Before/after: What Happened to the Actors of the Kaamelott Series?

13 years ago Kaamelott landed on our TV screens replacing Camera Café on M6. The series had 6 seasons before disappearing in 2009. For nearly 10 years fans of the series have been waiting impatiently for the Kaamelott films announced by Alexandre Astier. While waiting to hear about these films, we wondered what happened to the actors of Kaamelott. On this occasion, we decided to dedicate our before/after of this week to the series. We will discover together what the actors have become today and the evolution of their careers since the end of the series in 2009. We start with a superb mashup between The Lord of the Rings and Kaamelott directed by What’s The Mashup ?

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King Arthur / Alexandre Astier

before/after kaamelott 1

Since the end of Kaamelott you could see Alexandre Astier in the film LOL where he played the father of the heroine, but also in Les Aventures de Philibert, capitaine puceau, David et Madame Hensen, Pop Rédemption (he is also the scriptwriter of this film), Une Rencontre and Nous trois ou rien. He also made Asterix and the Domain of the Gods in 2014, as well as his sequel to be released at the end of the year, Asterix and the Secret of the Magic Potion . Alexandre Astier has been working for several years on a trilogy of Kaamelott films.He has also done shows including the well known The Exoconference which was praised by astrophysicists. 

Léodagan / Lionel Astier

before/after kaamelott 2

Alexandre Astier’s father has made numerous film and television appearances since the end of Kaamelott. You could see it in the series Hero Corp, but also in the films Les Lyonnais, Bienvenue à bord, Paulette, Paris à tout prix, Prêt à tout, Un village presque parfait, le Fantôme de Canterville orJour D.He has also been involved in the theatre and dubbed Cetautomatix in the two Asterix films directed by his son. 

Perceval / Franck Pitiot

before/after kaamelott 3

Franck Pitiot is best known for playing the role of Perceval inKaamelott. Since 2009, he has appeared in TV movies and in the series Hero Corp. He was featured in the web-seriesLes Nouvelles Métamorphoses alongside Jacques Chambon who is none other than Merlin in Kaamelott.

Karadoc / Jean-Christophe Hembert

before/after kaamelott 4

Since the shutdown of Kaamelott, Jean Christophe Hembert has only appeared in David and Madame Hansen by Alexandre Astier. He became a director and was in charge of capturing Alexandre Astier’s shows, as well as programs for the NoLife channel. 

Guinevere / Anne Girouard

before/after kaamelott 5

Since the end of Kaamelott, Anne Girouard has done a lot of theatre, but she has also appeared in films. You could find her in the movies Crime d’amour, Au Bistro du coin, Hôtel Normandy, La Liste de mes envies, Bis, Tout Schuss or 7 jours pas plus

Lancelot / Thomas Cousseau

before/after kaamelott 6

After Kaamelott, Thomas Cousseau concentrated mainly on theatre. On television he appeared in French series such as Femmes de loi, Soeur Thérè, Greco, Caïn and Boulevard du Palais.

Bohort / Nicolas Gabion

before/after kaamelott 7

Nicolas Gabion appeared in a few TV films and in the theatre, but today he has turned into a teacher. Since 2011, he is a professor in Master 3D Director at Bellecour School of Arts in Lyon. 

Dame Séli / Joëlle Sevilla

before/after kaamelott 8

Joëlle Sevilla only appeared in Visitors : The Revolution in 2016, but it is very active in the field of cinema. She is now a producer and teacher. 

Merlin / Jacques Chambon

before/after kaamelott 9

Jacques Chambon appeared in the cinema in Les Lyonnais, 11.6, Fatima and Corporate. He was featured in the web-series Méli Mélo and Les Nouvelles Métamorphoses alongside Franck Pitiot (Perceval). 

La Dame du Lac / Audrey Fleurot

before/after kaamelott 10

Audrey Fleurot has come a long way since the end of Kaamelott and her role as the Lady of the Lake which was one of her first roles on television and in movies. Since the end of Alexandre Astier’s series you could find her in Les Femmes du 6e étage, Untouchables, But who killed Pamela Rose again ?, The Real Life of Teachers, Pop Redemption, Fonzy, The Gazelles, Under the Skirts of Girls, The Ghost of Canterville, The Ideal or Mother’s Day. Still today, it also participates in the Gears series. 

Father Blaise / Jean-Robert Lombard

before/after kaamelott 11

Jean Robert Lombard is best known for his role as Father Blaise in Kaamelott. Since 2015, he plays the role of the teacher in the web series J’suis pas content. He also appeared in Télé d’avant,where he played a journalist for Le Figaro in 1975.

Yvain / Simon Astier

before/after kaamelott 12

Since the end of Kaamelottyou have been able to find Alexandre Astier’s brother in On ne choisit pas sa famille, Les Lyonnais, Cassos, Asterix and Obelix: Serving Her Majesty, Denis, West Coast, The Mad Story of Max and Leon, The Embarrassment of Choice and Christ(off). He was also an actor and writer for the series Off Prime, but also for the series Hero Corp. You could also find it on television in The Edelweiss, Research Section, Profiling or Cherif

The Master of Arms / Christian Bujeau

After Kaamelott,Christian Bujeau has mainly turned to theatre and television. You could still see him in L’Auberge Rouge, and this year in Le Retour du Héros with Jean Dujardin

So much for this new before/after, we’ll see you very soon for a new old one!In the meantime you can still discover or rediscover the last before/after that was dedicated to the movie Kick-Ass

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