Best Weapons & Gear For Blessed Infusion –

infusions increase the faith scale and increase physical damage, but they have no elemental bonus like a lightning infusion.

However, they compensate by being passive – making HPs slow to regenerate!

Although blessed infusions are more beneficial than lightning damage on paper, weapons that already have lightning damage innate actually respond very well to blessings in terms of DPS.

Bliss allows available lightning to evolve with Faith while increasing physical damage, giving you the best of both worlds!

But what do you like most about being blessed? In this list, I discuss our top picks.

5. Screen of your choice

Let’s start with a more general term than the specific piece of equipment, but one that many players overlook.

Even if you don’t believe – bless your sign!

Faith increase only increases damage, so if you don’t plan on hitting people with your shield, you don’t get free HP regeneration.

Of course, a handful of top quality shields is not insignificant.

But there are many popular options, like braces, so be sure to check them out!

4. Royal Sword of Drake Blood

Okay, now the real guns, and the ones that were on the good paint lists: Drakeblood.

Drake’s Blood is the only weapon that has both lightning and magic damage innate, so it responds well to a Blessed Infusion and gets a 10 for Faith!

Unlike infusions like Chaos or Darkness, however, there is no intelligence scaling, so the magic damage does not increase and can be a bit wasteful.

How to get there: Drowned by a dragon knight on a reserved dragon.

3. Dragon Slayer’s Axe

One of the most popular raw DPS options, Dragonfly’s brutal axe can apply even more pressure with a blessed infusion!

The play style of this weapon already leaves so few openings that gaining health by hitting enemies is always a nice bonus.

Compared to lightning, you lose scalability (drop from B to C in belief), so this choice is probably best for early invasions where HP regeneration is strongest.

How to get there: Abandoned by the intruder Creighton at Irithill.

2. Knight Grand Sword Lottery

Finally, the last innate lightning weapon, and certainly the most powerful.

Blessed LKGS is one of the most powerful PvP weapons for faith building, as it gets a huge boost for physical, maintains an A scale in faith, and even has a higher Dex scale than Lightning Infusion!

Combined with a quick move blocking stunners, he often proves too powerful for the opponent and finishes him off in a few blows.

And every second your enemy is too scared to approach, you’re better off!

How to get there: Planted by the Knights of Lorraine, to whom it belongs.

1. It’s

For me, the Zest is a non-artisan tool.

It’s ideal for parrying, regardless of body type, and can even be used as a weapon when it’s necessary to finish off an opponent with a quick right hook!

He even gets S-shifts by faith, so his damage in faith purity is huge.

And by blessing it, you get a nice, slow recovery when you’re not hovering and kicking.

I first used it in 2016 and still use it in PvP.

If that doesn’t give you some idea of his power, I don’t know what does.

How to get there: Found in the sewers of an undead colony, next to a giant rat.

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