Best Mouthpiece Game of 2020: Speak Out, Watch Ya’ Mouth or Watch Yo Mouth?

Determination of the Board of Directors

In this festive period, the world of board games is in the middle of a battle. Which variant of the mouthpiece will prevail? The success of YouTube at the beginning of the year led to the development of several board games with the same principle: Let your friends guess what you’re saying while wearing your mouthpiece. These tips were once used to keep your lips away from your teeth during dental treatments (such as whitening) and have never been more fun! (Let’s face it, this is the first time they’ve had fun.) Nobody likes a dentist.

We tested three of the most popular mouthpiece sets, divided them into three categories and determined a winner. Should you buy Speak Out, Watch Ya’ Mouth or Watch Yo Mouth this holiday? Read on to find out: 

1st round: What’s in the box?

Talking about the content

indicate the content


Including Speak Up:

  • 5 mouthpieces
  • 200 double-phrase cards
  • 1 timer

Plus 200 bidirectional cards means 400 games! That’s more than twice the amount of Watch Ya’ Mouth and four times the content of Watch Ya’ Mouth.

Against: With only 5 mouthpieces, the number of players is limited, so you can use them without investing in an extra game. Moreover, Hasbro does not disclose that its tips are dishwasher safe, so it is necessary to wash your hands.

Watch Ya’ Mouth

Look at Ya’ Mouth, among other things:

  • 10 mouthpieces (6 adults, 4 children)
  • 143 Family cards
  • 1 timer

Plus With 10 beaks, Watch Ya’ Mouth has the most of the three games. Plus, a size 2 mouthpiece makes the game fun for the whole family! They are also dishwasher safe (only in the top suspension). Family Play Cards allow you to play with your children without the risk of them hearing things they shouldn’t hear.

Against: Family-friendly phrase cards can make the game look younger if it is only played by adults.

See Yo Mouth

Look at Yo Mouse, among other things:

  • 8 mouthpieces
  • 100 phrase cards
  • 1 timer

Plus Watch how 8 Yo Mouth’s beaks place them in the middle between the other two parts. All eight are as big as an adult, which means that this is preferable for a group consisting only of adults.

Against: Only 100 sentences – and Watch Yo Mouth has the least variation. 

Stop: Ya’ Mouth Clock wins at turn 1 .

The family cards and dishwasher-safe tips, available in sizes for adults and children, give Watch Ya’ Mouth a grooming advantage.

2nd round: Who can play?


Friends play the mouthpiece game.


It is recommended to speak loudly from the age of 16. The mouthpieces, which are only suitable for adults, do not allow children to participate in the fun (without having to buy smaller mouthpieces separately). Despite the fact that his phraseology cards are not advertised as family, we found nothing inappropriate in our game. With the additional purchase of smaller mouthpieces, the whole family could play together.

Watch Ya’ Mouth

Among the 3 games with mouthpieces, Watch Ya’ Mouth is the only game recommended for children from 8 years of age. Because it has two mouthpieces, the whole family can play together! And adult groups concerned that the wording is too family friendly should read our next section on expansion packs.

See Yo Mouth

Watching Yo Mouse is for adults only. The recommended age of 17 years and older places it in the same category as adult board games such as Maps Against Humanity. The enclosed phrases cards are definitely temporary NSFVs and may only be played with adults.

Stop: Second round ends in a tie

Watch Ya’ Mouth is clearly a winner if you buy it for your family, but if you only play it with adults, Watch Ya’ Mouth is the most entertaining entertainment (without the expansion pack).

Third cycle: Expansion sets


We couldn’t find any Speak Out expansion packs on Amazon or Hasbro’s website, so there are no points for them here! His first 400 sentences are a good start.

Watch Ya’ Mouth

Watch Ya’ Mouth offers 5 expansion kits for purchase. Two are family-oriented and three are for Lower New Age Wales (NSFW). If you combine all the expansion packs plus the original cards, Watch Ya’ Mouth 913 has a number of common card games. The developers of the game have also signed up for iOS and Android. They have published other phrases and game extensions on this platform.

See Yo Mouth

Watch Yo Mouth offers 3 expansion kits, all classified for adults. One of the games is even the Ad Lib expansion pack, which mixes nouns and adjectives for each sentence (it contains 125,000 possible variants). In addition, Watch Yo Mouth has also released a family version of the game for players aged 12 and over. This extension comes with 8 tips (always adult size) and a timer.

Stop: Watch Ya’ Mouth wins the third round

Extension packages

Watch Ya’ Mouth has the most expansion packs.

See how Ya’ Mouth wins here because he has the most cards available and divides his expansions into theme packs for family and adults. We love the creativity of Watch Yo Mouth by implementing the Ad Lib expansion pack to keep the game fresh for as long as possible.

And the winner… 1С8

Watch Ya’ Mouth

Watch Ya’ Mouth is the best game you can buy if you want it for the whole family (including children). The two sizes of the dishwasher-safe mouthpieces are a great advantage. In addition, the presence of complete packages on themes for adults and families makes the game fun for any group.

*Designation: Since this article was written, we have noticed that several Amazon reviews have reported false or corrupt versions of this game sold by other vendors. Make sure that when you buy it on holiday, you get it from Watch Ya Mouth on Amazon and not from a third party vendor.

But wait. .

If you don’t plan to play this game with the whole family (or if your family doesn’t have any young children), we actually recommend that you buy Watch Yo Mouth. His cards are the funniest for adults, and although he has the smallest number of cards in total (even if he contains expansion packs), the advertising expansion pack is the best way to prevent the game from repeating itself. They also added a family version (which we haven’t tried yet), so this might be best for the whole family!

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