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The best Team Rocket skins are perfect for the amount of laughs they provide.
But, not everyone has the time to craft them! If you’re looking for Minecraft team rocket skins that’ll give you a laugh without too much work, here’s our list of some free ones.
Have fun with these and don’t forget to share your favorite!

The “team rocket minecraft skin ” is a list of the best Team Rocket skins for Minecraft. The list includes all free Team Rocket skins.

Even after all these years, Team Rocket is still the most recognizable evil-doers in Pokémon.

Their clothes are as well-known as their name.

So none of these Team Rocket skins are a better way to wreck havoc on your favorite Minecraft server.


1. Jesse

Jesse Team Rocket (Anime) Minecraft Skin

Take a Look At This Skin

With this fantastic Jesse skin, you’re in for a lot of trouble.

There are several custom skins for Minecraft that resemble Jesse… But I believe this is the greatest.

It perfectly portrays her trademark hair, complete with light reflections.

Even people who haven’t seen the Pokémon anime will know Jesse, so he’s the ideal pick if you want to indicate that you’re ready for playful wickedness.


2. James

James Team Rocket (Anime) Minecraft Skin

Take a Look At This Skin

With James, another well-known Team Rocket member, you may extend your reach to the stars above.

The Jesse & James combo is an awesome way to team up with a friend and cause mischief as a duo.

In fact, James is my personal choice for my Pixelmon server antics, mostly so that I may honor him with my Carnivine, Growlithe, and Meowth squad.


3. Meowth

Meowth from Team Rocket / Minecraft Skin

Take a Look At This Skin

Let’s face it:

In my opinion, Meowth is the true leader of the anime Rocket trio.

He’s also a fantastic Minecraft skin for anybody who wants to be the brain behind it all.

Yes, this is a lot simpler Team Rocket skin, with no fancy hair or outfits in favor of a more pared-down appearance.

The simplistic design, on the other hand, gives me major old-school Minecraft feelings, transporting me to a period before redstone, parkour, or an in-game GameBoy.


4. Rocket Grunt’s Team (Girl)

Team Rocket Grunt (Girl) Skin For Minecraft

Take a Look At This Skin

In this female Team Rocket outfit, grab your Pokeballs and get ready to steal some Pixelmon.

It might be an excellent vehicle for you and a group of pals to cruise about town in.

There are several variations of this skin available, including genders, skin tones, and haircuts. So, if you’re looking for anything similar, have a peek around Skindex to see what you can discover.


5. Grunt of the Rainbow Rocket (Girl)

Rainbow Team Rocket Grunt (Girl) Minecraft Skin

Take a Look At This Skin

Yes, you may play as a grunt from the Pokémon Multiverse’s most powerful bad squad… complete with a rainbow symbol on your outfit.

Only appearing in Ultra Sun & Moon, Rainbow Rocket comes from a parallel universe in which they achieved world domination. This led to them capturing Mewtwo, Mew, and just about every other legendary Pokémon.

Do you want to recreate that experience in Minecraft?

So there you have it.


Giovanni is number six.

Giovanni (Team Rocket) Skin For Minecraft

Take a Look At This Skin

The Godfather in his own right.

In both the games and the anime, Giovanni is the most powerful member of Team Rocket.

Changing from a Grunt to Giovanni, regardless of who you’re playing with, may seem like a significant aesthetic upgrade.

Giovanni is a fantastic skin to use on any RP server where you’re the boss.

Even if your tale has nothing to do with crime, Giovanni’s mafia undertones will give your server’s corrupt authority figure a fresh comic vibe.


7. Slowpoke Team Rocket

Slowpoke wearing Team Rocket Outfit / Minecraft Skin

Take a Look At This Skin

Take one look at it and tell me you don’t like it.

This skin has to be the wackiest design on the list, but it’s also the darkest.

Those who don’t know can appreciate this skin for what it seems to be: a fun joke. Slowpoke tails are well-known to those who have played through Gold/Silver/Crystal (or their remakes).

The thought of what Team Rocket did to those innocent Slowpokes still makes me shiver.

But don’t worry about Minecraft, since I picked this Team Rocket skin particularly so the Slowpoke’s tail is still attached.

For the time being, at least…


8. Waluigi from Team Rocket

Team Rocket Waluigi Skin For Minecraft

Take a Look At This Skin

We were never able to get Waluigi to play in Smash Bros

With this Nintendo crossover skin, you may still bring him to Minecraft to steal some Pokémon.

Pokémon fights are the ideal means for him to enter into the Wario family’s thievery business.

Team Rocket, I guess, has enlisted the Wario Bros after discovering that they’re just as dumb and clumsy as your ordinary Rocket Grunt.

In fact, he’s ideal for the position.

The “james team rocket minecraft skin ” is a Team Rocket skin that is free to download. It was created by James, and it’s one of the best skins out there.

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