Best fitness apps for Apple watch

You can get numerous health benefits by staying active throughout the day. The best way to track your daily activity is to use a Smartphone or wearable activity trackers. Wearable technology like Apple watch can do a lot more than just telling time and displaying notifications. You can easily track the calories you have burned, the steps you have taken and the distance you have covered using your Apple watch.

Apart from the usual steps and calorie trackers, there are various apps that you can download on your Apple watch to keep you moving more. These apps will help measure your physical activity all day. In this article, we have sorted out a few of the best fitness apps for your Apple watch.

Some of the best fitness apps for Apple watch are listed below:


Starva is one of the most commonly used Apple watch fitness applications. This application is popular among cyclist and avid runners. It is equally loved by smartphone users as it is smartphone-compatible. It also offers a companion program for Apple watch. This program enables users to leave their phones at home while working out. It keeps your physical activity in check by recording your movement via your wrist. The premium subscription of Starva costs you $3-$5 per month.


If you are trying to eat healthy food, then Lifesum is the best application for you. It enables you to keep your diet in check through the Apple watch on your wrist. This app is also Smartphone-compatible.

This application offers the most comprehensive day to day readings of your proteins, fats and carbohydrate consumption. Moreover, this Smartphone application enables you to check your previous meal records. You can remind yourself to stay hydrated through this app and log your activity without even unlocking your gadget. A premium subscription will cost you $3 per month.


If you are trying to build healthy habits, Streaks app for Apple watch will do that for you. This application is basically a digital To-do-list that helps you achieve the fitness goals that you have set for yourself. This application reminds you to perform your daily fitness tasks such as push-ups, drinking an adequate amount of water, and running to get the amazing benefits. You can log around 12 tasks in this application. Its iOS subscription costs you $5 per month.


Clue is the best Apple watch application for women who want to track their period. You need to log your data in this application and it will predict when your next menstrual period is expected. Moreover, this application is an amazing tool to help you stay informed about your health. It also analyzes your data to point out the trends and the health issues you are prone to. This application is compatible with both Apple watch and Smartphones.


If you are trying to stick to your workout schedule, Gymaholic is the ideal app for you. You can wear your Apple watch to the gym to plan your workout sessions in advance. You can even determine the areas you want to work on and achieve your fitness goals. Gymaholic also helps you stay on the track by pinging you with reminders. The best features of this application are demonstrations of various exercises in its catalog. The monthly subscription of this application is $4.

Nike+ Run Club:

Nike+ Run Club is an ideal application for avid runners who own the Nike edition models of the Apple Watch. This application has various features that include keeping track of your runs, providing statistics and mapping of your workout session. It also enables you to set prompt audios or music that keeps you going at a target pace. This application also records your exercise habits and tailors a personalized coaching plan for you. It is available for free for iOS.


Make MyFitnessPal your personal digital diary. This application is very popular among people who want to shed some extra pounds. This application is compatible with both Apple watch and Smartphones. It tracks your diet. You can also log the food and drinks you have consumed throughout the day. This application will help you keep a check on the calories you have consumed and how much calories you need to burn through exercise. The premium subscription will cost $10 per month.

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