Best Vector Builds Escape from Tarkov Gun Presets

In the highly competitive world of Russian sniper simulators, how does one become the winner, and how does one ensure their place at the top? By creating the best gun for their playstyle.

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I take it you have never heard of Tarkov. It is a game that was released in 2016 and has a high player base. It is a FPS game and the game is being developed by the same company that developed Arma 3. The game itself is quite similar to Arma 3 in terms of graphics and looks, but is of course different. Tactical FPS games are ideal for trying out new builds, since they do not require as much skill as most Flash games

Vector is an incredible short to medium range pistol released in early 2021. There are two versions of the Vector SMG: 9×19 and .45 ACP, both of which can be used with different load options. Although the 9×19 is slightly cheaper and easier to play with if you have access to larger capacity ammo. When the Vector 9×19 came out, it was ridiculously overpowered because it could be bought very cheaply at T2 Skier. Since the rifle itself doesn’t require much modification to be good for budget loading (the basic Vector has very little recoil), it has been used by almost everyone. This has led to a slight decline so it is now only sold by T3 Ski, not to mention of course the flea market. Still, if you need a high-end gun that can win most short to medium range battles, the Vector is one of the best options. In this guide to Vector builds for Escape from Tarkov, we present the most popular cheap, medium and expensive Vector builds, including the most popular ammo for both weapons.

Vector Gen.2 Body 9×19

The Vector 9×19 is currently much better than its .45 ACP counterpart because the Total Cost of the rifle, ammunition and armament is much lower. The best thing about this option is the ability to use 50 cartridge magazines, which offer much more consistency when hitting targets. On top of that, the Vector 9×19 pistol and its ammo were much more readily available in the early years.

Construction budget

The Vector 9×19 has very good base performance and the rifle itself is very good in its own right. Therefore, it costs 80-100 thousand rubles, even with skis. The only mandatory part of a vector gun is the scope, some good choices are: Eotech Holo, Pilad and FastFire reflex visor. Use standard 30 round magazines with 9×19 PST GZh ammo. Estimated cost – 110 000 rubles.

Construction at average prices

Weapon parts

  • Zenit RK-5 front handle
  • SilencerCo Osprey 9 9×19 mm Silencer
  • SGMT drum magazine for Glock 9×19 50 balls
  • Visors: personal preference between Eotech Holo, Pilad and FastFire reflex.

word-image-6911 When building the mid-priced Vector 9×19, we try to improve as many values as possible while limiting your budget so you don’t overspend on one weapon. A magazine of at least 50 bullets is a must, as it greatly increases your chances of killing multiple PMCs at once if you find yourself in a tight situation. Ammunition – AP 6.3 or PST GZHA estimated cost – 170 thousand rubles.

Expensive construction


Weapon parts

  • 6 barrel for Vector 9×19
  • Zenit RK-2 front handle
  • Zenith 2P Clamp
  • SilencerCo Silencer Osprey
  • Belomo PK-06 Reflex visor
  • Adapter for non collapsible flask + HK buffer tube + HK E1 flask

word-image-6913 The budget Vector 9×19 setup currently offers the best possible statistical performance for the money. You can assemble this weapon entirely from dealer parts for about 220,000 rubles, or buy parts at the flea market for 260,000. The only upgrade option would be to purchase an upgraded SI buffer tube and a Magpul PRS Gen 3 stock, but the SI buffer tube itself currently costs 300,000 and the mechanics are still out of stock. If you choose the extended SI buffer option, you will only get one less recoil unit, which is not worth it for a system that will cost about half a million. Ammunition – 7N31 or AP 6.3 Estimated cost – 220-260 thousand rubles.

Vector Gen.2 .45 ACP body

The Vector .45 ACP is a more expensive version of the 9×19 and is not necessarily better. Weapons are basically only sold by a dealer, he may not have a 50 cartridge magazine, and ammo is VERY scarce, especially if you don’t have access to high level dealers.

Construction budget

The Vector version of the .45 ACP cartridge has very similar characteristics, so the same configuration applies to this model. The most important addition to the basic Vector .45 is a decent reflex sight. The Eotech Holo, Pilad and FastFire SLR scopes are good. Use standard 30-cartridge magazines with .45 ACP AP or .45 RIP ammo (not good economic ammo for this gun). Estimated cost – 130 000 rubles

Construction at average prices


Weapon parts

  • Burris FastFire Weber foot + Burris Fastfire reflector visor
  • Kriss vector non collapsible flask adapter + Colt buffer tube + EMOD flask
  • Business Magex G30
  • TD skeletonized aluminum handle
  • Straight-threaded mounting adapter for SilencerCo Omega 45k
  • SilencerCo Silencer Omega 45k

word-image-6915 The mid-priced Vector in .45 ACP is surprisingly well built, maintaining great ergonomics and reducing vertical recoil to 33. Personally, I wouldn’t use a Vector .45, but if that’s what you want, buy a pair of 30 round Magex mags. Ammo – .45 ACP AP or .45 Rip Average cost – 170k.

Expensive construction


Weapon parts

  • Business Magex G30
  • Zenith RK-5 handle
  • Vector 6” .45 ACP barrel
  • Zenith 2P Flashlight + Laser
  • Straight-threaded mounting adapter for SilencerCo Omega 45k
  • SilencerCo Silencer Omega 45k
  • Belomo PK-06 Rifle scope
  • Kriss vector non collapsible flask adapter + HK buffer tube + HK E1 flask

word-image-6917 The design of the expensive Vector .45 ACP attempts to achieve the lowest possible recoil with great ergonomics. The current configuration offers 50 in ergonomics, 30 in vertical recoil and 211 in horizontal recoil. This weapon is very good in the hands of an experienced player, as the main drawback is the small magazine, which does not match the high rate of fire of this variant. Ammo – .45 ACP AP or .45 Rip Average cost – 220k.As you may know, all weapons in Tarkov are preset. While this is great for unlocking some really beautiful looking guns, it also means that every single weapon will look the same. Lets face it, if the AK47 looked the same as the AK47, it wouldn’t be the best gun in the game. But this doesn’t mean we can’t have some fun with the Tarkov gun models.. Read more about lowest recoil gun in tarkov and let us know what you think.

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