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As always, we’re starting this list off with the most popular recipe: the Life Elixir. It’s the bread and butter of every Alchemist, and can be used to heal, cure, and poison just about anything. It’s commonly known as the Holy Water to the layman, and also has a second role, in that it can be used to identify and automatically convert materia into Espers.

While this kind of thing is pretty common on gaming sites, I figured I’d make a list of my favorite mixes in the game. It’s pretty personal, but I like to think I have a pretty good eye for what works. Hope you enjoy!

Final Fantasy X-2 is a great game – one of my favorite Final Fantasy stories. It’s a game that has a story that makes you want to keep playing, and you get to learn about the world and the characters while you play. It’s a game that you want to keep playing over and over, so I’ve decided to rank all the alchemy mixes that you can find in the game to help you make the best decisions as you explore the world of Spira.. Read more about ffx-2 alchemist mix guide and let us know what you think.

Final Fantasy X, Rikku had an extremely useful Overdrive skill that allowed him to mix different items from your inventory to create all sorts of interesting recipes. This blending technique can be used to summon a number of powerful attack, heal and aid skills. This is consistent with how the class of chemist was used in the FF series. And thankfully, she returns in Final Fantasy X-2, this time via the Alchemy Tamer. In this article I will list the best alchemy mixtures in the game, tell you what they do and what you need to mix to make them work in combat.

10. Panacea

Having a leave jail without pay card to deal with the debilitating effects of illness is very useful in any role-playing game. There is nothing worse when your group disappears due to blindness or cannot apply a treatment due to silence. If you’ve just suffered a nasty attack from the whole group and are suffering from various ailments, Panacea will instantly restore your entire team to perfect health. What’s even better is that Panacea is incredibly affordable and only requires the most necessary elements. Keep it handy when you’re in a tricky situation – or contemplating a fight with the dreaded Marlborough. How to mix: Very simple. Mix the product with one of the following: Potion, Hi Potion, Ether, Phoenix Down, Mega Phoenix, Antidote, Gentle, Eye Drops, Echo Screen, another resource, or one of the grenade/bomb/elemental damage items. Any of the Chocobo greens will also work.

9. Ultra Potion

word-image-8634 This miraculous blend restores 9999 across the board – and it’s hard to beat instant complete healing in any situation. While there are no instances in Final Fantasy X-2 where your entire party is in danger (with the exception of the end bosses at the end of the game), having access to full party treatment, especially early in the game, can make the early end bosses even easier than they already are. When you get to the game’s final bosses, having an Ultra Potion up your sleeve is a good way to deal with how often your HP drops below 10%. How to mix: To soften it, and then one of the following: Potion, Hi Potion, Ether, Phoenix Down, Mega Phoenix, Antidote, Gentle, Eye Drops, Echo Shield, Holy Water, Remedy, or a grenade/bomb/elemental damage type item. Any of the Chocobo greens will also work.

8. Chocobo wing

word-image-8635 The Chocobo wing already exists as a usable item in FFX-2. You cast a buff on your entire group. The problem is that they are extremely rare, and thus not an item you can constantly spam them with in battle. Thankfully, here is the incredibly affordable Alchemist blend! To transport your entire group quickly, only the most essential items are needed. Use this mix to give your group a solid speed advantage in any situation. How to mix: Chocobo feather and one of the following: Potion, Hi Potion, Ether, Phoenix Down, Mega Phoenix, Antidote, Gentle, Eye Drops, Echo Shield, Holy Water, Remedy, or a grenade/bomb/elemental damage item. Any of the Chocobo greens will also work.

7. Grand Slam

word-image-8636 Let’s move on to the attack category: Grand Slam is one of the most useful ways to inflict damage on your opponents. One of these little beauties reduces the HP of all enemies by 75%, as well as their defense and magic defense. While not all enemies are vulnerable to gravity-based attacks, those that are will be completely disorganized after being hit by this mix. How to mix: Twin/Three Star + one of the following options: Garnet, silver/gold hourglass, life candle, gift tooth or flying shadow.

6. Sunburst

word-image-8637 Instead of doing gravity damage like Grand Slam this combo simply does 6000 damage to all enemies. This makes them useful against all enemies that resist gravity damage, or enemies with a high defense value. Unless you have a high level or abuse the catnip accessory, this combo comes first when it comes to the amount of damage you can do with a single attack. How to mix: The ultimate gem, and then one of the next: Potion, Hi Potion, X Potion, Mega Potion, Ether, Turbo Ether, Phoenix Down, Phoenix Mega, Elixir, Antidote, Soft, Eye Drops, Echo Shield, Holy Water, Remedy, or any of the grenade/bomb/elemental damage items.

5. End wall

word-image-8638 Back to Final Wall’s help sentences. And that mix is about the only support you can get. Once deployed, it gives your entire group protection, armor, reflection and haste. A way to speed up your entire party, while providing total protection from magic spells, is just invaluable. And the halving of physical damage is just the icing on the cake. But don’t accidentally try to cast a healing spell on yourself! How to mix: Unfortunately you’ll need one of the previously mentioned Chocobo wings, and then one of the following items: a healing or condition item, a bomb item, a tonic or pill, or an elemental damage item.

4. Final elixir

word-image-8639 The Ultimate Elixir is practically an Ultradrink and a Panacea in one. Using this spell completely restores your party and removes all negative condition effects. This will really help turn the tide of battle, even against the most vicious bosses. The only real drawback to this mix is that Megalixir is required as one of the elements. So if you’re one of these elixir hoarders, it may question your morals. How to mix: Megalixir, and then pretty much anything but Phoenix Down or Mega Phoenix. You can even use another megalixer if you really want to!

3. Fantasy Phoenix

word-image-8640 If you use this mixture, all stunned party members will be revived, and all three party members will get their HP back. This tells your opponent that even though several members of your team are dead, the battle is far from over. As in the previous case, this mixture requires the Megalyxir as one of the ingredients – so it’s not something you can pull at will. How to mix: Megalixir and then either Phoenix Down or Mega Phoenix.

2. Mega Cocktail

word-image-8641 You’ll really laugh in the face of death when you mix Mega Cocktail into a fight. This doubles the maximum HP and MP of your entire group, then heals everyone to their current HP level. What really sets this mix apart from many others is its insane accessibility, as it requires only the simplest of items. There’s nothing stopping you from using it in every boss fight. How to mix: Mana/Stamina Tonic, and then pretty much any healing or conditional healing item, elemental damage item, or bomb.

1. Miracle potion

word-image-8642 Damage is a thing of the past when you use this mixture. The wonder potion makes your entire group invulnerable and makes even the toughest super soldiers look like wet noodles. However, the duration of this effect is controversial. Online, some players say it’s over after a few rounds, while others say it lasts the entire fight. In any case, the absence of harm is a good thing. That’s why Miracle Drink deserves the top spot on this list. How to mix: Dark Matter and then just about any healing or conditional healing item, grenade or bomb, green chocobo, pill/tonic or item that does elemental damage.If you prefer a low level mix in Final Fantasy X-2, then look no further.. Read more about ffx 2 mega potion and let us know what you think.

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