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Grill brushes are one of those products that are useful for everyone. Grill brushes are not the same as grill scrubbing brushes. Grill brushes are made of a variety of materials, each of which has its own Advantages and disadvantages

Grill brushes can be one of the most frustrating items in your kitchen. You have one, and it’s not working. The bristles have burnt out, the brush is worn out, or the handle is broken. The solution? Spend ten minutes researching the best grill brush that will last for years to come.

The new year is just around the corner and we suggest you read up on a few of the best grill brushes that have been released on the market currently. This post, we will be sharing with you the top nine best grill brushes of 2021.

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You know how messy grilling can be, whether you’re making a batch of hamburgers or slow cooking ribs basted in barbecue sauce on your charcoal grill. Cleaning your grill after each usage is an important step in ensuring that it is properly maintained — and that any possibly dangerous residual burned pieces from your last barbecue are removed. However, not every grill brush is made equal. We set out to discover the finest grill brush without wire bristles since using a wire brush to clean your grill may be harmful to your health.

We spent weeks testing a few of the highest-rated nonwire grill brushes to discover the one that cleans the best. Our top choice is the Kona BBQ Grill Brush, which is the most efficient and safest method to clean your grill.

Grill brush with the best overall performance

The Kona BBQ Grill Brush is a wide, robust stainless steel brush head that cleans your grill efficiently and securely.

Kona BBQ Grill Brush.


Grill Brush from Kona BBQ.

The Kona BBQ Grill Brush has a stainless steel brush head that works best when dipped in water, according to the manufacturer. In our tests, the wet brush effectively removed any remaining food or crud off the grill. The solid brush head guarantees that no bristles, wire pieces, food, or other tool residue are left on your grill. Because the brush head has a wide surface area cleaning your grill surface doesn’t take long. It has a longer handle than typical brushes, allowing you to clean your grill while it’s still hot. During our testing, we discovered that this was by far the most effective brush for cleaning our grills.

We spent weeks cooking hundreds of burgers and chicken leg quarters to put our grill brushes to the test, but after that, we concluded the grills were still too dirty. We smeared racks of ribs with barbecue sauce and let them cook on our grills for our last test. For this test, we utilized a three-burner Weber Spirit Gas Grill with a flat, cast-iron grate, as well as conventional charcoal kettle grills with both stainless steel and porcelain-coated wire grates.

We cleaned the grills many times with each brush to evaluate how well it cleaned the various kinds of grilling grates. Because each brush cleans the grill in a different manner, some of them need additional procedures like dipping them in water or wiping down the grill after using a stone that leaves residue. We considered all of these aspects when deciding on the Kona BBQ Grill Brush as the finest nonwire grill brush currently available.

Nylon Bristle Grill Brush by Char Broil ($14.98; We noticed that the Char Broil nylon bristle brush worked well for cleaning the grill, however it can only be used on a cooled grill surface due to the bristle nature. The brush has extra-long red nylon bristles that have been lab-tested and perform well while cleaning, but we discovered that they hang on to the crud from your grill after you’re done. This grill brush must be well cleaned after each use to prevent creating a mess on any surfaces and to avoid gunky accumulation.

Grill Cleaning Block by EarthStone ($5.98; The EarthStone Barbecue Cleaning Block is exactly what it says it is: a stone block for cleaning the surface of your grill. Because the one we tried didn’t have a handle, you’ll have to hold it in your hand while cleaning the grill. It can be used on both hot and cold grill surfaces, but since your hand will be so near to the grilling grate, we recommend waiting until the grill has cooled down before using it. The stone cleans the grill effectively and eliminates dirt, however it leaves a white residue on the grill surface and on your hand. The stone is claimed to be constructed of nontoxic, chemical-free “recycled material.” You have the option of purchasing an EarthStone cleaning block with a handle, which we suggest.

Scrubbin’ Stone ($9.74; is a scrubby stone. The Scrubbin’ Stone, like the EarthStone, is a cleaning block that can be used to clean either heated or cold grills, and it needs you to wipe down your grill after each usage. The brush on Scrubbin’ Stone is made of recycled, heated glass, and the stone is safe and chemical-free, according to the company. The one we tried included a handle, which was a welcome improvement over the EarthStone cleaning block. When using these stones, you’ll need to take the additional step of cleaning the stone residue off the grill once you’re done. However, if you’re comfortable doing so, this is a good method to clean your grill.

Floss for the Grill ($22.30; Grill Floss is a slick, useful gadget that flosses each individual wire of your grill’s grilling grate. The stainless steel tool wraps itself securely around each rung of your barbecue grate, allowing you to clean it from all sides. This, however, necessitates manually cleaning each wire rung, which takes time and may be tiresome. The tool comes with three different head attachments for various sized grill grates, however it’s worth noting that since Weber gas grills have flat, cast-iron grates, it won’t function. It’s also more expensive than the other cleaning equipment we looked at.

Cuisinart Wood Scraper (; $14.99) The Cuisinart Wood Scraper is a solid piece of beechwood that you scrape along your grill to shape itself into the precise grooves of your grill grate. However, after trying it many times over the course of a few weeks, we were only able to create a smidgeon of a dent in the wood, making it the least effective cleaning tool we tried on our grills. The tool is significantly bigger than conventional grill brushes, and the crud from your grill will adhere to the paddle’s bottom.

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Today, it is not as easy as it once was to find a good grill brush. In fact, most of the ones available are so bad that they will probably damage the grill, or worse, the stove. You don’t want that, right?. Read more about kona grill brush and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best grill brushes?

The best grill brush is the one that you feel comfortable using.

Which grill brushes are safe?

I am not sure what you mean by safe.

Are wire brushes safe for grills?

Yes, wire brushes are safe for grills.

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