Best Tartaglia Build Options in Genshin Impact

for the best tartaglia construction options in Genshin Impact? Heilda, the pseudonym of the character Tartaglia, is a hydrographic figure associated with the Schnesnian guides. He can also switch between distance and combat mode at will (using his elemental ability), making him a real threat on the battlefield. While it takes some time to get used to, understanding Tartaglia’s two different positions is essential to getting the most out of him.

In light of the recent Character Event Wishes article, this article will introduce you to the best options for Tartaglia’s weapons and artifacts. Feel free to mix and match these suggestions according to your desire for depth in your heart.

Best options for the Tartaglia building: Artifacts and key features

First, it’s important to select 3-5 statistics that you want to focus on as primary or sub-statistics. Some of these stats only occur on a specific artifact type (like Eonotema Cup, which shouldn’t be confused with an artifact set like Noblesse Oblige), so we’ve compiled a list of good stats to focus on and their respective artifact type for you.

  • Aeon Sands: ATK % (for sustained damage) OR Energy Charge (for more use of Elemental Break).
  • Eonotema Cup: Hydro DMG bonus
  • Compasses with logos : DMG/Crit values
  • The flower of life and the flag of death: Aim for 2 or 3 of the above statistics as substrates for each of these artifacts.

Next, you need to choose a good set of artifacts. The obvious choice for your Tartaglia build is the Heart of Depths artifact set. However, here are some other options that also aim to improve his best stats. (General note: gold artifacts with 5 stars often have better stats than purple artifacts with 4 stars, but use what you currently have).

The best 4-piece kits for Tartaglia

  • Heart of Depth (if you want to focus on doing a lot of damage like Tartaglia).
  • Combat Artist (4 stars alternative to Heart of the Deep)
  • Berserker (if you want to increase your rating)
  • Noblesse Oblige (if you want to use Tartaglia to support your other characters)

Best split 2 sets for Tartaglia (choose two)

  • Heart of the Deep, Gladiator Finale, Noblesse Oblige, Berserker, Martial Artist.

What is the best weapon for Tartaglia?

If you have the chance, choose a weapon that increases write speed or energy recharge. Increasing Tartaglia’s critical rate uses his passive talent, which the Riptide state inflicts on melee enemies. The charging energy allows you to activate his elemental breath more often. Here are some examples of useful weapons for different adventure ranks (our favorite option in bold):

  • 3 stars: Spider
  • 4 stars: Artificial bending, Wyrid Hunt.
  • 5 stars: Skyward Harp, Elegy for the End

Tartaglia can Flex

When it comes to design choices, Tartaglia is a liquid, like the element water. This means that Tartaglia is suitable for all play styles and will benefit from various stat upgrades.

As with any Genshin character, we recommend using the best artifacts and weapons you have until you can get something better. This means you may have to juggle a few simple statues of Tartaglia between his weapon and the artifact. For example, if you can get weapons that increase the speed of beasts, try to increase crit DMG or energy charge with an artifact from the Logos circle. If you choose a weapon with a percentage ATK or energy charge, consider using the artifact Circlet or Logos to increase your write speed.

Tartaglia’s Skills and Combos

Tartaglia is flexible, so it’s a matter of preference on which of his skills you want to focus. Many of his abilities revolve around the damage of his normal/charged attacks. Therefore, it is in Tartaglia’s best interest to improve his normal offense: First of all, the talent of Cutting Torrent.

Nonetheless, cultivating Tartaglia’s talent would benefit him in the long run. To use your skills effectively, try to use the Riptide effect on as many enemies as possible by firing hard at them or using your elemental breath. After infusing enemies with Riptide, unleash a Tartal Elemental Blast to inflict massive damage.

We highly recommend you to try some of these techniques and play with Tartaglia in Event Trial!

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