Last week we offered you a before/after of Star Wars characters. This week we propose you to rediscover the characters of Back to the Future. It’s a big blow to Doc and Marty. They don’t have a Delorean for time travel, but they’d like to have a machine to make them younger. Focus on the main characters of Robert Zemeckis’ mythical trilogy.

Christopher Lloyd – Doc’ Emmett Brown

christopher lloyd

Michael J Fox – Marty Mcfly / Seamus McFly / Marty Mcfly Jr / Marlene Mcfly

michael j fox

Lea Thompson – Lorraine McFly / Maggie McFly

lea thompson

Crispin Glover – Georges Mcfly

crispin glover

Thomas F Wilson – Biff Tannen / Griff Tannen / Bufford Molosse Tannen

thomas f wilson

Claudia Wells – Jennifer Parker (Back to the Future I)

claudia wells

Elisabeth Shue – Jennifer Parker (Back to the Future II & III)

elisabeth shue

Mary Steenburgen – Clara Clayton

mary steenburger

The Delorean