Best Scrabble Video Games

Scrabble is one of the most well-known board games around the world. It plays with two up to four players with the rules of placing the letters in tiles to create words. You can place the letters in a crossword-style, read right to left in rows or straight down columns, and including lexicon or dictionary standard.

Some of us don’t have time going to the shop and buy a Scrabble board, so as the better option, you can always use your smartphones or any other high-tech devices that can download an application or a scrabble video game if you are eager to play the game.

There’s a lot of scrabble video games that you can play with your family and friends. If you want a tip to win every game with your family and friends you can check online for help. This might be your helping hand. In any scenario or game you can always rely on your memory and strong logic to pick the right word to use at a definitive scenario. You can easily improve and get better by practicing with the help of a pomodoro timer . This tool will ensure that you memorize and analyze your productivity at a timely manner.

Words With Friends

This is a multiplayer scrabble game and one of the most favorite mobile games around the United States words with friends came out to the public in July 2009 and developed by Zynga. Players can play with their friends through Facebook, players can also be assigned randomly through find match to connect with a potential opponent.

In addition, this game is free and you can download this on Windows Phone, Android, and IOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod touch). Also, this game is available on Nook Tablet and Kindle Fire. Words with friends have a chatting feature to allow you to exchange messages with your opponent. The game rules are mostly the same as a two-player scrabble, but has slight differences like premium squares arrangement, point values of letters, and distribution of letters.

There are seven random letter tiles given to both players, it will refresh after all the 104 tiles are filled up. Players can also take turns by forming the words on their deck or as an alternative for playing a word, you may also select to swap the unutilized tiles or pass your opponent turn. Players can also construct words either horizontally or vertically in this game. Players need to aim for higher scores as possible.

Classic Words Solo

Players are gonna love this video game because this game will help you to enhance your vocabulary. Players can also learn amazing tricks in this game. Aside from other scrabble video games you can play with human players but this game your opponent will be a computer or AI (Artificial Intelligence) that is why they called it solo. This game is published by Sbastien Leclerc and released in November 2018.

There are lots of features of this video game such as by swiping the words to show its definition, Including difficulties with six levels, you can pause the game if you want a break and then resume after to play again, and it supports many languages such as Italian, German, Spanish, French, Polish, and Dutch. This is not just a classical board game but this will help you improve your memory in academic games like a spelling bee.

You can’t feel pressure in this game, you play it alone and enjoy it at the same time, you don’t have to wait for anyone’s turn. This game is available and free to download the app on your smartphone or any other tech device.

Word Chums

This video game is an iOS game developed by PeopleFun and released in September 2012. Words Chums has a ranking board for the players who have so many experience points. Every game player will get experience points to allow them to level up and to be the top-scoring leader. Also, there is an awarding system for those players who formed the best words and weekly awarding for the best game.

If you’re having a hard time forming high scoring words don’t worry because this game has a hint button to locate those words. There is a good one thing, the hint will give you the word with a high score, not the highest word .

Word Chums can also help you expand your vocabulary. People love this game because they’re having a fun time with their friends and family online. It consists of two to four players, two versus two teams, and one versus one.


Sometimes we are having difficult times to have fun and to catch up with our family and friends personally because of our daily basis in life. Maybe, we are long-distance with each other or busy at work. So the best option to connect with them is to play Video games and have fun together without seeing them.

As we can see our technology is developing every single day the communication is easy to provide by using smartphones and with that, you can also use it to play or to download the games you want to play. So here’s the best scrabble video game that you must play Words With Friends if you want to play with your best buddies or random people, Classic Words Solo if you want to play alone, and Word Chums to play with your loved ones and to be the top-scoring leader.

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