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is a boss game with a unique twist. It’s hard work, and every fight reminds you of that. In this article, we’ve listed some important tips for you that you should know before you get run over a few times while learning the game.

Time – Health


The game shows you your health reserve, but doesn’t hit the nail on the head when you’re in a fight. There is no health bar. You only have one deadline. This time limit is displayed at the top of the screen and counts down as the fight progresses.

Since you have no health, you can’t take any damage. However, you lose time with each hit, from 10 to 30 seconds, depending on the attack. This is where God’s move becomes a challenge. Not only do you have to learn the attack patterns of each boss, but you also have to know them well enough to kill the boss while taking as little damage as possible.

Your time limit can be shortened even before you enter combat. Some services are worth it. They give you a slight advantage in combat, but this advantage comes with a lower time limit to kill the boss. We have to weigh these exchanges for each fight, and it pays to experiment with the powers that be.

Recognizing a boss before killing him


Each battle in Godstrike has unique mechanics that you must understand before you can defeat them. Don’t go into a fight thinking you’re going to win it, because you won’t. Instead, engage in battle as if it were a puzzle. From your first attempts, you will see that you are learning the rules of this puzzle. Little by little you will find out how to survive the first boss stage, then the second and so on.

This way, you’ll have to appeal to every boss. They can all destroy you on the first try, and that is incredibly demotivating. But if you approach every fight with the idea that you’re trying to learn something rather than win, you won’t go crazy. After a few tries, you will find that you can easily skip the learned phases and give your full attention to the next piece of the puzzle.

Free passive skills


While skills cost you time, skills are free. You have four slots to equip skills, and they’re all worth filling for combat. Try to find a balance between those that benefit your strengths, such as. B. Reaper, and others that increase movement speed or accuracy.

If you are in a fight, try to get out of it and change your skills. You’d be surprised at the changes that can happen here.

Try different constructions


During the annual strike, you discover new powers and abilities. You can buy them all and see how it goes, but it’s best to try out different models and find the one that works best for you. Each pattern requires a different approach. You won’t get anywhere if you keep using the same powers and skills. By using things interchangeably, you find out what works for certain phases and what you should save for the latter part of the fight.

Shooting exercises in


At the bottom of the main Godstrike junction is a target practice area. Before you start your first fight, use this feature to get a feel for how your weapons work. Aiming is fairly accurate, but in the heat of battle it will be harder to hit your opponent when throwing darts into the arena. This area is a great place to hone your skills and understand how bullets behave as they move like mad around a central target.

Knowing when to take a break


Godstrike is a depressing game. The cumbersome timer for each fight is enough to drive you crazy. But you also have to learn the attack patterns of each final boss before you kill them in a race. Sometimes it’s better to put the game down and take a break than to try to get out of it. You will enjoy a break while your brain thinks about the attacks you have seen. If you go back and try to fight a boss, you will be more confident and much more relaxed about losing. You might even surprise yourself and win.

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