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The sword of night and flame is the most iconic weapon in Elden Ring It has a long range, but it’s not very powerful or versatile. Here are some builds to try out!

The “sword of night and flame build elden ring” is a build that is used in the Elden Ring game. In this build, you will use the sword of night and flame to defeat your enemies.

The Sword of Night and Flame is commonly considered one of the game’s most powerful weapons. As a result, you may obtain access to it very early in the game and use it all the way to the end. As a result, we’ve devised a build for the Sword of Night and Flame that will allow you to do the most amount of damage possible in the Early and late game

Choose the Astrologer class, wear the Royal Remains armor set upgrade the Sword to +6, use the Carian Filigreed Crest and Radagon’s Soreseal as Talismans, then utilize Strength comes from the flames. and The Frenzied Flame as Incantations for the finest Sword of Night Flame build.

However, obtaining all of these artifacts, particularly the 5 Somber Stones, is more difficult than it seems. As a result, we’ve created a thorough step-by-step tutorial that will walk you through finding the Sword of Night and Flame, obtaining all of its pre-requisites, completing its criteria, and then locating all of the Talismans and Incantations you need.

Stats to Consider

We propose the Astrologer Class for this setup. We’ve been putting it to the test with the sword and are having a great time! Here are the ideal stats to utilize while leveling the Sword of Night and Flame.

Attribute Stats to Begin Final Scores
Level 35 125
Vigor 18 49
Mind 15 26
Endurance 14 24
Strength 13 12
Dexterity 17 12
Intelligence 24 40
Faith 24 41
Arcane 9 0

How to Get the Night and Flame Sword

Best-Build-for-the-Sword-of-Night-and-Flame-inTo see the map in full definition, click on the picture!

Getting the sword is your first task before you start tearing down swaths of foes. Fortunately, obtaining the weapon is pretty simple. We suggest acquiring the sword while finishing Ranni’s quest since you’ll be stopping at the Caria Manor, which is where the sword is.

Best-Build-for-the-Sword-of-Night-and-Flame-inGrab the Lost Grace 1646975898_635_Best-Build-for-the-Sword-of-Night-and-Flame-inHead to the set of buildings 1646975899_107_Best-Build-for-the-Sword-of-Night-and-Flame-inAfter dropping down, the weapon should be located in a chest

You may, however, use devious tactics to get at the blade sooner if you like. Here’s what you need to do after you’ve arrived to the Manor:

1646975899_296_Best-Build-for-the-Sword-of-Night-and-Flame-inDrop from this specific vantage point.

  • As soon as you defeat the hand spiders, go to the Lower Manor Site and turn left instead of entering the dungeon.
  • When you come across a group of buildings, go to the tallest point, drop down, and climb down the ladder to the middle building.
  • The Sword of Night and Flame will be found in a chest!

Build The Best Night And Flame Sword

1646975900_647_Best-Build-for-the-Sword-of-Night-and-Flame-in 1646975901_694_Best-Build-for-the-Sword-of-Night-and-Flame-in

We’ll look at the ideal construction for the Sword of Night and Flame before getting into how to get your Sword to +6 (along with leaving some extra for your Talisman). This build is intended to be used in the early game and will allow you to do large amounts of damage straight away.

Seal of the Golden Order


The Seal of the Golden Order is a late-game item that you can reach without needing to do any fighting. It scales your incantations with Intelligence and Faith. Generally, since we’ll be relying heavily on Magic damage throughout the build, the seal is a worthwhile addendum.

Royal Remains Armor


As you go through the game, you will be able to choose whatever suit of armor that you choose. The Royal Remains set is quite near to where you can locate the Sword (more on that below), so it’s an excellent pick up if you’re already traveling that way.


Radagon’s Soreseal is the first talisman.

Radagon’s Soreseal and its major drawback – an increase in damage received – are mostly mitigated with this build since you aren’t supposed to be a character that soaks up damage in the first place. We got it mostly to satisfy the Sword’s Strength criteria and to have some HP at lower levels.


Talisman 2: Filigreed Carian Crest

When utilizing a talent, the Carian Filigreed Crest lowers the amount of FP consumed. This is useful when you’re in the middle of a combat and a couple more bullets will allow you to take down your opponent.

Flames, Grant Me Strength is the first incantation.

Your physical and fire attacks will both increase as a result of this. Your R2’s damage is directly increased as a result of this. However, it has no effect on your beam. However, the damage boost you get from utilizing this incantation is substantial, making it well worth your time.

Incantation 2: Frenzy’s Flame

Despite being deemed OP, the sword is nonetheless unable to stun foes. As a result, although two charges of Frenzy will likely inflict less damage, you will be able to score more hits in the long term.

The Golden Seal’s Location

1646975904_246_Best-Build-for-the-Sword-of-Night-and-Flame-in 1646975905_995_Best-Build-for-the-Sword-of-Night-and-Flame-in 1646975905_471_Best-Build-for-the-Sword-of-Night-and-Flame-in

You must have obtained 1/2 of the Golden Seal piece at the Fort. However, you’ll need a second. To do so, you’ll need to go to Fort Haight. Here are the actions to take after you’ve done that:

This is a lengthy run, so be careful!

  • Visit Bellum Church.
  • Continue on towards the enormous whjite building after you’ve done so.
  • Once there, go to the Dectus Grand Lift.
  • Continue eastward until you get to a big castle.
  • Head inside to the Capital Outskirts and pick up the Golden Seeds beside a tree in the center.

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Increasing the Sword’s Strength to +5 or +6

Level 2

Proceed to Caria Manor’s front gate. Onc there, explore the nearby woodland and attempt to eliminate the hands that emerge from underneath the surface. This should be quite simple if you have the sword. All you have to do is land a Flame Strike and then follow up with another one as soon as the first one lands.

After a few seconds, you may roll back and dash back in to retrieve your prize. With a little luck, you may be able to get a Level 2 somber smithing stone due to their high drop rate. So, whether you want to improve your blade or not, this is an excellent farming place.

Level 3

1646975906_862_Best-Build-for-the-Sword-of-Night-and-Flame-inFind the entrance to the hallway 1646975906_147_Best-Build-for-the-Sword-of-Night-and-Flame-inAfter killing a few enemies, keep moving forward 1646975907_499_Best-Build-for-the-Sword-of-Night-and-Flame-inFind the corpse and pillage it

Follow this method to get a Level 3 Somber Stone:

  • Go back to where you discovered the Lost Grace and look for an entrance at the top of the hill.
  • Continue on via the two alleys until you encounter two corpses. Loot the Level 3 Stone from the corpse on the left after you arrive.

Level 4


You’ll need to get to the Selia Crystal Tunnel for Levels 4 and 5. Here are the actions to take after you’ve arrived:

1646975909_978_Best-Build-for-the-Sword-of-Night-and-Flame-in 1646975909_16_Best-Build-for-the-Sword-of-Night-and-Flame-in

  • Drop down and take the Grace as soon as you arrive.

1646975910_59_Best-Build-for-the-Sword-of-Night-and-Flame-in 1646975911_572_Best-Build-for-the-Sword-of-Night-and-Flame-in

  • Once you get it, climb the staircase to the left of the Crystal Hall and leap onto the wooden roof to reach the entrance.

1646975911_235_Best-Build-for-the-Sword-of-Night-and-Flame-in 1646975912_884_Best-Build-for-the-Sword-of-Night-and-Flame-in

  • Continue straight to dodge the ambush and up the ladder. There’s a Level 4 stone behind you!

Level 5

1646975912_443_Best-Build-for-the-Sword-of-Night-and-Flame-in 1646975913_679_Best-Build-for-the-Sword-of-Night-and-Flame-in 1646975914_899_Best-Build-for-the-Sword-of-Night-and-Flame-in

Level 5 is perhaps the simplest thus far. Go to the grace that leads to the Aeonian Swamp for it. After you’ve obtained it, proceed north until you come to a little gap in the terrain. Once you’ve done that, go to Caelid until you run across an adversary. Right behind them is where you’ll locate the stone! You may even kill the adversary just for fun. They do not, however, drop anything noteworthy.

Level 6


For the sixth and last one, you must defeat the Fallingstar Beast, which you should have seen within the Tunnel stated before. After you’ve defeated him, you’ll be able to get the sixth stone, which will enable you to obtain a completely improved Sword!

Locating Incantations and Spells

To finish this build, you’ll need The Frenzied Flame and Strength comes from the flames.. Obtaining them both is quite simple and does not need much work. In fact, at this point in the game, you may have already obtained them.

The Frenzied Flame


In the Callu Baptismal Church, go to the location depicted above. You’ll be able to spot the Incantation close after you arrive. You may have to go through a few rounds to acquire it, however. In most situations, though, it is in the same approximate area.

Strength comes from the flames.

1646975916_940_Best-Build-for-the-Sword-of-Night-and-Flame-in 1646975916_689_Best-Build-for-the-Sword-of-Night-and-Flame-in

Between two Firebreather Machines and Caelid, this Incantation may be located. It’s on a body between the two Firebreathers, right behind Fort Gael.

You’ll be doing enormous damage with the Sword of Night and Flame from the start if you stick to this build. While you may need to adjust your armor as the game progresses, investing in the attributes listed above should ensure a smooth ride throughout!

The “how to get sword of night and flame elden ring ” is a guide that will help you find the best build for The Sword of Night and Flame in Elden Ring

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the sword of night and flame?

A: The sword of night and flame is a quest item. It can be found in the last chest at the top where you are fighting Ocwynn after he transforms into Dovahkiin from Dragonborn.

Where to get fire sword Elden Ring?

A: The sword theyre referring to is the Elden Ring You can find it in Destiny 2, but there are a couple other locations where players have found them as well.

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