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Though many people have embraced the idea of mods in gaming, some games are harder to mod than others. The Elder Scrolls series has been a favorite for years as it can be difficult to get custom armor and weapons made by third-party developers. Still, with enough system requirements or creativity, players find ways around these limitations.

The “skyrim se shrouded armor mod” is a mod that adds the Shrouded Armor to Skyrim. The mod is available on Nexusmods and is compatible with most other mods.

Skyrim is a massive game that has been around for more than a decade.

Over the years, fans have compiled an infinite list of minor flaws that may be addressed.

The poor choice of a trademark Dark Brotherhood armor is one of the most common critiques leveled towards Skyrim.

For anybody to take seriously, the Shrouded Armor is a little too tight, a little too colorful, and a little too much into circus land.

Many modders have attempted to improve Shrouded Armor, and I’ve gathered just the finest to assist you make an informed decision.


1. The Void – Armor Replacement for the Dark Brotherhood

The Void Dark Brotherhood Armor Replacer / Skyrim mod

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The first new version of the Shrouded Armor we’ll look at is a basic retexture by NiteFromWindhelm that accentuates the Dark Brotherhood insignia on the chest of the armor.

This is accomplished by recoloring the whole armor in various hues of black and placing the DB’s bloodied hand in vivid red on one side of the chest.

The resultant armor keeps you concealed in the shadows while simultaneously letting your victims and their acquaintances know that the hit was carried out in Sithis’ name.

It features both masked and unmasked cowls that may be worn by anybody of any race.


2. Redesign of Shrouded Armor

Shrouded Armor Redesign mod for Skyrim

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The Dark Brotherhood is an assassination gang.

So their clothes should make it easier for them to sneak in and out unobserved — but does it have to appear like a circus costume?

By incorporating features of an executioner’s clothing, such as a leather hood and a fauld, FafnirEthereon’s Shrouded Armor Redesign offers members of the Dark Brotherhood a more dignified and ominous image.

Depending on your selections, the Dark Brotherhood insignia may be seen in three key parts of the costume – so no one can claim they didn’t know who they were dealing with.

You may make the whole armor black if you like, with the exception of the DB’s blazing red hand on your shoulder.


3. Heavy armor set of the Dark Brotherhood

Dark Brotherhood Heavy Armor Set Skyrim mod

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To safeguard their reputation as the unseen black hand of death, the Dark Brotherhood strives to keep things quiet, but a group as large as theirs will sometimes need physical force.

If your Dragonborn prefers two-handed maces and heavy armor over daggers and creeping about, Haladoon’s bespoke heavy armor outfit may help your character fit in with this solemn group.

In truth, it’s only a retexture of the Ebony armor set’s chest piece, which has been redecorated to match the rest of the Dark Brotherhood’s gear and has the dreaded hand emblem in the center.

It doesn’t quite replace Shrouded Armor, but it’s a terrific option that even Arnbjorn likes.


4. Mail from the Dark Brotherhood

Dark Brotherhood Mail mod for Skyrim

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Creator Rylog9, like practically everyone else who’s ever completed the Dark Brotherhood questline, despises the original Shrouded Armor.

This is understandable.

Rather than a specific set of armor meant to defend the user, it resembles gymnast’s clothing or straight-up bondage attire.

As a result, they produced the Dark Brotherhood Mail, an Ebony armor retexture mod that uses the same colors as the vanilla Shrouded Armor and allows you to blend in without having to wear a swimsuit.

It has the same stats as the vanilla Shrouded Armor, so there’s no need to be concerned about balancing.


5. Dark Brotherhood Armor is less restrictive.

Less Tight Dark Brotherhood Armor Skyrim mod

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Jarl Porta’s Shrouded Armor replacer will likely remind fans of The Witcher 3 of a few items from the game.

By replacing the Shrouded Armor with updated Witcher 3 equipment, this patch seeks to make it less inconveniently tight.

While any Witcher 3 armor wouldn’t be suitable for the Dark Brotherhood, an all-black recolor and a few simple adjustments transform this outfit into the ideal fashionable murder-wear.

I like the female version, partly because it’s less crowded and partly because Geralt’s wolf pendant doesn’t remind me it’s a mod every five minutes.


6. Ancient Shrouded Armor as an alternative

Alternate Ancient Shrouded Armor mod for Skyrim

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The Ancient Shrouded Armor discovered near Hag’s End during the Locate the Assassin of Old mission is said to be hundreds of years old, although it seems to be identical to any other.

TheyCallMeCheese, a modder from the United Kingdom decided to give it a full makeover in the manner of World of Warcraft and Mortal Kombat

This may come off as odd, but it’s really rather fitting for this set.

It even seems to be a little larger, which makes sense given its high armor rating. It’s simply badass in general.


7. Archet’s Shrouded Armor & Robe

Archet’s Shrouded Armor & Robe Skyrim mod

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Next up, we’ve got Archet’s Shrouded Armor & Robe – a fantastic replacer that makes these Dark Brotherhood staples a lot more believable.

What I like about these items is how understated they seem.

They do feature a vivid red hand on the front, to be sure. The garments, on the other hand, are much more “regular” than the typical Shrouded Armor.

Have you ever considered how many strangers in black must pass through the typical bar on any given day? This is the quintessential medieval camouflage.


8. Shrouded Armor in High Definition

Frankly HD Shrouded Armor mod for Skyrim

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The vanilla Shrouded Armor design has a lot of negative connotations.

But I know some of you adore this strange ensemble, and we’re all deserving of love and kindness.

Without any substantial modifications, Frankly HD Shrouded Armor gives gamers with 2K and 4K high-resolution retextures for Sithis’ favorite onesie.

Only one minor change was done by FrankFamily, who matched the male version’s back to more nearly resemble the feminine armor, which is more detailed.

For those who favor Oblivion’s Dark Brotherhood, there’s also an additional dark purple color palette.


Better Shrouded Armor (number 9)

Better Shrouded Armor Skyrim mod

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Quelidge has created a terrifying custom armor set that is fiercely medieval and wonderfully reflects the essence of the Dark Brotherhood.

Whereas many other Shrouded Armor alternatives eliminate the rough-sewn stitches, this one goes all-in. This is brilliant, since the stitches add a lot to the Dark Brotherhood’s evil appearance.

These people worship Sithis, who resembles death’s basic power.

They’re not butchers, but their garb should instill dread in their foes.

And this mod isn’t just about changing the poor basic armor set; it’s also about presenting a far superior alternative that, if it had been the original design, would have been a fan favorite.


Dark Brotherhood Armor SE is number ten.

Dark Brotherhood Armor SE mod for Skyrim

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I’m afraid I can’t tell you which Dark Brotherhood armor is best for you.

Dark Brotherhood Armor SE by 4thUnknown, on the other hand, is a straightforward no-brainer decision that will leave you with a far superior outfit.

Because the creator clearly grasped what the original Shrouded Armor set out to do, this mod has become quite popular.

In other words, it’s a sleek yet unobtrusive garment that allows you to move freely while still keeping you concealed.

It has the same tightness and distinctiveness as vanilla armor. However, it resembles the garb of an assassin rather than that of a jester.

Cicero may be a member of the Dark Brotherhood, but he has no right to determine its style!

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