our exception.

The den can be purchased at a Repton dealer for 380 euros. The bent bow is underground in an enemy camp in Rygyafik. Go to the Herwick shipyard, take out the enemies and go to the middle of the shipyard. Go down the stairs to find the safe.

Best one-handed weapon:

Image via Ubisoft

As the name implies, a one-handed weapon is a weapon that can only be used with one hand. It can be combined with another one-handed weapon to make it two-handed, or with a shield to block it. One-handed weapons are often light and like quick attacks or blows.

Brill Axe: Varin axis or house carl axis

Beard axes are lightweight one-handed axes that can be damaged in a decent way and are very handy. Two bearded axes rise above the competition: Varin’s axe and Hausecarl’s axe.

Varin’s axe is the axe of Avor’s father and one of the first weapons you get in the game. If you repair it for the first time, you can’t use it until the blacksmith fixes it. Varin’s axe may not have the best starting stats, but it’s an item you can upgrade in the forge early in your game as you progress and get more materials. Varin’s axe increases your speed up to ten times after each strike.

Housecarl’s Axe is very similar statistically; the attack is slightly lower at a slightly higher speed. Increase the attack after each shot, to ten. The effect compensates for his weak attack. If you are looking for dual axles, these two pairs work very well together. It is located in the opposite camp from Grantebridgesker. Find the owner of the key with your crows and clean up your enemies. Chest is in.

Varin’s Axe is from the Bear’s skill tree and Housecarl’s Axe is from the Wolf’s skill tree. You don’t necessarily have to use items from the same skill tree and limit them to your main skill tree. It increases damage and skills when you use items that match your equipment or skills.

Dagger: Kopis or Ingling Six

Daggers are small weapons that do less damage, but compensate for that with their agility. Use small daggers to move quickly and dodge attacks. The two tugs mentioned here, Kopis and Ingling Six, also suffered major damage.

Kopis is our favorite dagger. Part of Raven’s skill tree, he specializes in stealth and has good starting stats. Any critical damage caused by the enemy makes you healthy again. It will be handed over to you upon completion of the storm walls.

On the other hand, the Yngling Seax is a dagger found earlier in the game in the forbidden zone of Eikundarsund, located in Rygjafakla. It is located in the main building and guarded by Wu-Bringer. Kill him and his lower guards to gain access to him. As with the previous weapons, the base stats are quite low, and you’ll need to improve them to get the most out of them. Yingling Sixx increases damage after each successful dodge, improving what was initially somewhat mediocre damage. Daggers work well with playstyles that emphasize dodging, making this weapon a good choice.

Copis Health Recovery and Yngling Seax are a great combination for dual ownership enthusiasts.

Schlegel: Death in a spiral

As far as one-handed weapons go, tralls are on par with bearded axes. Flails have a slower speed, are more numb and more damaged than bar axes, but their weight is similar. Spinning to death is a good pitch. There are others that have higher starting stats than Spinning Death, but the effect is where the weapon shines. The other weapons that are part of Raven’s Skill Tree give you advantages if you prefer this Skill Tree or other equipment. Spinning Death has the ability to launch a firebomb after a violent hit from the finisher. You’ll have to use heavier attacks to get the firebomb, but it’s worth it.

Hammer: Hammer of Mjolnir

Hammers are heavy one-handed weapons that inflict severe anesthetic damage and are similar in their nature to hammers. Heavy and slow, hammers are not for the player looking for speed and agility, but for those who like extra chances to stun their enemies.

Blacksmith’s Hammer is a promising weapon for the beginning of the game, with a rune location at the beginning and good starting stats, especially 95 in stun. Heavy critical attacks with this weapon bring down opponents.

Mass is at the Bodilsburg garrison in Lunden. The garrison is located east of the city. Use the crow to find the keyholder, kill him and loot the safe on the top floor.

Without Mjolnir, this would not be a Viking game. Thor’s hammer itself can only be obtained after getting the full set of Thor. He has promising speed and a powerful attack, and stuns with three rune slots. Each battle of Mjolnir has a chance to inflict deafening damage on all enemies.

Best Two-Handed Arm

Image via Ubisoft

Two-handed weapons are heavier than one-handed weapons. This weapon removes both your main hand and the non-functional slots. You can use the Heavy Double-Use if you reach the Bear’s skill tree and unlock the Heavy Double-Use. Until then, you can only equip one weapon.

Sensor shaft: Axe of the Holy Sepulcher

Danish axes are slow weapons that hit hard, and their stun and attack stats are often high. It is a two-handed weapon that can be used to block or parry. The disadvantage of Danish axes is their weight and speed; they are slow and heavy weapons.

The axe of the Holy Sepulcher shines among the Danish axes. The Axe of the Holy Sepulchre, found in the church camp in Ledechestreshire, is a good endgame weapon and is only available when the scales are tipped. You can get there early, but as we discovered, you can’t get to the weapons until history progresses. His initial stats are a bit low for the type of weapon, but the effect is powerful. After critical shots, the gun fires for another five seconds. There is a ten second cool down delay between effects, but the extra damage is worth it.

Main word: Excalibur

Big words are faster than house axes, with a slightly lower weight. They’re still slow with big arcs, but they do impressive damage. Plus, it’s probably the best weapon in the game in this category.

No wonder the legendary Excalibur is a good weapon. It takes a lot of effort. You have to collect pills that you can find all over the map, some by killing enemies. It’s an endgame weapon, but it has fantastic starting stats and even better skills. After critical blows and heavy finishes, Excalibur blinds the enemies around you. It has three rune slots for final adjustment.

Lance: Capture of Fafnir

The spear is a two-handed weapon, with good critical damage and speed. They have no stun damage or basic attack, but they are the fastest weapon in the two-handed category. Enemies with spears are the most difficult due to their ability to block and reach quickly.

The Fang or Fafnir is a weapon of Erik Loyalscall and can be obtained after defeating him. It’s available very early in the game, though it may be too strong for you at first. We hesitated to fight him because of his health and damage. At Fafnir’s Fang is one of the best effects in the entire game: Critical damage increases when you are surrounded by three or more enemies. The weapon gains additional bonuses from four to five enemies, and the bonuses remain active for ten seconds when not surrounded.

Best Umbrellas

Image via Ubisoft

Shields are not technically weapons, but because they are equipped as weapons, they are included. Shields are useful in blocking and countering attacks. Heavy shields require less stamina, but slow down the action. Smaller shields require better timing and consume a large portion of your stamina.

Heavy duty screen: Shield of the sarcophagus

The heavy shields in the game are not as varied and versatile as the light shields. Most of them filter out serious damage, depending on the block or how long you stay on the block. One of the most unique is the sarcophagus shield. After a successful parade, he has the ability to make a small fire around you. According to Reddit, he’s in Shropshire during the Dhuston Carrie mission.

Light protection: Morrigan Guardian

The best light shield is the Morrigan’s keeper, both statistically and skill-wise. A successful bet with the Morrigan’s guard has a chance of multiplying the poison cloud. According to Mr. Reddit, the sign is on a hill in Gloucestershire. The shield is one of the best in terms of high stats and poison effect, and also one of the most beautiful.

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