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Final Fantasy game is complete without magic. And in FF6, magic is really a central aspect, both in combat and in the story component.

As you progress through the game, you unlock espers and sometimes items, which eventually unlock your characters’ magical abilities.

There are a lot of aspirins to choose from, and even more spells! And for this ranking, we will focus only on spells.

So I’ve compiled a list of some FF6s that should be on your spell list!

15. scale

Displays the target’s level, HP, MP and elemental weaknesses.

Scales is a classic from the Final Fantasy series.

Revealing vital information about your enemies is often a first turn spell.

While this n’t work with most of the bosses (hey, are there guides for that?), some of the enemies are no less unsettling. And knowing their weaknesses is a great help.

Directed by: Kirin with x5 speed

14. Esuna

Eliminates most of the discomforts associated with the condition in question.

A spell that is easy to forget, but also the one you are most grateful for when you need it.

It eliminates a whole host of status issues. To know: Blindness, poison, petrification, silence, confusion, juice, sleep, slow down and stop.

Most of these are quite common and difficult to manage.

Really, the only thing that could have made it better – that is, it could have made the top 5 – is if Esuna had also removed his zombie status.

Directed by: Unicorn at speed x3, Seraphim at speed x4, Lakshmi at speed x20, Alexander at speed x15.

13. Disappearance

Makes the target invisible.

Some of you may know this spell through the infamous Disappearing Dead bug.

Honestly, I hesitate to mention it because it was never fixed in later editions and I feel like it spoils the game a bit.

But it’s a top spell list, and even without the bug, I’d say it’s still a great spell.

Disappear can be used on both allies and enemies, making them immune to physical attacks. It also causes magic attacks to hit but then disappear.

This spell is good both offensively and defensively.

I got it from: Phantom at x3, and Cactuar at x10.

12. Torch

Detonation of the target with concentrated thermal beams.

Here’s another iconic saying from the FF series, and you might be wondering why it’s so low on this list …..

The reason it’s so hard to get it into FF6.

You must find the final boss hidden on a random tile in World of Destruction, and you may have to fight him multiple times if he escapes.

If you defeated it, you might possess a much more powerful magic.

Other than that, it’s a brilliant spell that does delicious damage for a relatively low MP cost!

Directed by: Bahamut with speed x2

11. Slough

Reduces the speed of all enemies.

Slowga is a stronger version of Slow and is considered the key to defeating certain enemies and bosses.

It has relatively low casting cost and high accuracy. And it’s even better because it affects all enemies!

Speak this spell when you need a break.

Directed by: Ketzalli with speed x2

10. Meteor

A rain of meteorites falls on the enemies, inflicting considerable damage on them.

This spell does physical damage. And his damage may not seem very high, but he ignores defenses, split damage, runes and reflections!

There are certainly more powerful spells, but if you have a difficult problem to solve, this might be what you need to make the odds work in your favor.

Directed by: Crossed at x10 and Odin at x1.

9. Hastega

Increases the speed of all allies.

As an improved form of speed, this spell can be a real Good luck charm in many battles!

After granting haste status to the entire group, hit the enemy twice as many times as they hit you.

This allows you to make critical turns while preparing, and then repair as much damage as possible.

Although the Haste trait can be provided by certain relics, adding Hastega to the spell list frees up relic slots for more useful functions.

Directed by: Ketzalli at x2 and Cactuar at x5.

8. Osmosis

The enemy’s absorbers.

While this spell is somewhat controversial in the fandom compared to a similar spell from Rasp, I’d say Osmosis is the better choice.

Grater deals damage directly in MP, which is pretty obvious.

Instead, osmosis absorbs MP, allowing the caster to replenish his MP and tap into the opponent’s MP reserves. And the cost is much lower.

However, if the caster is close to the maximum MP, it won’t be as effective. It is meant to supplement your PM, not overfill it.

You learn both osmosis and rasping from the same Mage, so you have access to both and can decide which option is better.

Directed by: Shiva is at x4 speed and the search area is at x15 speed.

7. Recovery

Revives the target automatically the next time it is stunned.

So I know Rerise doesn’t bring a character back to full strength. But this removes the need for an act of rebellion at potentially critical times.

If you set up early in the fight, your characters can recover, and then you can give the whole group Curaga to replenish them.

Much of Final Fantasy 6’s effectiveness lies in its economy of plot, and Reraise fits that bill perfectly.

In fact, it’s one of the few ways to defeat an end boss who likes to cast powerful spells over his death.

Directed by: Phoenix with speed x1

6. Firaga, Blizzaga, Tundaga

Attack with fire, ice, lightning.

These three spells all deserve a place on this list, but I would never have been able to choose them from the others!

Each spell is very powerful on its own and useful against enemies with certain elemental weaknesses.

If you haven’t been able to get the more powerful spells, they will serve you well enough in times of need.

Directed by: Phoenix (Firaga only) at x3, and Valigarmanda (for all three) at x1.

5. Death

KO is the target.

If you hit the first five on this list, we have a death spell.

It doesn’t have the greatest accuracy of all these spells, because if it did, it would be used even more than it already is!

Death has a low MP cost and the potential to destroy many of your enemies.

It’s also part of that Vanish – Death achievement that makes the game really easy to cheat on.

But all in all, death is a fantastic spell, so don’t leave home without it!

Directed by: Catoblades with speed x2

4. Apricot

Recovers a large amount of HP.

Gooseberry, in any Final Fantasy or related game, is an absolute must.


It may be expensive, but it will certainly bring your entire team to their deaths when you need them.

And it’s not just for healing. You can use it against enemies with a zombie status to do damage equal to the HP it would have healed.

Directed by: Lakshmi at x1 and Phoenix at x3.

3. Reflecting

Places a barrier around the target and reflects magic back to the caster.

I’ll say this: Once you have obtained the magic carbuncle, spin around until your entire group has obtained this spell.

You will need it in many phases of the game. The ability to cast 85% of triggered spells is just invaluable.

The only downside is that it also skips your own healing spells for your enemies. So make sure you always have grooming supplies on hand when you need them.

Directed by: Speed churn x5

2. Saints

Attack with holy energy.

A holy spell alone can be wasted by most opponents and could very well become your main damage spell once you learn it.

The low magic cost and high damage, as well as the fact that it is holy elemental damage, makes it one of the most impressive spells to play.

But even with all of the above, it’s no match for our number one entry….

Directed by: Alexander at x2 speed

1. Ultima

Attack all enemies with powerful lost magic.

The most powerful and destructive spell you can get in the game is at the top of this list.

Ultima ignores both defense and reflection. And with the powerful non-element attribute, the 80MP price is fully justified.

But getting this spell can be a bit tricky …..

You must either give up the Sword of Ragnarok (which can become the Luminar, the most powerful weapon in the game) to obtain the Magicite instead, or complete the Cursed Shield side quest

Whatever you choose, this magic is worth it.

In fact, every FF6 forum I’ve visited and every fan I’ve interacted with assumes you get this spell.

It’s so necessary!

Do you want to make yourself an unstoppable wizard?

Use Tamasa’s soul and Celestria to perform the Ultima spell twice, and it costs 1 MP!

Directed by: Ragnarok at x1 speed and Paladin Shield at x1 speed.

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