Did you know that you can still watch many of your favourite TV programmes, even after you cut the cable from your cable or satellite provider? Omnidirectional TV antennas make it possible. However, the quality of television with TV antennas will depend on many variables.

Before purchasing the best omni-directional TV antenna, you may want to know which channels are available to you. Knowing this fact and the distance of the available channels to your coordinates will help you decide which type of TV antenna is best for you. We therefore recommend that you familiarise yourself with our customer guide before purchasing.

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Obtain signal ratio

The TV Fool web tool analyses your location and provides an overview of the available channels in your area. Together with the channel list, the signal strength and distance are also displayed.

The noise margin (NM), expressed in decibels (dB), represents the interference threshold that the channel signal can withstand and receive. A practical rule of thumb says that the higher the NM value, the stronger the signal. Zero or less NM means the channel is not available to you.

The mileage displayed in the report is the distance from the station of the given channel to your address. The signals from the nearest channels will be stronger than those from the furthest channels. Of course, other factors also play a role, such as the presence of tall buildings and trees.

The importance of this report is clear. He will tell you in advance which channels are accessible to you and which are not.

Know the difference between the microwave bands and the UHF bands

The terrestrial television channels (OTA) are allocated radio frequencies in the following frequency ranges.

Very high frequency low frequency (VHF-Lo) – Channels 2 to 6

Very high frequency – high (VHF high) – Channels 7 to 13

Ultra High Frequency (UHF) – Channels 14 to 69

In your TVfool signal report you will find the numbers of these channels under Real. In general, omnidirectional TV antennas pick up microwave channels better than VHF channels. If the television programs you are interested in are in the VHF or low frequency range, look for antennas designed for VHF reception or VHF signal.

Solution between indoor and outdoor antenna

Omnidirectional TV antennas are available in indoor and outdoor models. Although outdoor models generally work better for signal reception, indoor models work well in many situations. So we’re back to the signal report. Please note that the strings are colour coded.

The green zone includes all local TV channels of NM 35 dB and above. As a general rule, an omnidirectional room TV antenna functions correctly if microwave channels with an NM of at least 40 dB are received. For microwave channels with an NM below 40 and possibly some VHF/high frequency channels in this range, outdoor TV antennas are the best option.

The yellow and pink areas show channels with significantly lower NMs. To get satisfactory signals from these channels, you need an omnidirectional TV antenna on the roof or outside.

The grey area, on the other hand, gives a list of TV channels with a weak signal from where you live. You don’t have to rely on antenna systems to see these channels.

Choose a brand of TV antenna not only based on the product range, i.e. the number of companies describing their products. Instead, compare this range with the color coding of the NM signal report. So you know which channels you can expect from the TV antenna you have purchased.

Our samples for the first 5 omnidirectional TV antennas

1. Improved omnidirectional television antenna concept

Best Omnidirectional TV Antenna – Buyers Guide and 5 Reviews

The new 1byone 360-degree TV antenna concept works both indoors and outdoors. This adaptability makes it a popular choice for those who want the best possible TV reception by installing an antenna on the roof, on the outside wall or on the balcony. The aesthetic appearance fits well with the modern exterior. A smooth design is not only aesthetically pleasing, but also reduces wind load, which in turn reduces interference. The smooth surface protects against ultraviolet rays and moisture.

You can install this antenna in the house or in the attic, depending on the NM values of your report. With a 20 foot coax cable and a pre-assembled design, installing this compact omni-directional TV antenna is no problem.

Users who have tried to install this antenna on a roof have discovered that they can receive twice as many channels as if it were installed in a building. In addition, the image is of excellent quality without pixel formation. This antenna is capable of capturing VHF tea (7 to 13) and microwave channels (14 to 60).

2. Omnidirectional receiving antenna UFO

Best Omnidirectional TV Antenna – Buyers Guide and 5 Reviews

Would you like to use the free OTA television signals when travelling in your caravan? Look at Antop’s omni-directional TV antenna, ready for UFO broadcast. You can also install it on the roof of a motorboat or of course at your home. It’s very similar to the concept of New 1byone.

The package contains everything you need, except the mast, in case you decide to install it on one of the masts. It works indoors, but according to users, the number and quality of channels viewed has increased dramatically with the installation of the antenna on the high mast. One of the advantages of an indoor installation is its convenience and ease of maintenance. However, cloudy weather and other disturbances can cause the signals on some channels to decrease.

The UFO Antop is equipped with an intelligent pass-amplifier that amplifies the signals and blocks 3G and 4G interference. The result is high-resolution images of VHF and microwave channels within a radius of 60 to 65 miles.

3. Turkish digital flat screen omni-directional digital antenna for indoor HDTV

Best Omnidirectional TV Antenna – Buyers Guide and 5 Reviews

You can hide Turk’s omnidirectional internal antenna from view because it looks more like a flat speaker than an antenna. If the configuration of your home does not allow the installation of an external antenna or if you prefer a hidden model for internal use, look no further. This antenna can be placed on a flat surface, mounted on the wall or used on a flat surface. Delivery includes brackets and a donkey for easy installation.

This is one of the easiest antennas to install. Simply connect the other end of the coax cable to the back of your TV, find room for the antenna and scan the available microwave and VHF channels. It’s as simple as that.

As expected, this indoor antenna will attract fewer ducts than most outdoor models. It is important that you get a reliable reception of the channels this antenna can pick up. A removable amplifier is included to amplify weak signals and reduce the noise level. The fact that the amplifier is detachable is particularly appreciated by users, especially in homes near television towers where the use of amplifiers is not recommended.

4. Mohoo-list 50 Omnidirectional indoor TV antenna

Best Omnidirectional TV Antenna – Buyers Guide and 5 Reviews

Enjoy free OTA HD programming with Mohu’s Leaf 50, a breakthrough in the TV antenna industry. This discreet antenna uses U.S. military technology and Mohu’s patented noise filter technology to provide crystal clear channel reception within a 50-mile radius. An integrated amplifier adds 15 dB of signal amplification for all TV channels in the range and filters out interference from FM and mobile phones.

Mohoo is a pioneer in the production of omnidirectional paper TV antennas for internal television. The Leaf 50 is the improved version of the Mohoo Leaf 30, the world’s first thin paper antenna. It measures 1.5 x 12 x 12.5 inches and is easy to install using the pins and Velcro fasteners found inside the box. The antenna is white, but can be painted to match your interior design and existing interior colours.

Like all omnidirectional television antennas, the Leaf receives 50 signals from all directions. However, for optimal performance of the room, we recommend gluing it to the stained glass window in the general direction of the most optimal cooling tower. Turn off or remove electronic devices such as Wi-Fi routers and game consoles located next to your TV as they have a significant effect on the signals received by the antenna.

Incidentally, although the Leaf 50 is considered an internal antenna, it can be installed flat on the outside wall near the roof. For example, when installed in a room he receives twice as many channels as when installed in a room. Such an installation may invalidate the warranty, so you should contact Mohu for advice.

5. 65-mile antenna for digital television 1byone

Best Omnidirectional TV Antenna – Buyers Guide and 5 Reviews

Following the example of Mohoo, 1byone has released this omnidirectional wooden, granular TV antenna made from shells, which fits perfectly into any interior of the house. This antenna is optimized for VHF and microwave reception and extends up to 65 miles from your location. Includes an amplifier, USB power supply and 19-foot coax cable You can turn the amplifier on or off depending on the distance between your home and the local TV towers.

You can use your imagination to install this flat antenna, but we recommend sticking it on the window with double-sided tape. It is important to hang it near the window, especially if you have very isolated walls. You can also hide it behind the television or put it on a table like a mouse pad. We don’t recommend putting anything on it because it’s very thin.

If your signal report mentions your favourite channels in the green zone, this antenna will certainly transmit them with incredible clarity and reliability. According to customers, it is very rare for the signal to be interrupted, and if it is, it is only temporary.


With the ever-increasing monthly subscription fees for cable TV, cable disconnection has become a popular option for budget-conscious consumers. The first step is to obtain a signal report for your address. This brings you to the second step, the search for the best omnidirectional television antenna. This process will help to separate you from your cable operator as easily as possible.

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