Best builds for the Engineer in Guild Wars 2

I’m a guild wars 2 Engineer and I wanted to provide some insight on what skills you should focus for PvE content. What builds have you found that are the most worthwhile?

The “gw2 engineer build snowcrows” is a build that is perfect for the Engineer in guild wars 2. The build includes a lot of defensive and supportive skills, as well as some mobility.

In Guild Wars 2, the Engineer class mixes multiple fighting tactics. The Engineer provides unique gameplay mechanics and functionality while allowing players to carry out their steampunk dreams. There are a multitude of ways to play an Engineer in Guild Wars 2, but if you’re seeking for the greatest builds, here are some of your alternatives.

Engineers, like Elementalists, are confined to a single weapon in battle. This means you’ll need to choose your weapon wisely before fighting, and you’ll need to know your combo and utility rotations inside and out.


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  • Ally Ward’s inventions include Soothing Detonation and Anticorrosion Plating.
  • Alchemy – Elixir E – HGH – Protection Injection
  • Zephyr – Enhanced Capacity Storage Unit – Holosmith – Prismatic Converter – Crystal Configuration:

Skills that are useful:

  • Elixir Gun is a weapon that may be used to make elixi
  • Arena of Hard Light
  • Mortar Kit for the Elite.

You may add another extra Utility to your bar if you want to, or if it seems right for you. The Thumper Turret, Elixir U, or Spectrum Shield are all options for this.

Elixir H should be the Healing Skill.


Sword and Shield are two weapons that may be used to defend yourself. Your battle sigils should generally be Sigil of Intelligence and Sigil of Energy, while Sigil of Cleansing may be used if you want to endure longer in combat. The Dolyak or Herald Rune should be your PvP Rune, and the Berserker or Demolisher Amulet should be your PvP Amulet.

Support Healer Build in Raid

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  • Medical Dispersion Field – Ally Ward – Soothing Detonation – Inventions
  • Alchemy – Health Insurance – Comeback Treatment – Human Growth Hormone
  • Scrapper – Kinetic Accelerators – Damage Dampener – Gyroscopic Acceleration

Skills that are useful:

  • Gyro Bulwark
  • Elixir Gun is a weapon that may be used to make elixi
  • Gyro Blast
  • Mortar Kit for the Elite.

The Med Kit should be the Healing Skill.


The Harrier stats will be the majority of your armor. You’ll need the Ascended armor from Zehtuka’s line for this. The only item of armor with Magi stats will be your hands, and it should be Hronk’s Grips. With the Amulet as Harrier, your Backpiece, Accessories, and Rings should all have Magi stats.

With the Harrier stats, your weapons will be a Pistol and a Shield.

Both guns will be from Zehtuka’s range of weaponry. For your weapons, you’ll need a Superior Sigil of Concentration and a Superior Sigil of Transference. In addition, all of your armor should be Superior Runes of the Monk, and you’ll require Healing +9 Agony Infusions for your accessories and amulets.

Power Sword D.P.S. Raid

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  • High-caliber firearms with no scope and modified ammunition
  • Glass Cannon – Explosive Temper – Big Boomer – Explosives
  • Eclipse – Enhanced Capacity Storage Unit – Holosmith – Solar Focusing Lens- Crystal Configuration:

Skills that are useful:

  • Kit for making grenades.
  • Rifle Turret, Rifle Turret, Rifle Turret,
  • Disk laser.
  • The Best Light Beam

The A.E.D. should be Healing Skills.


All of your armor should be from Zojja’s Ascended line. You’re searching for Berserker stats on every piece of armor. You’ll need Dragon stats for your Backpiece and one of your Rings, which are:

  • Power.
  • Precision.
  • Vitality.
  • Ferocity.

The rest of the Berserker Stats should be the same. Your weapons will be a Suun’s Ascended Sword and a Pistol, which means they will have the Dragon’s stats. A Superior Sigil of Force and a Superior Sigil of Impact should be on your weapons.

Superior Runes of the Scholar are required for your armor, and Mighty +9 Agony Infusion is required for your rings and accessories. You may swap the Sword and Pistol with a Rifle from the Zojja Ascended series if you wish to play range. Your Sigils will be a Superior Sigil of Force and a Superior Sigil of Impact if you employ the Rifle.


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  • Blast Shield – Big Boomer – Explosives – Short Fuse
  • Chemical rounds, thermal vision, and incendiary powder are all things that may be found in firearms.
  • Enhanced Capacity Storage Unit – Holosmith – Solar Focusing Lens – Crystal Configuration: Eclipse

Skills that are useful:

Because PvE is more forgiving of personalized builds, you may employ a wide range of choices to suit your needs. The following are some proposed Utility Skills:

  • Kit for making grenades.
  • Kit for making bombs
  • Disk laser.
  • The Best Light Beam.

A.E.D. is a kind of healing skill.


Your gear can be ascended, but Exotic tier works just as well. On your armor, weapons, and equipment slots, you should strive to equip Celestial stats. If you don’t have Celestial, Rabid gear may be used in its substitute. A Sword and Pistol with the Superior Sigil of Bursting and Superior Sigil of Energy will be your weapons. A Rifle with the Superior Sigil of Bursting and Superior Sigil of Energy will be your second weapon. The Superior Rune of the Traveler should be used on your armor.

The “guild wars 2 engineer skills ” is a guide that will help new players get started with their Engineer. It includes the best builds for the class, as well as some tips on how to play with it.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are engineers good at gw2?

A: Engineers are good at repairing and building machines. They can also repair the buildings theyve built, which is a big help when youre just getting started in GW2.

Is engineer in gw2 good?

A: For this question, I cannot provide a detailed answer.

How do I build engineers in Guild Wars 2?

A: To build engineers, you first need to train five skills (such as carpentry or engineering) at Journeyman level. After that, visit a master engineer and ask for an engineer blueprint. Once received, take the blueprint to your crafter NPC and craft one of these items with their tools on any other character in your account.

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