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The designers at The Sims Studio have done it again with this new collection. This time, the designers have created one of the very best clothing collections for the fashion-obsessed, The Sims 4 Get To Work (CC). I know what you’re thinking: CC stands for Custom Content, right? Yes, but it can also refer to Christian Dior.. Read more about sims 4 designer cc and let us know what you think.

The Sims 4 you’ll find more fashion-related professions than in the previous volumes. From famous actors to Social Media influencers: If your Sim wants to be part of the rich and famous elite, he or she better have an impeccable wardrobe. If fashion is your passion, the label means everything. And few do that better than Christian Dior. If you are looking for a Dior CC to diversify your game, we can help.

11. Christian Dior Handbag Set

Check out this AC. We start our list with this Christian Dior CC handbag by JonSims, a supertrendy handbag in which gold is the star of the show. The Dior handle and nameplate are in bright gold. The clutch handbag is stylish enough to match any outfit. It comes in four shades (burgundy, purple, brown and black) and is easy to wear! Just go to the Hats category in the Accessories section and your Sim can try them on.

10. Lady Dior Bag

word-image-3552 Check out this AC. PlatinumLuxeSims’ Lady Dior bag in pink (and a few other colors!) is the best way to describe it. This decorative bag features thick handles, a unique embroidered design and gold-tone accents. There are ten color options in total, half of which are beautiful shades of pink. Go to Patreon PlatinumLuxeSims for a free download.

9. Dior bag

word-image-3553 Check out this AC. This Dior laurel bag from BergdorfSims is simply stunning! Roomy for all the stuff on your ledge, with perfectly sized handles. A gem for 22 different designs in different colors and patterns. I love the blue and white palm trees, but there are plenty of options to suit everyone’s taste. Bottom line: It is available as a decoration and as a wearable accessory. And if you like it, there’s an entire Dior CC collection to discover at BergdorfSims!

8. Dior jacket

word-image-3554 Check out this AC. Do you like the Dior satchel? PlatinumLuxeSims’ is back with a Dior coat that looks exactly like one of the monsters in the book. It is black and white with stripes, the classic Dior logo and the brand name on the back. Note that you need Snowy Escape to do this, as it uses a grid specific to that package. However, if coordination is a must for you, you should definitely take both options for the CC file.

7. Dior Shoes

word-image-3555 Check out this AC. When it comes to clutter in your closet, there’s nothing better than a shoe closet. These Dior shoes from LeoSims give you exactly what you’re looking for when building a high-end wardrobe: 20 pairs of elegant Christian Dior heels, all in different colors and patterns. And the great thing is that even though they are somewhat high-end textures, they will still look great in a Maxis Match-friendly home.

6. Nicki Minaj Christian Dior

word-image-3556 Check out this AC. Speaking of Maxis Match: Nicki Minaj’s Christian Dior outfit from Quen2n is a rarity that brings together real fashion brands without becoming alpha. The camo-look bralette, high-waisted shorts and bucket hat were inspired by a similar outfit by Nicki Minaj. There are only two colors, and I can already see a Sims model wearing this outfit on a catwalk.

5. Christian Dior vintage necklace

word-image-3557 Check out this AC. Brave and golden? I’m delighted. To say that this vintage Dior CC by Cleo necklace is a striking piece of jewelry is an understatement. The thick gold chain and massive initials on the CD stand out. It has a slight chipped look (hence the vintage look), but it gives the necklace character. It is high quality compatible with the base game, and can be worn by both teens and seniors.

4. Dior diamond earrings for kids

word-image-3558 Check out this AC. You’re never too young for haute couture. Giulettasims diamond earrings by Dior are the perfect balance of flashiness and taste. The CD’s initials are embellished with gemstones, but subtle enough to not overpower any hairstyle or outfit. Choose from eight colors, including blue, green, purple and pink (among others). There’s also a toddler version, if you want your little Sims to have diamonds too.

3. Dior translucent shirt

word-image-3559 Check out this AC. Chic and casual don’t usually go together. But Nitropanic makes it work with this custom CC shirt. Pairing a nice bra with a see-through dress with buttons is much more interesting than either one of them separately. But it also looks like it would be comfortable for your Sims to wear in the summer heat. This CC is available in four variants, including black and white and you only need the basic kit to install it.

2. Christian Dior tulle corset dress

word-image-3560 Check out this AC. It’s very rare to find free replicas of Dior items for The Sims 4. That’s why this Christian Dior tulle corset dress from SimsRunway is a must-have for all Dior fans who can’t or won’t afford CC yet. Inspired by an outfit from Dior’s Spring 2017 collection, this standard floor-length dress deviates from the norm with a sheer tulle corset and Christian Dior logo straps. Wear it in black, white and two shades of red and don’t forget to remove the mesh before loading it.

1. Christian Dior Sandals

word-image-3561 Check out this AC. If Dior’s decorative shoes haven’t satisfied your need for comfortable heels, know that you haven’t wasted your time reading this list. The Christian Dior 01 wedges from RedHeadSims are a pure work of art. Honestly, the heels look like they are over 6 inches, and the straps around the feet and ankles are nice to see. This CC has 16 colours, an HQ grid and is suitable for seniors.Best Christian Dior Collection is the pack that gives you a number of unique items of clothes for female sims. In this pack you will get: Clothes: – A set of Bridesmaids Outfit. – A set of Bride Outfit. – A set of Lace Dress. – A set of Babydoll. – A set of Babydoll Lace. – A set of Babydoll Lace with Floral. – A set of Maxi Skirt. – A set of Maxi Skirt with Floral. – A set of Vintage Maxi Skirt. Sashes: – A set of Wedding Sash. – A set of. Read more about sims 4 cc and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best CC for Sims 4?

As a family guy, it’s important to me to be able to express my love for God through my hobbies, and that includes the fun things I do with my family. As a result, one of my hobbies is playing The Sims 4, so I have done a lot of research here on the best CC for the game. I have tried out a lot of the terrain and walls CCs available, and many of them are good, but there is only one that I would honestly recommend. With the holidays approaching, and the need to create unique Christmas gifts, I decided to find the best free CC for the Sims 4. I was pleasantly surprised to see that there are plenty of free CC sets on the web. I have compiled a list of the best free CC sets for the Christmas season.

Is CC free on Sims 4?

If you’re ready to play the Sims 4, you’ll be glad to know that it’s completely free from the EA store. You can download The Sims 4 for free as a legitimate product, without paying for any CC packages. But before we get to that, let’s take a look at the most important features of The Sims 4. A lot of people are asking this question and I know the answer. You can use CC in the Sims 4 and it is completely free But, there is a catch. You have to be a current Premium Member because you have to have the latest Update. If you don’t have the latest Update you should still be ok, but you will not have the new Looks included.

Does CC ruin Sims 4?

The best way to use CC in Sims 4 is to only use a few items at a time and to save your game after each and every use. Even if your Sim doesn’t faint from hunger you can find their energy bar to be empty. How you can tell is that the picture on the bottom right-hand side of your screen will change and it will look like it’s changing from grey to green. This is a telltale sign that your Sim is starving, and you need to give your Sim a meal right now. Yes, it is true, some of the CC items in the game are free. Having said that, it is also true that some of the CC items in this game are not free. This is where the term “freebie” comes into play, since a lot of the items in this game are freely available, but also “free” in the sense that you don’t have to pay anything to get the items. Many of them are actually in the game, just with a price tag that you can’t see.

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