Octopath Traveler is a recreation from Sq. Enix in which you’ll be able to discover the distinctive tales of eight totally different characters. No matter which character you select to play, you possibly can nonetheless go on to see the tales of the opposite seven main characters within the recreation. This can be a recreation with a lot of quests to finish, dungeons to discover, and a reasonably complicated fight system to grasp. This information is right here that will help you out with something in any respect that you could be need to know concerning the recreation.

In case you’re prepared, then let’s get began!


Don’t Fear Too A lot About Your Beginning Character

On this recreation, no matter which character you decide, it is possible for you to to see the entire tales of all the different characters within the recreation. As that is the case, you shouldn’t fear about lacking  out on anybody’s tales when choosing a personality. As an alternative, simply decide a personality whose class would fit your playstyle.

Discover All The Non-compulsory Dungeons

When out within the subject, you’ll come throughout some dungeons and these are optionally available. All the story-related dungeons are related to cities. Exploring the optionally available dungeons will grant you with some nice rewards and your characters may even achieve some much-needed ranges within the course of.

Make Use Of Quick Journey

You’ll be able to deliver up the menu by urgent the minus button. When you achieve this, you’ll have the choice to journey to any close by protected haven. This feature can be made use of inside dungeons, so ensure you make use of it when in want of some relaxation.

Use Buffs And Debuffs When Preventing Bosses

Boss fights on this recreation could be actually troublesome and one of many key features to return out on prime in these battles is to make use off all the buffs and debuffs you possibly can. Exploit the boss’ weaknesses and buff your celebration to reinforce their strengths and boss battles will grow to be so much simpler.

Pay Consideration To The Hazard Indicator

The Hazard Indicator will let you recognize what the hazard degree of an space you enter is. If the hazard degree is larger than your social gathering’s present degree, then flip again! Even if you need a problem, it’s not advisable to enter an space with a really excessive hazard degree.

Use Path Actions

Totally different paths supply totally different actions that can be utilized outdoors of battle, such because the Thief’s capability to steal. Use the steal potential to get some additional loot out of fight situations.

Use Steal And Gather In Battle

The Thief’s steal talent and the Service provider’s Gather talent ought to be used out within the battlefield to make plenty of cash. This is likely one of the greatest methods to earn cash within the recreation, so just remember to use these expertise.


There isn’t any things like a nasty mixture within the recreation, and it is best to be happy to check out any mixture you need to. Nevertheless, there are some mixtures that work properly for some characters and make them extra environment friendly on the battlefield. Yow will discover under a few of the mixtures that are likely to work properly with the totally different characters within the recreation.

Job Mixtures For Therion

  • Thief And Scholar: This mix will work nicely for those who make use of the Thief’s steal SP capacity. This can help you hold refilling spells throughout battle and all the time ahve a couple of spells at your disposal.
  • Thief And Dancer: The Thief class is one that’s primarily centered across the aspect of velocity. The Dancer class grants a 10% increase to each velocity and evasion, so it enhances Therion’s position as a Thief in battle.

Job Mixtures For Primrose

  • Dancer And Scholar: Primros’e Dancer class is especially all about buffing others, however selecting the Scholar sublcass additionally permits her to deal some heavy injury in battle. The Dancer class additionally comes with good elemental assault stats, so combining this with the Scholar’s spells make good sense.

Job Mixtures For H’aanit

  • Hunter And Thief: The Thief stat bonuses work properly with the Hunter’s talents. It’s additionally neat to have the ability to debuff enemies earlier than sending out the Hunter’s creatures into battle.
  • Hunter And Warrior: H’aanit as a Hunter offers lots of injury together with her talents, however she may be sort of squishy in battle. Selecting the Warrior subclass maker her harder for enemies to take down in battle.

Job Mixtures For Cyrus

  • Scholar And Dancer: The Dancer Class will grant greater evasion, velocity, and most significantly elemental assault. This will even prolong his use and can permit him to grant buffs and debuffs. Moreover, the Dancer’s passive capability which restores SP is of nice use to Cyrus’ Scholar position.
  • Scholar And Cleric: That is additionally a pure match because it grants Cyrus Holy and Mild magic and permits to play the position of a healer alongside together with his position of dealing injury, making him doubly helpful in any get together.
  • Scholar And Service provider: This can be a helpful mixture due to the Service provider’s Relaxation capability which lets you Relaxation throughout a flip after which restores HP, SP, and in addition removes any destructive standing results. This enables Cyrus to maintain up his barrage of spells with out worrying about operating out of SP.

Job Mixtures For Tressa

  • Service provider And Warrior: Selecting the Warrior subclass truly lets Tressa develop into fairly a viable tank within the recreation, so think about going this path in case you’re in want of one other tanky character in your celebration.
  • Service provider And Thief: This can be a respectable mixture even inside fight, however the place it really comes into use is the power to steal and get money from the whole lot on the battlefield. Going with this mix ensures you gained’t want one other devoted Thief within the social gathering afterward.

Job Mixtures For Ophilia

  • Cleric And Scholar: Because of her stats, the Scholar subclass works properly, granting entry to some neat spells which can be utilized successfully in battle to deal injury aside from utilizing her different expertise to heal the social gathering.
  • Cleric And Dancer: Ophilia’s position as a Cleric is to help the celebration somewhat than to interact in battle, and getting the Dancer subclass permits her to supply much more help to the celebration by means of buffs and debuffs.

Job Mixtures For Olberic

  • Warrior And Thief: The HP Thief and Armor Corrosive talents work nice for Olberic and permits him to heal himself whereas attacking enemies and in addition debuffing them.
  • Warrior And Apothecary: The Apothecary subclass will grant a 20% HP increase which makes Olberic even tankier than he already is. Moreover, he will even be capable of heal utilizing some Apothecary expertise and he additionally will get boosts to Assault, Protection, and Crucial.
  • Warrior And Cleric: Selecting the Cleric Subclass is nice for Olberic as a result of it grants him entry to therapeutic talents and holy spells which can guarantee that he’s very troublesome for enemies to take down in battle.

Job Mixtures For Alfyn

  • Apothecary And Hunter: Going with the Hunter subclass presents some nice stat bonuses and in addition ties in properly with the Apothecary’s pure expertise. The power to name in creatures in battle makes Alfyn extra helpful and versatile within the battlefield.
  • Apothecary And Warrior: Alfyn is sort of weak in battle, however selecting the Warrior subclass makes him much more viable in battle by making him harder to take down and in addition permitting him to wield totally different weapon varieties.


To discover secondary courses on your characters, you’ll have to go to the actual Job Shrines across the recreation’s world. You will discover under places of every of the Bob Shrines on the market.

  • Warrior: To unlock the Warrior subclass, you’ll have to go to the Shrine of the Thunderblade in North Stonegard Move the place it’s taken care of by Model the Thunderblade.
  • Scholar: To unlock the Scholar subclass, you’ll have to go to the Shrine of the Sage in Western Noblecourt Flats the place it’s taken care of by Alephan the Scholarking.
  • Cleric: To unlock the Cleric subclass, you’ll have to go to the Shrine of the Flamebearer  in Western Stillsnow Wilds the place it’s taken care of by Aelfric, Flamebringer.
  • Apothecary: To unlock the Apothecary subclass, you’ll have to go to the Shrine of the Healer in East Saintbridge Traverse the place it’s taken care of by Dohter the Charitable.
  • Hunter: To unlock the Hunter subclass, you’ll have to go to the Shrine of the Huntress in East Victors Hole Path the place it’s taken care of by Draefendi the Huntress.
  • Service provider: To unlock the Service provider subclass, you’ll have to go to the Shrine of the Dealer in Moonstruck Coast the place it’s taken care of by Bilfgran the Dealer.
  • Dancer: To unlock the Dancer subclass, you’ll have to go to the Shrine of the Woman of Grace in Northern Wellspring Sands the place it’s taken care of by Sealticge, Woman of Grace.
  • Thief: To unlock the Thief subclass, you’ll have to go to the Shrine of the Prince of Thieves in South QuarryCrest Cross the place it’s taken care of by Aeber, Prince of Thieves.

Aside from these shrines, there are additionally some secret shrines which let you unlock some secondary jobs which are completely distinctive and aren’t obtainable as main courses for any character. The next are the key subclasses.

  • Runelord: You possibly can unlock the Runelord subclass by visiting the Shrine of the Runelord.
  • Starseer: You’ll be able to unlock the Starseer subclass by visiting the Shrine of the Starseer.
  • Sorcerer: You possibly can unlock the Sorcerer subclass by visiting the Shrine of the Sorcerer.
  • Warmaster: You’ll be able to unlock the Warmaster subclass by visiting the Shrine of the Warmaster.


The first strategy to earn XP and degree up within the recreation is by defeating enemies you discover around the globe. Nevertheless, this will depend on the chapter you’re in so you’ll have to discover the proper of enemies to degree up with throughout totally different chapters.

Within the first chapter, among the best methods to degree up is to go to the Carion Caves in South Bolderfall Move and battle the enemies on this space. The enemies right here might be difficult, so ready for it! Be sure to have a help character with you who can heal your get together, and it is possible for you to to take down troublesome enemies liek Cait which can reward you with plenty of XP.

In chapter 2, you’ll be able to earn XP by doing the story dungeon twice with totally different characters. Ensure you use Primrose’s Bewildering Grace potential to earn a larger quantity of XP out of your encounters with enemies. Additionally, you will have the ability to discover some gadgets such because the Alluring Ribbon which can enable you to degree up quicker. When it comes right down to it although, leveling up principally consists of grinding.

When you hit degree 15, it is possible for you to to go to the city of Grandport which is a degree 45 space and earlier than continuing additional, it is best to first save your progress to date. Then, go forward to the west entrance of the city and you can see a signpost there. At this location, you’ll encounter a pair of Higher Kingfishers  and it is possible for you to to take them down by exploiting their weaknesses and by successfully therapeutic your social gathering. You’ll earn 609 XP from defeating the enemies, and it’s potential to maintain repeating this battle to go on leveling up. You possibly can tackle enemies of upper ranges to degree up faster but when they’re greater than 30 ranges greater, there isn’t a lot of an opportunity to defeat them. Nevertheless, enemies whose ranges aren’t that prime offers you a superb problem and in addition reward you with some nice XP.


After finishing all the eight tales of the primary characters, you’re nonetheless not likely finished with the sport. Actually, there’s a particular ending within the recreation through which you beat attempt to full a really troublesome dungeon.

To start with, reaching the dungeon is not any straightforward activity. To have the opportunity to take action, it’s a must to do a variety of issues reminiscent of finishing all the primary tales, ending some quests, after which speaking to some NPCs. The primary of the quests known as ‘Daughter of the Dark God.’ This quest begins outdoors Ravus manor in Bolderfall. You’ll see a close-by guard speaking to a lady named Lyblac, and you need to proceed to problem the guard to a duel utilizing both Obleric or H’aanit. When you win the duel, head on over to Saintsbridge and you’ll come throughout the guard as soon as once more. You should get the poem he’s holding and it is possible for you to to take action utilizing both the Steal or Buy expertise from Therion and Tressa respectively. When you get the poem, simply hand it over to Flora whom yow will discover close by within the Cathedral. You’ll be able to then see how the search’s story ends and the search might be accomplished.

The subsequent quest that you need to do known as ‘In Search of Father.’ You need to discover a character referred to as Package simply outdoors the town the place you began off. Whenever you first meet him, hand him a Therapeutic Grape after which journey to Noblecourt to satisfy him once more. To his proper, there will probably be a Theater troupe member whom you’ll have to result in Package through the use of Ophilia’s Information capacity or Primrose’s Attract means. Subsequent, you must get a Lapis Lazuli in Grandport and you are able to do this by stealing or buying it from a service provider. After you have the merchandise, hand it to Package at Moonstruck Coast to finish the search.

Now that you simply’re finished with each quests, go to the West S’warki Path and speak to the impresario to unlock the Ruins of Hornburg which could be a very difficult dungeon. Ensure you’re ready for a troublesome struggle after which head on in!


Battle-Examined weapons are a few of the absolute best weapons you’ll find within the recreation. As soon as you discover an NPC who has such a weapon, you’ll have to use Therion to steal it for you or Tressa should purchase it from them. Listed under are all the battle-tested weapons together with their places.

  • Battle-Examined Employees: You will get this weapon from the Bishop in Saintsbridge.
  • Battle-Examined Dagger: You will get this weapon from Vanessa in Undertow Cove in North Rippletide Coast.
  • Battle-Examined Bow: You will get this from Z’aanta in S’warki when you full all the tales.
  • Battle-Examined Defend: You will get this weapon from Grieg in Marsalim.
  • Battle-Examined Axe: You will get this weapon from Ned in Victors Hole.
  • Battle-Examined  Blade: You will get this weapon from Erhardt in Wellspring when you full all the tales.
  • Battle-Examined Spear: You will get this weapon from Leon in Rippletide when you full Mikk and Makk’s aspect quest in Noblecourt.

Aside from the Battle-Examined weapons, there are some nice different weapons you need to use as nicely. You  can  discover them listed under together with their places.

  • Heathcote’s Dagger: You will get this weapon when you full Heathcote’s epilogue aspect quest.
  • Bishop’s Employees: You will get this weapon when you full Lianna’s epilogue aspect quest. Alternatively, you might additionally select to only steal the weapon from her.
  • Harald’s Sword: You will get this weapon when you full Reggie and Harald’s epilogue aspect quest.


There are a selection of bonuses you’ll be able to achieve from fight within the recreation in the event you meet sure standards. One specific bonus that stands out is the Domination bonus which requires you to defeat all the enemies in only one flip. Because of this when you have a full celebration, everybody will get to behave as soon as and in case you handle to defeat ll of the enemies inside simply that flip, you’ll get the  Domination bonus. Clearly, that is going to be simpler to do when you might have a full social gathering.

The perfect technique  to get this bonus is to first give attention to breaking the enemies’ defenses and to then comply with up with some devastating  particular assaults to shortly kill them. It could be onerous to realize this bonus within the early elements oft he recreation however afterward, it shouldn’t be too troublesome as soon as your characters get extra highly effective.


The Golden Axe is a neat weapon for the early a part of the sport, and it may actually  make it easier to get previous a few of the robust encounters at this level. To start with, ensure you have Therion and both H’aanit or Obleric in your get together, after which head on to Clearbook. In entrance of the home, you will notice the granddaughter standing guard. Problem her to a duel and win the battle.

When you’ve achieved this, head inside and you will notice an previous man. You simply have to make use of Therion’s Steal potential to steal the Golden Axe from the previous man. Attempt  and keep away from getting caught although.


When you’ve accomplished all the essential tales, epilogue tales will turn out to be out there to finish. Considered one of these, Ogen’s Epilogue quest requires you to seek out the Thoughts-Me-All the time flower. When you get the search, head to Victors Hole  and you will notice a feminine NPC close to the tavern  who’s a florist. You’ll be able to the Thoughts-Me-All the time flower from her both by buying it utilizing Tressa’s capacity or stealing  it utilizing Therion’s capability. Both method, upon getting the flower, all you must do is return it to Ogen  to finish the search.


There are a variety of methods to earn cash within the recreation. Probably the most simple technique is to finish all the quests you probably can as these will reward you with an honest sum of money. One other option to earn cash is to ensure you have Tressa within the social gathering as as her talents make you earn extra money from battles and she will additionally achieve reductions on purchases. You may as well get monetary savings by stealing gadgets utilizing Therion’s talents after which promoting them.

You may as well select to only grind in battle to earn cash. This can be a bit tedious, however it’s a good way to earn extra money within the recreation.


As you progress by way of the sport, it is possible for you to to unlock extra superior expertise which can make your characters rather more highly effective than once they begin out. After each battle, you’ll earn Job Factors which can be utilized to unlock expertise for every character. As you unlock increasingly expertise, additionally they get costlier so ensure you plan forward and decide solely these expertise which appears completely important. Solely four Passive expertise might be outfitted at a time whereas any variety of Aggressive expertise may be outfitted at a time.


H’annit begins off as the one Hunter within the recreation and he has the power to seize creatures throughout battle.  To do that, simply use the Motion menu and choose the ‘Beast Lore’ talent and it is possible for you to to decide on which of the animal opponents you need to seize. Earlier than you attempt to seize the animal, you must first injury the animal a bit and even attempt to stun it so that you simply seize it with ease. When you’ve captured the animal, it is possible for you to tyo make use of its distinctive talents and expertise by calling upon it to assist you in battle.


You will discover under details about every of the bosses within the recreation together with some recommendations on methods to defeat them. All the bosses could have greater protection and larger well being in the event you go together with a bigger social gathering.

Guardian Of The First Flame

You’ll come throughout this boss in the course of the first a part of Ophilia’s story. Throughout this boss battle, the boss will summon two Darkish Wisps to assist him in fight. The Wisps could be actually annoying so your greatest guess can be to eliminate them first. In case you don’t kill them, they may self-immolate after three turns and injury the entire get together within the course of.

As for the boss himself, he has some assaults which can injury the entire celebration. Simply be sure to exploit his weaknesses towards staffs, brief blades, swords, and poison. When you kill the boss efficiently, you’ll achieve some nice loot and should you handle to kill the Darkish Wisps as nicely, additionally, you will earn a Shadow Soulstone.


This boss musty be defeated as part of H’aanit’s story. This boss is weak towards arrows, swords, and lightning. Be sure to exploit these weaknesses and it is possible for you to to defeat this boss with out an excessive amount of problem.


You’ll come throughout this boss through the first chapter of Obleric’s story, Gaston might be accompanied by two Brigands on this battle. Gaston has excessive protection so you need to concentrate on breaking his guard at first. This boss is weak towards shorty blades, lightning, and staffs so be sure to exploit these weaknesses.

The Brigands also can pose a troublesome problem, so be sure to’re ready for this battle. Gaston principally simply assaults a single goal however he additionally has some strikes the place he’ll injury your whole get together. Be prepared for these hits with the intention to shortly recuperate and heal your get together.

Blotted Viper

You’ll come throughout this boss in the course of the first chapter of Alfyn’s story. The Blotted Viper may even be accompanied by two Mottled Asps through the battle and you must concentrate on first disposing of those earlier than turning your  consideration to the boss. Watch out for his poison assaults which may poison the whole staff.

The Blotted Viper is weak towards swords, arrows, brief blades, and staffs so exploit these weaknesses to make the struggle simpler. The Mottled Asps additionally share the identical weaknesses, so it’s not too difficult.


You’ll come throughout Russell in the course of the first chapter of Cyrus’ story. Russell will probably be accompanied by two Water Wisps in battle, so you need to attempt to eliminate these first earlier than shifting on to Russell. This boss is weak towards brief blades, staffs, and swords whereas the Water Wisps are weak towards maces, hearth, and lightning assaults.

Russell principally will assault with single goal assaults, however he additionally has some assaults which can injury the whole social gathering. One among these is his particular strikes however you’ll be able to simply inform when he’s going to make use of the particular transfer as a result of he’ll begin saying an incantation earlier than utilizing it. Be prepared when it’s coming so as to shortly heal your celebration if wanted.


Helgenish is a boss you’ll have to struggle throughout Primrose’s story. Helgenish can be accompanied by two of his minions so it might be greatest to cope with them first earlier than preventing Helgenish. This boss is weak towards brief blades and arrows whereas his minions are weak towards poison, axes, and swords. Helgenish will principally strike  solely sa single character however he has some particular strikes up his sleeves which might be able to damaging everybody in your celebration.

Mikk And Makk

Mikk and Makk are the bosses you’ll have to struggle as a part of Tressa’s story. Mikk is weak towards lightning, axes, and poison and he’s the better of the 2 bosses to defeat. He principally assaults single targets however his Mutiny assault will injury your complete get together, so be prepared for it!

Makk provides a tougher struggle and he’s weak towards arrows, hearth, staffs,and poison. He assaults equally to Makk and he has a particular transfer that’s defensive in nature that he’ll use when Mikk is harm.


Heathcote is a boss whom you’ll come throughout throughout Therion’s story. He can be accompanied by two guards whom it is best to eliminate first. Heathcote is weak towards arrows, brief blades, and hearth whereas his guards are weak towards axes and swords.

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