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There are two ways to kill chickens in Runescape. One is by using the F2P method and one is through a payment of 25gp for use of P2P. Some players prefer killing chickens like this, but others may find it annoying that they must pay money every time they want to do so. Others would rather not have to think about money when playing games which can conflict with their morals or personal beliefs.

The “chicken osrs ” is a term used to describe the best place to kill chickens in the game, RuneScape. The chicken osrs is located in the center of Lumbridge, where you can find a large number of chickens that are low on health and low on combat stats.

Depending on your account, the greatest spots to slaughter chickens differ. The farms east and west of Lumbridge are the greatest free to play, although members have additional alternatives, with the top two places being north of Etceteria Castle and south of Kourend Castle.

Because of their stacking feather drops, chickens are one of the most popular money-making strategies in OSRS. These may be sold for enough money to acquire you some basic equipment for your quest.

All chickens have a fighting level of one, earning them the moniker of “Weakest creature in Gielinor,” among other tiny animals like rats, rabbits, and spiders.


F2P’s Best Chicken Spots

Because both of our top free to play locations are so near to one other, I’m going to group them together for this one (it really takes like 20-30 seconds to get from one of them to the other).

The farm north-west of Lumbridge Castle is the one closest to a bank in F2P, starting with the larger of the two.

It has an incredible population of 33 chickens, ensuring that you’ll never run out of poultry to slaughter.

The farm on the east side of River Lum, by contrast, has fewer hens and is ten seconds farther from the bank.

As a result, there aren’t as many gamers who come here (which isn’t to say it’s a horrible area).


North-east of Lumbridge, there is a farm. / OSRSNorth-east of Lumbridge, there is a farm.


If both of the aforementioned chicken coups are completely full of other players, the Farm south of Falador and the Farm south of the Champions’ Guild may both serve as excellent alternatives.

The Falador farm has more chickens than the Champions’ Guild, however the Champions’ Guild is a bit closer to a bank.

It should be noted that joining the guild requires completing the “Dragon Slayer” experienced quest.


The Champion’s Guild yard / Old School RuneScapeChickens in the Champion’s Guild yard


P2P’s Best Chicken Spots

The region north of Etceteria Castle, located close to the mahogany and teak trees, is the first spot worth seeing for members.

Three hens perch right next to the bank, making this the undoubtedly finest position to bank any drops you obtain.

Note that since these hens are not considered island residents, murdering them would not lower your kingdom’s popularity rating (I tested it myself).

The intermediate quest “The Fremennik Trials” is required to access Etceteria and Miscellania.


Chickens from Etcetera near the bank / OSRSChickens from Etcetera near the bank


A little coup in the Hosidius section of Great Kourend, slightly south-east of the castle, is the last P2P location worth noting.

There are six hens here that you may murder to your heart’s content among the gorgeous scenery and other animals.

Make your way to the surrounding area after your inventory is filled with the remnants of the fallen birds.

A few steps to the south is Hosidius Kitchen, where you may keep all your loot in the bank chest.


The scenic Hosidius farm with chickens / OSRS


Other Chicken-Supply Techniques

Are you looking for raw chicken but don’t want to spend your time fighting low-level enemies?

There are several businesses across Gielinor that offer various types of meat, including chicken!

Rufus’ Meat Emporium in Canifis, for example, offers a supply of ten raw chickens for just one cent apiece!

Similarly, if you’re seeking for feathers but don’t want to spend the rest of your life plucking them, numerous stores (typically fishmongers) offer large quantities of feathers and feather packs.

*The more you know, the better!


In Canifis, IIn Canifis, I’m looking over Rufus’ meat emporium inventory.


The “raw chicken osrs ” is a place where players can kill chickens for free. It is located in the Wilderness, near Edgeville.

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