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Seaweed spores, also known as seaweed seeds, are a type of plant that is used to create Farming patches. They can be found all over the world in different colors and forms. Here we’re going to provide you with some tips on how to get these precious items!

The “seaweed spore osrs” is a way to get Seaweed Spores in the game. It can be done by killing a giant seaweed on the coast of Lumbridge, or buying them from other players.

Seaweed Spores are a kind of seed that may be earned via a variety of activities on Fossil Island or by picking pockets with Master Farmers elsewhere in the overworld.

They’re used to grow Giant Seaweed in the Underwater section of Fossil Island through the Farming skill, which can be later converted into Crafting supplies. This is highly popular among Ironmen because of its convenience & low level requirements.

Seaweed Spores may be obtained in a variety of ways for Ironmen, as shown below:

  • On Fossil Island, picking underwater spawn
  • Master Farmers Pickpocketing
  • Lobsters, Ammonite Crabs, and Fossil Island Wyverns are among the creatures that may be killed.
  • Underwater mermaid trading on Fossil Island

So let’s take a closer look at each possibility.


Underwater Spawns (option 1)


A Seaweed Spore Spawns / OSRS


A seaweed spore spawns, as shown above.

1-3 Spores may sprout randomly anywhere on the floor when diving in shallow water.

While the exact time is uncertain, it seems to happen every few minutes.

Spores spawned in this manner on your account are only visible to you and cannot be stolen by other players. So there’s no need to hurry!

If you’re AFK or using one of the bank skills listed above, this is a wonderful method to stock/replace your Spores since it requires little effort and is rather rapid.

It’s also typical for players to wait for a spawn during Giant Seaweed runs so they may plant them in the areas they’ve just harvested.


Option 2: Master Farmers Pickpocketing


Pickpocketing a Master Farmer in the Farming Guild / OSRS


If you’d rather use a more dynamic method, you may be interested in Master Farmers Pickpocketing.

These need a Thieving level of 38, with higher levels improving your success rate.

In any case, Seaweed Spores are quite uncommon. You’ll have a 1/2200 chance of receiving them in general (0.045 percent ).

Some gamers may be hesitant to use this strategy since the failure rate might be irritating and result in even more time spent.

Master Farmers, on the other hand, can produce a wide range of valuable seeds for Ironmen, including herbs, trees, and allotments!

Master Farmers may be worth your time if you haven’t yet stocked up on seeds.

This way you can collect Seaweed Spores along with other useful loot & decent Thieving XP rates.


Option 3: Fossil Island Enemies Must Be Killed


Fighting a Fossil Island Wyvern / Old School RuneScape


If you’d like a more combat-oriented experience, we’ve got fantastic news for you!

Killing three distinct sorts of foes strewn across Fossil Island will provide seaweed spores:

  • 2 Spores Ammonite Crabs At 1/128 chance (0.78 percent )
  • Underwater Lobsters – 5 Spores @ 1/20 probability (5 percent )
  • 12 Spores @ 1/65 probability on Fossil Island Wyverns (1.54 percent )

Depending on the monster’s fighting level, the drop numbers and rates vary greatly.

However, for those who would rather beat up some monsters, this may be a short but intense option.

If you want to grind your Combat skill XP with Ammonite Crabs or farm a rare drop at Wyverns, you’ll most likely be able to stock up on Spores.

If this is the case, you may already be stocked up without even realizing it!


Option 4: Underwater Mermaid Trading


Mairin’s Market Underwater on Fossil Island / OSRS


Trading with Mermaids in the underwater area of Fossil Island is the last method for obtaining Seaweed Spores.

Seaweed Spores is one of the things available from these Mermaids.

Mairin’s Market lies west of the drift net fishing region, in the sunken ship northwest of the Giant Seaweed patches.

There’s an air bubble within if you need it, so you don’t have to worry about your oxygen levels!

Mermaid’s Tears are the cash used at this establishment.

These may be obtained by partaking in the Thieving/Agility activities located immediately south of the store in the same Underwater region.

Seaweed Spores are worth 20 Mermaid’s Tears each.


Gathering Mermaid’s Tears Underwater / OSRS


Due to the scarcity of Mermaid’s Tears, this approach is the least recommended, since it will take you longer to get your Spores.

When you go for Mermaid Tears, you’ll get a lot of Thieving and Agility XP.

However, we advocate treating these Tears as a side effect of the XP rather than the primary goal, since they may be used for other goods like the Merfolk Trident.

The “lobstrosity osrs ” is a technique that allows players to get seaweed spores for the Ironman mode of Old School RuneScape. This guide will show you how to do it and what items you need to complete the process.

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