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If you ever feel like you’re playing the game of Sims and not actually living in it, then this casual decoration pack is just what you need. The pack includes 20 new items that can be used to decorate your home in different styles of contemporary and modern design that you won’t find in the base game. Each item is at least two colors and can be crafted in the game by clicking on the item to bring up the crafting menu, selecting the “decor” tab, and making the item.

I love my sims. I mean I LOVE my sims. The Sims 4 is one of the first games I started playing post PS3 and I’ve been hooked since day one. Regardless of the fact it’s pretty much an every day thing, I still love that I can create my own direction for the game.

The Sims 4 should honestly be considered a set-up experience.

I now know so many aesthetic terms and techniques that I would otherwise have had no idea about.

In the world of design, for example, the word modern doesn’t really mean contemporary. It actually refers to the past, while the present refers to the present.

And all this time I thought modern meant contemporary. I have described countless constructions in this way. Hm.

But, unfortunately, modern and contemporary are standalone styles that are often combined to create stunning and bold interiors.

Simmers understood this of course and created a large number of CCs specifically for this style. So get ready to fill your Sim’s home with all the contrasts that modern, contemporary design brings!

Modern living things

Check out this AC.

As with many other concepts, there is a large amount of fanfiction that deals exclusively with contemporary furniture.

In this wonderful package you get 20 new items, as well as 4 new doors and repainted walls.

But let’s focus on the flesh – the objects.

If you like building, I’m sure this is still the most exciting part for you!

All the furniture is made of wood, in matching shades, and the metal legs are thin, which enhances the modern, even contemporary look.

These items are so important for any home or apartment where you want to look fresh and current.

Hamptons Hideaway Collection

Check out this AC.

If you’ve ever looked for CC furniture, you probably know Peacemaker.

This manufacturer offers huge collections of building/buying supplies in every aesthetic imaginable.

Here he has combined the best of both worlds – modern and contemporary.

There are influences from the past in the form of sturdy wooden furniture and bright wallpaper, as well as some of the latest trends, such as geometric shapes and splashes of colour.

It’s a set of 39 items, from furniture to paintings to new stuff.

Moku seating group

Check out this AC.

Another Peacemaker gem for us, and this time it’s nothing short of sweet, sweet s’mores.

Honestly, you can never have too many banks for this game.

I have about 30 that come only from packets and I am never satisfied.

But therein lies the joy of CC.

This package alone offers a lot of interesting new options – 6 in total.

You will never have to worry about your living space looking empty or out of place again. There are 32 patterns for each item with fantastic fabric textures.

Granite walls

Check out this AC.

You may have noticed that certain colors are central to modern design.

It is dominated by neutral colours such as black, white, navy blue and of course grey.

Of course, a house can quickly become boring if you don’t know when and where you need variety.

This is where textures come to the rescue.

These walls have a beautiful grainy look that will visually brighten up any room. Here are six granite tile patterns that vary in size and hue.

Contemporary Paintings

Check out this AC.

Wall space is always a mystery when redecorating, whether in The Sims or in real life.

Every room probably has a bunch of them, and the possibilities are almost endless, but you don’t want to overdo it.

With a modern, contemporary style, it’s better to choose a few pieces that really stand out than to cover the entire wall.

Of course, you want to keep the surfaces messy.

These images of Deviros are quite remarkable. They have very distinctive images that either blend in or stand out strongly, depending on the color palette. Both ways are good!

MattColor Me Cyan

Check out this AC.

In this game, I have the worst time with the mats.

This is actually the most frustrating part of building for me.

The pretty ones are always too big. Well, parenting, cats and dogs, laundry…

Ahem. I got a little carried away.

The point is that you have to find the right balance between looks and size, and Peacemaker has achieved that.

These beautiful bright blue carpets are the perfect size for most standard rooms.

The 16 patterns look great on the dark floors and neutral walls typical of modern homes.

Modern wooden floors

Check out this AC.

Speaking of dark floors: You’ll like them!

Sure, there are plenty of wood samples in a wide range of hues….. but nothing like this.

These large floor tiles have beautiful clean lines and are available in 7 wood tones.

Some are light, some dark, but they have all the simple details you need for modern, contemporary interiors.

It’s also a great example of how stepping out of your comfort zone can lead to great results.

It would never have occurred to me to use wood flooring in a bathroom, but clearly I missed the opportunity – it looks great!

Smooth kitchen utensils

Check out this AC.

The kitchen is often the first room to be renovated when buying or renting a home.

It’s a pretty simple process.

Just replacing countertops and cabinets and updating the color palette can make the difference between a nightmare and an aesthetically pleasing space you enjoy spending time in.

In The Sims 4, the kitchen is also a room not to be neglected. Especially when used as a dining room.

Your Sims will spend a lot of time there!

And this fan-made item pack includes a number of items that will help you bring your Sims’ kitchen into the 2020s.

A total of 20 items.

You get all the essentials: new countertop, stove, stools, sink and more.

There’s even a cool combo option with a built-in countertop stove to maximize the functionality of your kitchen.

SIMKEA furniture set

Check out this AC.

IKEA is appreciated by many as an affordable retailer of all the fashionable home goods one could want.

I’m not at all surprised that someone made the equivalent of The Sims, and it’s pretty cool

Here’s another CC Stuff package from the same designer who created Contemporary Living Stuff and Sleek Kitchen Stuff.

I didn’t even realize I had picked up three of his packages here until it happened…. and I think that says a lot about how awesome and authentic products like this are – literally!

Among these 45 new items, you will find something for every room in contemporary and modern styles.

Everything is perfect, from the colors to the shapes themselves.

And if you want more IKEA style stuff, check out this article.

Modern Sofa Transformation

Check out this AC.

Converting elements from other games makes a lot of sense, especially in this case.

The couch, which was a modern design for The Sims 3 between 2009 and 2014, may not look so new now, which makes it very modern.

I’ve confused myself (and probably you) with these new technical terms, so I’ll keep it simple:

The TS3 bench is a little dated, but not enough to look bad in bad light.

In fact, I think they will fit perfectly into any modern living room you design.

There are 5 designs in total and any design will do, including black or navy blue.

Recall Light Kit

Check out this AC.

Lighting can tell you a lot about the style of the house and the owner.

For modern homes, a sense of openness is essential.

And nothing works better for this than ceiling lights. Floor and table lamps take up more space.

But they have different length options and can even be used as decoration. If you’ve ever scoured Pinterest for remodeling ideas, you’ve probably seen many dining rooms and breakfast nooks with the same fixtures above the table.

Not only does the length vary, but so do the types of lamps.

Some are spherical, others are more dome-shaped, and there are also triangular ones.

Skyline Bedroom Set

Check out this AC.

There are things on this list for almost every room – except the bedroom.

And this place is very important.

All Sims need to sleep, even vampires.

And unless your Sim lives in a mansion, his bedroom probably has three or more other functions.

Maybe a place for a hobby or even a job.

This CC set includes everything you need to give your Sim’s room a modern makeover.

You get a new bed, nightstands, dresser, lamp, sculpture and more!

Everything has matching patterns, and as a very nice bonus there is even a new guitar that matches as well.

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