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on pizza? No way! Not even in the 1950s! While it’s a debate that has raged for years, most people agree that pineapple belongs only on burgers. And while this might be the case with food, we’re here to tell you that pineapple belongs in just about everything else! From furniture to clothing to home decor, we’ve got the best pineapple-inspired pieces for you—and they’re all from this funky era.

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The 1950s are special because they are the oldest modern decade. This is probably incomprehensible to everyone but me, so let me explain.

People who lived in the first half of the 20th century… Most of those born at the end of the 19th century have since passed away. But many of those who grew up in the 1950s are still among us and can tell us what it was like then.

I’m sure we’ve all heard the stories and seen the pictures. In many parts of the world, and especially in America, things were going better than ever, at least economically.

It was a time when the American dream prevailed. The ideal life in the 1950s was pretty standard and pretty much what we all strive for in The Sims: marriage, kids, friends and a big house.

And then, they did these things in style.

1. 1950s dress

Check out this AC.

Socially accepted clothing was quite rigid in the 1950s. We all know that.

But no one could ever deny that they looked damn good.

This simple dress has all the classic virtues of the time. The long skirt, the close-fitting waist and the high collar with buttons create a retro look. The length of the sleeves also seems a bit old-fashioned.

There’s something so beautiful about the dresses of the 1950s. I don’t know how anyone can walk around with it and do anything with it. I’d rather wear sweatpants and a t-shirt to clean the house. But they never cease to please with their beauty.

2. Retro Dress

Check out this AC.

You know what I mean? Look at the cut of this dress, the beautiful patterns and the low neckline.

You can dress Shrek in any of these clothes and he will look fantastic.

I don’t say this to minimize the time, money, and effort women spent on their looks in the 1950s.

I know it was a lot of work. And that’s why I’m so grateful that we can give our Sims a pretty dress, a haircut and some makeup to look like themselves in less than a minute.

If you look closely, you’ll notice a little detail you rarely see on modern dresses…. the buttons!

I don’t know when they went out of style or why, but it makes me a little sad. The buttons make everything cuter.

3. Feminine and virgin roll

Check out this AC.

In the 1950s, short hair was the norm.

Hence all the jokes about long hair for hippies in the late 60s.

I don’t know if there’s a special reason for that, other than social norms. Even for women, hair rarely reached the shoulders. All I can assume is that with people’s busy lifestyles, without the help of modern technology and conveniences, no one wanted to deal with messy hair.

However, this is only a theory. I could be wrong.

Anyway, the hairstyles were pretty iconic at the time, and there were a lot of updates.

Available for adults and children, this Birksche sandwich is simply beautiful in every way. This CC perfectly captures the somewhat formal look of all the hairstyles and dresses of the time, even though they were actually casual.

4. 50’s haircut

Check out this AC.

When it comes to 50s hairstyles, one of these bun hairstyles has to be worn at some point.

This is perhaps the most mysterious hairstyle out there. I don’t know what it’s called, and I don’t know how they do those haircuts.

Even if it was just a perm and a fixative, how did they manage to keep it so tight?

I think this is a question for our grandparents.

This is definitely a unique and complex look for your Sims, and it’s very well done.

There are no frills or weird details here, everything is incredibly smooth. It’s even hat compatible!

5. Lazy curls

Check out this AC.

You see, when it comes to 50s hairstyles, Birksche has thought of everything.

This is a very typical short hairstyle with a curl that would work well for any Sim teenager or older.

What is remarkable about this period is that fashion did not depend much on age.

From my perspective, the teens looked like slightly younger adults. And we all know how neglected teenagers are in TS4, so remember to keep it realistic and use all CCs for all ages!

6. Charlie Collection – 50’s Kids Kit

Check out this AC.

This perfectly illustrates my previous statement: even children’s fashion was nothing more than a reduced copy of adult clothing.

Or was the adult clothing a larger version? No, it’s probably the first way.

If you want to play a theme that requires the whole family to walk around in 50s attire, this collection is a must.

There are many ways to mix and match these items for both boys and girls.

The shirts, pants and shorts are compatible with each other and come in different variations, so you can get different outfits out of this set.

Button down shirts and patterned t-shirts are just 50s.

I can’t decide what I like better: the patterns they wear or the fact that they are tucked into high-waisted pants. Little details like this are so important when you want to create a dated look.

7. Average bending with traction

Check out this AC.

Here’s an example of slightly longer hair that stays in a retro style.

These subtle, flowing waves, held in place by beautiful clips, are undeniably elegant. I think it’s a classic from the early 1950s.

I know I’m not the only one who has noticed that sometimes hair doesn’t look good in all colors. There are even formal styles that are only suitable for blonde or brown hair, but not both. But at least this style is beautiful.

8. Nice glasses

Check out this AC.

Eyewear has always been in development.

Each decade has its own style of glasses.

And for the 50s, it’s the cat glasses. These sharp frames are inimitable, even though they have gone out of style lately.

If you’re trying to create a simulation with a specific decade in mind, you’ll want to use everything you can get your hands on. Hair, clothes, accessories, shoes.

Every little detail helps and enhances the look.

These glasses, combined with the dresses and hairstyles shown above, will definitely help you.

9. Sculpture transformation

Check out this AC.

Spins and waves and rolls, oh my!

We have another option for those trendy, well-styled hairstyles that everyone loves so much. Who can resist these sleek, beautiful curls?

It’s a Sims 3 conversion, but honestly, it looks so good I almost didn’t believe it.

We all know this game doesn’t really work for textured hair. But this is clearly the exception to the rule. Everything here is impeccable!

10. Escale shirt

Check out this AC.

I’ve noticed that men in their fifties have had it easy.

They had sweaters, buttons and suits.

But not everything was black and white. Seriously, did you know about this? Since most of what we see at the time is in black and white, it can be hard to remember that color was not forbidden.

These simsontherope t-shirts are a very good choice.

They have crazy patterns and colors that are always perfect for a retro guy. There are a few patterns here that don’t quite match, but I love the use of foliage and stripes!

11. Leisure shirt

Check out this AC.

This custom sweater for cats and dogs is a lot of fun!

Is that really a phrase from the 1950s? I don’t know. It really sounds like what they said at the time.

But seriously, this is just a necessity for you 50s guys!

They don’t have much to do anyway, so their wardrobe should include all the eye-catching patterns and bright colors you can find. These sweaters have everything to please and are available in 60 styles.

And even though it’s based on an item from the pack, it’s compatible with the base game. Sweaters for everyone!

12. Retro headphones

Check out this AC.

One thing that seems to be overlooked in 1950s fashion are hats.

In those days, ladies were very fond of hats, not to mention visors.

Back then, there was a wide range of solid and spotted patterns that are not available to our Sims.

I don’t think that’s possible, especially if you want them to match multiple hairstyles.

But at least you can get that nice hat with a flower and a piece of veil. With 15 colors available in this CC model, you can pair it with many dresses to create a beautiful sophisticated look.

13. Phoebe Sofa Suite

Check out this AC.

Banks are nothing special in The Sims 4.

I don’t want to be negative, Nellie, but personally I find most of them pretty….. ugly. There are two that I always use.

Maybe it’s because my taste in furniture leans more towards retro, and almost all the couches we have now are pretty modern. So if you want your Sim’s house to have a true 1950s style, you should turn to CC.

Thankfully, we have incredibly talented designers like Peacemaker to back us up.

This sofa set has a fairly standard style, with high, straight backs and armrests. There is even a matching sofa and chair!

And we have a great list of other custom CC banks if you want even more options.

14. Modern mid-century wonders kitchen set

Check out this AC.

Kitchens have changed a lot over the years. So you have to go back to the CC if you want accuracy.

You’re on the right track with these mid-century modern countertops, stove, refrigerator and more.

The wood countertop design with decorative trim is perfect for vintage kitchens.

And even though the technique isn’t quite the same as your great-grandmother’s, the style and colours are totally contemporary.

This tapering wall clock is a true curiosity from the past.

15. 1950 Chrome Co. Kitchen collection

Check out this AC.

If you need old-fashioned furniture, look no further.

Can’t you hear the metallic clatter of tables and chairs? Ah, I love it!

Linzlu, the creator of CC, apparently knows this decade.

Everything here is just perfect, from the design itself to the color. Three cans of different sizes are also helpful.

All of these items go very well with the kitchen set above. Retro plus retro is great!

16. Old rotary phone

Check out this AC.

We must remember that we are talking about the stone age of communication.

Cell phones didn’t even exist back then, I’m sure.

There were still phone booths in those days. And I don’t know if any of you were given a non-functional phone to play with as a child, but I can tell you that dialing a phone is much more fun.

Unfortunately, it will not be functional for your Sims.

But it’s still a great addition to any living room or bedroom.

17. vintage wallpaper

Check out this AC.

From what I’ve seen, there are two options for 50s style walls: simple colors or super rich wallpaper.

The game already has many variations of the first option. But not enough of the latter.

This vintage wallpaper set balances everything out.

There are many beautiful floral designs on display here, but also some more unique designs that just fit the era.

I can imagine a wallpaper with an image of a bicycle or a coffee mug in a vintage kitchen, or a purple leaf pattern in the living room.

Yes, the wardrobe. That’s what you should call the living room to really get into the 1950s.

18. Nuclear room

Check out this AC.

What was the nuclear issue in the 1950s?

It seems to have been so common that Fallout 4 was entirely dedicated to a rather over-the-top version.

I always blamed it on the sudden growth of the industry and the development of technology. But the origin of the inspiration remains a mystery. The result are drawings with a high recognition value, like the articles in this series.

From the pattern of the bed to the shape of the lamps and the room divider, you can’t go wrong with these elements.

19. Linen set

Check out this AC.

As much as things change around here, one thing remains the same: laundry.

Ironing boards have never been renewed, nor have irons or drying racks.

Some things are just fine the way they are.

This set contains many items to expand your Sim’s laundry room. While you’ll still have to make do with modern washers and dryers, these decorations are perfect for adding a touch of the past.

20. ZenithRetro Radio

Check out this AC.

While television boomed in the 1950s, radio also remained a reliable source of entertainment.

It wasn’t just music, but also scripted programs, news and sports.

For less fortunate families, the radio may even be the only source of entertainment.

In short, everyone had a radio. And they were very different then than they are now.

This Zenith Retro CC radio by simsnowtato is a classic example. It is an elongated shape with pointed legs and a simple rail design, available in 19 colors.

This source has been very much helpful in doing our research. Read more about 1950s furniture brands and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

The 1950s were the golden age of television. Not only did the media create a new consumer market for sleek furniture, it also provided the inspiration for many of the decade’s styles. After World War II, the furniture industry branched out and became more consumer-oriented. The result was a greater variety of styles and materials. The 1950s were the golden age of television. Not only did the media create a new consumer market for sleek furniture, it also provided the inspiration for many of the decade’s styles. After World War II, the furniture industry branched out and became more consumer-oriented. The result was a greater variety of styles and materials. It was the decade that brought us the tiki bar, the atomic cocktail, and the gleaming white tract house. It was the first time that “Mad Men” had a TV show dedicated to them. The 1950s was a time of new technology unrivaled since the invention of television, and it was a time when the country was ready to experience the world in a way it never has before. The post-war era brought a surge in economic growth and the country was reinvented to cater to their new ideals. There were many social changes that occurred during this time period, and furniture reflected these changes.

What is 1950s furniture?

In the post-war era, homes were getting bigger, kitchens were getting smaller, and new furniture designs called for pieces that were lighter and more flexible. The new style is sometimes called Mid-Century Modern, or sometimes Post-War Modern, or sometimes just Mid-Century Furniture. Post-War Modern furniture is characterized by Scandinavian simplicity and sleek, clean lines. Blog Post: 1950s furniture design was a response to the suburban boom of the 1940s and 1950s. As the average household size dropped, kitchens became smaller. The new style was characterized by a move away from the ornate Victorian and Edwardian styles. The new furniture was light and flexible, because it was intended to be moved around as needed. ~~ It is a question that comes up in interior design circles all the time: what is 1950s furniture? The era is so beloved for its elegant style, yet so poorly understood by the general public. The 1950s is often referred to as the “atomic age” because of its strong connection with the concept of the newly-built atom bomb. The word “atomic” became synonymous with a modern, streamlined, and futuristic style that was in sharp contrast with the ultra-conservative design of the previous decade.

Is 1950s mid century modern?

If you’re a fan of mid century modern furniture design, or more specifically, 1950s furniture design, and you’ve been wondering just how many years that decade lasted, you’re in luck. This article is going to talk about the mid century modern history, and how to tell if something is truly mid century modern. The term “mid-century modern” is loosely used to refer to furniture designs popular during the 1950s and 1960s. It’s a style that’s timeless—particularly the pieces that came from Scandinavian designers such as Arne Jacobsen, Alvar Aalto and Hans Wegner—many of which are still being made today. (Some of which also happen to be featured in verifiedtasks’s collection !)

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