Best Weapons For Dark Infusion (Ranked) –

those who like dark magic hybrids, dark dyes are the way to go.

Darkness is one of two infusions made for Intelligence/Faith hybrids (the other being Chaos). Darkness is preferred in PvP, as most of the armor available to players is highly fire resistant.

But don’t let that put you off – thousands of PvE enemies are also weak against darkness!

So what kind of weapon should you use?

In this list, I’ll highlight some of the best suggestions based on scalability, accessibility, relocation and features!

5. long word

The humble and simple longsword is a good choice for players looking for intelligence/pure faith in the game.

This is due to his early availability and the absolutely strict 10/10 requirements for strength and sex!

You can hardly go wrong with a long word.

The engine is simple but extremely effective, it has good combos and long range, and its simplicity allows you to clear your mind and concentrate on casting your spells.

How to get there: Ride for a knight dropped by hollow soldiers on a high wall and sold by Greirath.

4. Royal Sword of Drake Blood

While not the best choice, it’s hard to pass up this gem.

Drakelod has innate magic and lightning damage – the only weapon in the game with 3 types of passive damage!

And when you infuse dragon blood with darkness or chaos, the scale of magic and lightning begins.

This means there are 4 different scales of damage sources on a weapon!

It’s still not all game and fun, as more damage types means more enemy defense to get through your attacks, but it’s a treat to see so much potential damage!

How to get there: Drowned by a dragon knight on a reserved dragon.

3. Large Spit Korva

The Corvian scythe is a rather neglected weapon that is very valuable!

His base damage may not be the highest, but he has an A/A rating in Black Infusion, retains a C rating in Dex, and has one of the highest base bleeds in the entire game!

Wind, once procced, adds a great DPS package to your build and is especially strong against a lot of bosses.

To top it off, he has an insane range, a passive, penetrating shield, and a nice unique ability.

How to get there: Planted by the Corvians, who own it.

2. Astor Grand Slam

Astora is an extremely potent, ultra-famous word, known for its S scale in Dex, but it’s also incredible for hybrids.

This thing is really crazy – it hits S on every status and a big A/A when night falls!

It has a fantastic chassis, deafeningly heavy and extremely light – it weighs less than a large mot0.

This is especially powerful with hybrid launchers, which don’t have as many free static points to invest in viability.

How to get there: Found on a corpse in the churchyard next to the chapel’s purge fire.

1st scythe on arm

If you’ve seen our top PvP list, you know the muddy scythe is broken on the arm.

With their high stuns, lightning fast hits, and an incendiary quick step skill that makes you nearly invincible, it’s easy to see why this is one of the most effective (and most hated) weapons in all of PvP.

MHS already has a large scale of squares and innate darkness damage, but this overlays after darkness and scales to B/B!

You can comfortably hold this weapon in your hand during most meetings, or keep it in your back pocket when the tension mounts.

But you are guaranteed to get angry messages if you use this thing, so keep that in mind!

How to get there: Found on the body in the drag tower after it fell through the glass ceiling. Behind the collapsed library on the left.

frequently asked questions

What is the best weapon to use in Dark Souls 3?

The most sophisticated weapons in the game are not without controversy. All black knight, wolf knight sword, Gael. If you want maximum damage with limited skill points, choose soft-capped weapons and use the Blessed Buff feature (not all weapons are upgraded).

What is the most powerful weapon in Dark Souls?

The weapons are from Dark Souls

What should I pour on the black sword?

That depends on your statistics. Sharp for Dex, Heavy for Strength, Refined for Quality, Crystal for Int, Lightning for Faith, Chaos/Dark for Int and Faith.

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