Best Photo Editing and Photo Retouching Applications for Android: Here is Our Selection

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Over the years, smartphones have replaced cameras. It has to be said that the manufacturers have done a real job on this side and have significantly improved the quality of the plates over time. Developers have also taken the opportunity to offer intuitive and highly effective photo editing applications. We have prepared a selection of the best for you.

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The 11 best android Photo editing apps

Today, for everyday use, the smartphone has undeniably become the main camera for users. It’s much more convenient, we must admit.


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ONEPLUS CONCEPT ONE – Getting to grips with the smartphone with invisible photo sensors on the back


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Quality is there, and more and more brands are offering a wide range of shooting modes. The manual mode for example has almost become a standard.

In spite of this growing quality, many pictures deserve post-processing. It’s a bit like the photographer: he takes his photos with his smartphone and then he reworks them on his computer. Let’s just say that it’s possible with your smartphone to do everything with just one device.

Obviously, the rendering will not be worthy of a professional photographer’s shots, although some big names have managed to exhibit beautiful works from photos taken with a good photophone.

In any case, it is now possible to retouch your photos thanks to very complete applications. Here is our selection of the best photo editing applications on Android.

Snapseed: the reference

Snapseed is without a doubt the most complete photo retouching application and the best known. The tools on offer are simply remarkable. You can do just about anything with Snapseed: cropping, adjusting brightness, details. There’s even a brush tool.

The application also offers a series of highly effective filters, including an HDR effect to improve brightness and display more detail after capture. If you forget to enable HDR, this is a welcome feature.

Snapseed also includes a function to embed text in the snapshots. Clearly we can get some really nice things. A must-have, and it’s free too.

VSCO: dreadfully effective

VSCO is undeniably one of the most famous photo editing applications. A true social network for sharing photos, has very effective retouching tools.

While the interface is elegant, the application suffers from a lack of ergonomics. It is still quite simple, but requires a small learning phase. However, when you see the range of settings available, VSCO is definitely worth a look.

Proof of its success: most of the most famous Instagramers use VSCO. If the application is offered for free on the Play Store the experience can be enhanced with in-app purchases However, the basic version will be sufficient for most users, even the most fussy ones.


Adobe Photoshop Express : the great classic

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Here is the famous Photoshop in mobile version. Adobe has finally decided to offer a complete photo editing tool for smartphones and tablets. And the result is very successful.

Adobe Photoshop Express is very complete, although much less than the PC and Mac versions, but the possibilities offered on smartphone and tablet are enormous. The application is a true Swiss Army knife of photo retouching.

You can do just about anything, from cropping to brightness or color adjustments. Red eyes can also be removed and filters can be applied from a quarantine. In short, Adobe Photoshop Express is true to the reputation of the publisher.

A big advantage is that Adobe Photoshop Express allows retouching of large photos as well as RAW format files. Like VSCO, Adobe Photoshop Express is free of charge and offers in-app purchases with other features such as a little more in-depth nighttime photo editing for example.


Adobe Photoshop Lightroom CC: for pros

Other application made in Adobe : Lightroom. It comes with Photoshop Lightroom, which is available for both PC and Mac. To be able to fully enjoy it on mobile, requires a Creative Cloudlicense.

If this is the case, you can retrieve the photos available on the PC or Mac. A big advantage for those who want to share their best shots taken with their Reflex on social networks Even if the most knowledgeable photographers are not necessarily fans of this practice, the application has the merit of offering it.

In addition to this synchronization, Adobe Photoshop Lightroom offers quick editing tools to make a few changes on the fly. Be careful, Lightroom is not for everyone, is mainly for professionals or realphoto enthusiasts. Again, the application is free.


Aviary photo editor for creative people

aviary photo editor

Aviary’s photo editor has changed a lot since its inception. And today, even if it is not among the best on the market, it is still very complete. Like most of the other applications described above, Aviary Photo Editor allows you to edit pictures lengthwise, widthwise and crosswise.

But in addition, it is possible to integrate frames, text, other images, make collages. The only drawback is that the effects are few and you will have to go through the in-app purchase box to access more filters.

Similarly, frames, collages and other materials will not be available in large quantities and you will have to get your hands on the wallet to access more advanced features.  Adobe does the same thing but is much less stingy with the basic functions offered. Nevertheless, Aviary Photo Editor remains an application to have.


Autodesk Pixlr: quick and easy

autodesk pixlr

Photo retouching is great, but you don’t want to spend your day there either. We understand you, and we invite you to discover Autodesk Pixlr.

The principle of this application is extremely simple. Unlike its counterparts that allow you to go into detail (and therefore spend a lot of time on it), Pixlr allows you to retouch your photos in a few seconds and very easily.

Thus, it is possible to crop, crop or enhance an image with a few small touches and thanks to almost unlimited effects since there are more than 2 million possible combinations. Borders, frames, overlaps are also part of the game. Clearly an indispensable application for an excellent result in just a few seconds.


Glitch! : long live the vintage

glitch android photo app

The vintage trend is invading the world of smartphone photography. Glitch! strikes a chord of nostalgia and invites us to rediscover the effects of our old cameras.

Easy to use, the application shines above all by the richness of the proposed filters (VHS, cinema, glitch, vintage). The user can optimize each effect and retouch the photo ad infinitum. Additional filters are available for purchase, but the free offer is already very comprehensive.


Prisma: that cartoon!


Prisma is a very fashionable photo application. There is nothing revolutionary about it, but it has managed to position itself in a niche that is still not very popular. Thus, Prisma proposes to apply filters that are a bit peculiar since they transform a photo into a cartoon for example.

For example, you can take a picture of yourself and see what it would look like if you were a comic book character for example. And the effects are really very successful and surprising. The only small reproach that could be made is the length of time it takes to process the photo, which is a bit long. But when you see the result, it’s worth the wait.


1998 Cam: back to 90’s

1998 cam android

Are you nostalgic for the old cameras of the 90s? Application 1998 Cam reproduces the effects of the good old family companion. It integrates a shooting interface as well as numerous filters.

The app is very complete and allows you to revive some childhood memories. Colors, grain, flash defects, everything can be fully retouched. We can even inlay the date the photo was taken in a “so 90’s” typography. Guaranteed results!

Google Play

Google Photos : the essential

google photos

We will end this selection with an application that you all have on your smartphone : Google Photos. When we think about it, we think about the free and unlimited backup in the cloud and we too often forget that it includes a powerful photo editing tool, quite simple to use and easy to use!

With Google Photos, you can not only retouch the brightness, color and contrast of a photo that’s too dark or too dull, but also apply different pre-recorded filters to give your images a more artistic feel. The only hitch is that when you save the changes, the original image is erased.

So much for our selection of photo retouching applications. Of course, you are welcome to tell us which ones you prefer or if you use others.

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