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Farming Simulator 19 mods are best when they’re more than just a new paintjob or a different engine sound. If you’ve become a fan of the franchise or are simply trying to make the game more realistic, one of the best mods on the market is Kenworth W900, a mod that turns your virtual tractor into the real-life model. With the mod, you’ll get the farm’s real cab in the game, a much better engine, hydraulic system, better suspension and other tweaks.

I have always loved Kenworths, I used to own one but I sold it. The reason I did so is because I have no need for a large tractor, as I am a small farm. Of course, I still love the brand, and I will still buy some parts for my tractor.

Farming Simulator 19 is a game developed by the Czech studio Giants Software and published by Focus Home Interactive in association with GIANTS Software. The game is an agricultural and rural simulator, combining driving simulation, a management simulator, and a construction and management simulator.

Trucks are not just a big part of our lives, but they’re also a big component of Farming Simulator.

Every stage of the process, from delivering your tractors to transporting the grain produced from your field, requires the use of a truck.

Everyone knows there are only a few truck manufacturers that really matter when it comes down to it, and Kenworth is right there among them.

Farming Simulator’s developers, understandably, didn’t spend any time getting their hands on truck models for the game.

That’s OK with us, since there are enough of Kenworth modifications to satisfy even the most ardent Kenworth enthusiasts.


Kenworth T600 Day Cab (#7)

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This is a day taxi type designed for short trips to nearby drop-off locations.

And in Farming Simulator 19, this is precisely what a farmer needs.

Unless you consider waiting for a sale to start, there are no overnight hauls. So this is a little, strong vehicle with a variety of wheel and tire choices.

Even with longer trailers, the Kenworth T600’s small length makes it considerably simpler to maneuver into tight spaces. In addition, this truck has a tandem axle, which means it only has two rear axles.

As a result, it won’t be able to carry as much weight as vehicles with more axles.

However, this does not imply that it is powerless.

It will happily draw whatever weight you can throw at it. When you’re ready to halt that weight from lurching forward, the issue arises…

A larger number of axles means greater brakes and traction on the ground. In the virtual agricultural environment, same physics still apply.


6. BsM Truck 850 & 850 IT

BsM Truck 850 & 850IT Mod

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Here’s a set of hook lift trucks that you should have a look at.

It may not be mentioned Kenworth in the game’s name or description, but that’s to ensure that it works on consoles.

The BsM 850 and 850 IT, which are clones of a Kenworth T850, are one of the few trucks on this list that can claim this capability.

These trucks have been modified to be hook lift trucks, which means they can carry not only hook lift containers but also hook lift accessories.

And this set contains the two trucks, both of which are tri-axle hook lift trucks, as well as a variety of attachments and containers to transport.

Other hook lift modifications are compatible with these containers and attachments.


5. Kenworth W900A, 1974

Kenworth 1974 W900A Mod

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This vehicle is for those vintage Kenworth enthusiasts out there who have been looking for the truck their dads used.

The 1974 Kenworth W900A is an excellent example of this.

This is also completely adjustable, allowing you to get the precise appearance you want.

Custom wheels and tires, as well as exhaust choices, are available on this vehicle (including the forbidden dual straight pipe that California lawmakers hate so much).

With this patch loaded, you may prepare for a genuine vehicle that is most likely still on the road today.


K200 (Kenworth)

Kenworth K200 Mod for FS19

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Even though Kenworth is mainly an American truck manufacturer, they do produce vehicles for our flat-nosed counterparts on the other side of the Atlantic.

Even Man truck enthusiasts will enjoy the Kenworth K200, which is a cab over variant.

This truck is short on features, but it makes up for it with agility and sheer power.

And this one comes with a complete optional bull bar, radio connections for the CB radio, and the usual cab over exhaust that you’d expect from any other cab over truck.


TLX Phoenix Series, No. 3

TLX Phoenix Series Mod for FS19

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The TLX Phoenix is another “Kenworth” to add to the list, but it does not claim to be a Kenworth truck.

It’s simply a clone of one with a more appealing name tag.

That being said, this is a Kenworth with a large nose and an extended wheel base for increased carrying capability.

This truck may satisfy bridge legislation standards in the United States by extending the wheel base. This implies that many of you who are reading this have probably seen one of these vehicles speeding down the road without even realizing it.

This vehicle has far too many features to mention, but the console support is the most notable.

Because it’s a clone and doesn’t have Kenworth insignia, you may have already guessed.


v1.0 of the American Trucks Pack

American Trucks Pack v1.0 / FS19 Mod

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This convoy of semi-trucks is jam-packed with Americans.

While there are other trucks in this group, we’re just interested in the Kenworths.

This set contains two distinct Kentowrth vehicles, each one unique in its own way, that are ready to hit the road.

The T610 is the first Kenworth in this group. This is a more substantial big load vehicle.

It has a tri axle design with a raise axle for towing even the biggest items.

There are a variety of engine choices available, as well as color schemes and tire selections.

The Kenworth 521 is the second Kenworth truck included in this mod bundle.

This is a medium-sized vehicle. It’s a typical tandem axle truck with a day cab.

It’s not designed for heavy carrying, but it’ll suffice for most everyday tasks. It also has more horsepower than the game’s basic vehicles and looks considerably better.


1. T660 Aero Cab Kenworth Kenworth T660 Aero Cab Kenworth T660 Aero Cab Kenworth

Kenworth T660 Aero Cab Mod for FS19

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The more contemporary Kenworth trucks may not have the same forceful appearance as older Kenworth trucks.

This aero cab style, on the other hand, propels these vehicles into the future.

We’re taking away the snub nose look and trading it for a more modern & sleek design.

This bespoke truck not only gives Kenworth a new appearance, but it also comes with a new engine that can produce up to 650 horsepower.

If you’ve always wanted to drive a Kenworth truck but were afraid you wouldn’t be able to overcome the wind drag, this is the upgrade for you.

The Caiman is a fantastic off-road monster truck converted from the legendary Kenworth model. It has already been featured in the Farming Simulator 19 off-road trucks mod pack, and has been made to work with game files in a way that makes it look exactly like the real deal. The mods are very detailed, with many different parts and options that make the truck look even better than the real thing. The truck also has engine and transmission mods, and much more.. Read more about fs19 kenworth k200 and let us know what you think.

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