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The Shalebridge Cradle is a five-level tower that functions as a loot accumulation point and serves as the primary starting area for new characters.
Before you can enter Elden Ring you must equip yourself appropriately with weapons or armor from this cradle. As such, it’s not enough to just kill enemies – though there are plenty of challenges in finding them around each level! You’ll need to be able to build your own arsenal if you want any hope of surviving what lies ahead..

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From Software games never fail to surprise with their vast arsenal of weaponry and the ability to customize your build to your liking. This is especially obvious in their most recent release, Elden Ring where the number of options has skyrocketed, making it difficult to choose which sort of construct to pursue.

When creating a construct, Magic and Sorcery, i.e. Intelligence, is a highly feasible option this time around, as it has been in prior From Software games. Aside from the spell-casting Staff in your left hand, there are a number of weapons that deal a combination of physical and magical damage that scale with Intelligence.

Some have incredible magic-based Ash of War talents that work well with the whole build, while others scale off the stat very well.

The following are the greatest Intelligence scaling weapons we’ve found and studied in Elden Ring

  1. Greatsword of the King
  2. Astel’s Wing
  3. Katana of the Moonveil
  4. Greatsword of the Dark Moon
  5. Death’s Game


When choosing an Intelligence-based construct in Elden Ring keep the following points in mind:

  • When the intelligence stat in Elden Ring is leveled up to its soft cap thresholds, which are levels 20 to 50 with some marginal gains to level 80, it bears the biggest fruit, i.e. scaling. In the case of this article’s Intelligence weaponry for builds, we recommend leveling up INT to 50 and then upgrading additional stats like Vigor or Mind later on.
  • You are hard-capped at level 99 Intelligence and cannot go any higher; dumping points to get to this level is never suggested since the return on investment beyond level 80 is so pointless and meaningless.
  • Three of the weapons described here may be obtained by following Ranni’s questline, which can be followed together with the video instructions below:


Greatsword of the King


If you chance to run across Blaidd, you may have seen the Colossal Sword on his back, and if you’re like me, you may have pondered murdering this GOOD BOY simply to get our grubby little hands on this magnificent weapon, but don’t do it! Blaidd doesn’t really drop the sword, and you’ll wind up turning a highly strong NPC into your adversary. This weapon is for builds who want to dabble with a mix of Strength and Intelligence. The following table lists the basic stats necessary to wield this weapon, as well as the scaling:

Greatsword of the King Stats Minimum Requirements Scaling in the Beginning After Upgrades, Best Scaling (+10)
STR 26 D C
DEX 18 E D
INT 22 D C

As you can see, the weapon’s basic stats are distributed across STR, DEX, and INT. You may two-hand wield STR to reduce the requirements, and you can improve your INT to level 50 for the greatest results, as noted above. Because of your STR and INT stat distribution, the weapon may obtain a high Attack Power number with a combination of Physical and Magic. Only the Somber Smithing Stones may be used to enhance it.

This weapon features a Colossal Weapon move set, which has a slow and hard-hitting combo collection that most people appreciate. The Wolf’s Assault Ash of War skill is the most rewarding feature of this weapon; this talent allows the player to somersault towards the adversary, plunging their blade to the ground and infusing it with Frost, as well as a second assault that causes an explosion surrounding the player.

This Ash of War has a lengthy animation while somersaulting, but you get hyper armor while doing so, which means you take less damage. If you time it well, you may deal incredible damage, particularly if you land both strikes. The blast’s range is deceptively long, allowing unwary duelers to be easily lured in.



This weapon is obtainable at the end of Ranni’s questline where Blaidd will be at Ranni’s Rise, the location marked below. He will become hostile when you are near him so get ready to fight and once defeated he will reward you with Greatsword of the King and Blaidd’s armor set

The quest may be followed by watching the video above.


Astel’s Wing


A magical weapon in the form of an insect wing, named and styled after the abominable Astel, Naturalborn of the Void monster. This curved sword is ideal for Intelligence and Dexterity builds. The following table lists the basic stats necessary to wield this weapon, as well as the scaling:

Astel’s Wing Stats Minimum Requirements Scaling in the Beginning After Upgrades, Best Scaling (+10)
DEX 17 D C
INT 20 D B

The main stats to improve here are DEX and INT, with Intelligence scaling reaching a strong “B” at upgrade level +10, providing excellent results for leveling up your INT stat. Around level 50, an equal distribution of DEX and INT will result in the most favorable Attack Power. The weapon also has some unique characteristics. Only the Somber Smithing Stones may be used to enhance it.

4 Simple Elden Ring FP Boosting Techniques

Its Heavy Attack (R2/RT) exemplifies its damage number potential and distinctiveness. The heavy strike fires two magic missiles at a limited range, and if you charge it, you may shoot two more, and it doesn’t cost FP, so you can keep pounding your PVP or PVE opponents from afar.

The Nebula Ash of War it comes with is the cherry on top. This talent performs a slash that scatters stardust in a horizontal area in front of you, which then explodes. The slash itself does not do any damage, but the explosion will, particularly as it has the ability to strike twice in a single spread, making it ideal for dealing with huge foes. With the Nebula explosion and the Heavy ranged attack, you can easily fool PVP players into panicking.


Once you’ve reached the upper stretch of the Ainsel River and the Nokstella, Eternal City grace site, turn around and travel along the side cliffs to the spot highlighted on the map below for the second weapon linked to Ranni’s mission. On top of the ruins seen in the image below, there will be a chest. If you’ve completed the bottom region of Ainsel River, you’ll recall the gigantic ant-like adversary that hurl stones at you.

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Katana of the Moonveil


With this wacky Katana, you may channel your inner Magical Samurai Jack. Another weapon for Dexterity and Intelligence builds, and the greatest for me since it’s my primary weapon, and it made me feel like the boss that Elden Ring had to confront. The following table lists the basic stats necessary to wield this weapon, as well as the scaling:

Stats for Moonveil Minimum Requirements Scaling in the Beginning After Upgrades, Best Scaling (+10)
STR 12 E E
DEX 18 D B
INT 23 C B

This weapon obtains a “B” rating in Intelligence early in the upgrade process, making it the greatest at doing massive damage. Though DEX level allocations will aid you, in my testing, raising INT solely may result in some impressive damage statistics. Only the Somber Smithing Stones may be used to enhance it.

If you’ve played this game with the Uchigatana, you’ll be familiar with the Katana move set, which is swift and lethal both one-handed and two-handed. And, like the Uchi, this has Blood loss buildup, which is convenient given that Hemorrhage or Bleed is such a powerful damage giver. Many PVP and PVE scenarios may be handled with only a simple Katana combination. Most adversaries will be stunned and open up for a Critical strike if you use a strong skill and katana at the same time.


The Transient Moonlight Ash of War is the weapon’s genuine gleaming attribute. It’s the same as Unsheathe, except instead of basic slashes from the sheathe position, these slashes launch magic-based projectiles. The light attack (R1) has a horizontal and short-range projectile, while the powerful assault (R2) has a vertical and long-range projectile. They both go through targets, allowing you to line up adversaries and dispatch them quickly. And the speed with which you can do this talent is just criminal, since you can execute it on the spur of the moment in most circumstances. The R2 assault is the one you should focus on the most.


Make your way to the Gael Tunnel mine on the edge of the Caelid region. Complete the mine and defeat the boss Magma Wyrm to be rewarded with the Katana of the Moonveil. The location is marked on the map below.


Greatsword of the Dark Moon


The infamous From Software’s Moonlight Greatsword is also known as Greatsword of the Dark Moon in Elden Ring with its Ash of War having the iconic name. Though a greatsword this has a very minimum requirement for the Strength stat and is considered more of an Intelligence only weapon. The base stats required to wield this weapon along with the scaling is mentioned in the table below:

Greatsword of the Dark Moon Stats Minimum Requirements Scaling in the Beginning After Upgrades, Best Scaling (+10)
STR 16 D D
DEX 11 D D
INT 38 C B

At merely +4 upgrade level, this weapon earns a “B” rating, and it’s reasonable to conclude that INT greatly complements this greatsword, with the other two attributes having very little influence on the entire. Only the Somber Smithing Stones may be used to enhance it. It’s a good greatsword with Frost development as a greatsword, but its greatest potential lies in its Moonlight Greatsword name.


The legendary Moonlight Greatsword boost is the Ash of War on this weapon; when triggered, it costs 40 FP and gives it a cosmic aesthetic, infusing the sword with Frost and increasing its damage, which is scaled further with the INT stat. By holding the heavy attack R2 while activating it, you may now fire hard-hitting Frost projectiles that cost no FP after the first activation and can be used indefinitely until the skill expires.

This talent, like R2 charge projectiles, takes a while to activate and fire, leaving you exposed for a while, but the range is vast, and most foes and bosses in PVE are staggered, with just two projectiles landing on them. With PVP, you can keep your opponents under control with only a few strikes, and they’ll be scrambling to preserve their HP. Talismans such as the Shard of Alexander may increase the damage of these missiles even further.


The last weapon in this list related to Ranni’s quest and it’s a special one as this weapon is the reward for completing the whole quest. The exact video is posted at the top of this article. At the very end of the quest, you will have to make your way to the Cathedral of Manus Celes, and the Greatsword of the Dark Moon will be rewarded for marrying Ranni. Trying not to spoil anything here.


Death’s Game


It claims to be a greatsword, but I refuse to believe it since it does not resemble a sword. Oh right, we have no choice but to unleash its lethal wrath. Another weapon stat need that is reasonably easy to meet. Despite the fact that this weapon isn’t known for its Intelligence scaling, there are other compelling reasons to use it. The following table lists the basic stats necessary to wield this weapon, as well as the scaling:

Death’s Game Stats Minimum Requirements Scaling in the Beginning After Upgrades, Best Scaling (+10)
STR 15 D C
DEX 17 D B
INT 11 E D

You may be asking why this weapon is even on our Intelligence weapon list after looking at the stat chart above. The prerequisites are modest, and even after upgrading, the ratings do not skyrocket as they do for the other games on this list. Only the Somber Smithing Stones may be used to enhance it.

To start, this contains the greatsword move set, which is one of the greatest in Elden Ring and the simplicity with which you can get this weapon and meet the stat requirements is simply frosting on the cake. To get the most out of this weapon, boost Dexterity instead of Intelligence, which should remain at 15. It also has extra layer of icing with the Frost passive.

The Ash of War Ghostflame Ignition is where this weapon’s true power lies. Simply activating it pokes the target and generates an orb of black flame that explodes, with frost build-up. The pièce de résistance now arrives in the form of the black flame orb’s follow-up assaults. You may R1 or light attack it to generate a line of fire in front of you that you can control and that lingers and burns the ground for a short time continually damaging foes and blocking access to locations in PVP.

You may also R2 heavy strike the orb to cause a massive explosion that injures everyone within a certain radius. So, depending on your enemy’s distance and numbers, you may choose the best option; this provides you a lot of options in certain scenarios.

The first black flame orb does damage to any opponent it comes into contact with and applies frost build-up, which deals a lot of damage when it procs, and you can cause even more damage if you use one of the two follow-up strikes. This horrible dessert is out of control!



A very easy approach to this weapon, just visit the south of the Sellia Town main entrance in Caelid at night where a Death Rite Bird will be roaming, the exact location is marked on the map. Depending on your level this boss can be a menace so approach with caution. Kill the bird and get yourself the Death’s Game.


That’s all we got for the top five Intelligence Build Weapons in Elden Ring right now. Watch this space for more!

The “elden ring intelligence scaling weapons ” is a build that uses Intelligence. This build is best for players who are looking to scale quickly with Elden Ring’s new difficulty settings.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best class in Elden Ring?

A: The best class in elden ring is the Soldier.

What does int do in Elden Ring?

A: Int is a reference to the number of items that can be placed on each tile.

What should I do in Elden Ring?

A: There are many actions you could take in Elden Ring You can explore, kill the spider-like creatures that live here, or just to get away from all of them and enjoy a bit of peace and quiet!

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