Before/after: What Happened to the Actors of Astrix and Oblix: Mission Cloptre?

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Not all adaptations ofAsterix in the cinema were good, but if there is one that the public retains, it is Asterix and Obelix: Mission Cleopatra. In 2002, Alain Chabat offered a monument to French comedy, a film that is still as cult today. 16 years have passed since the release ofAsterix and Obelix: Mission Cleopatra. Through this new before/after we will discover together the physical evolution of the different actors, but also the evolution of their careers in cinema. Ready for a fresh start? We start with the sequence of the construction of the palace with the music I Got You (I Feel Good) by James Brown. 

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#1 Asterix / Christian Keyboard

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Christian Clavier was already a monument of French cinema before Mission Cleopatra, and he is still one today. A subscriber to popular comedies, he is one of the most bankable actors in French cinema. Since 2002 we could find him in L’enquête Corse, Les Bronzés 3, Le Prix à Payer, Les Professeurs, Qu’est-ce qu’on a fait au bon dieu ?, Babysitting 2 ou encore À bras ouvert. We’ll find him next year in What have we done to the Good Lord again?. Christian Clavier subsequently left his role as Asterix to Clovis Cornillac and then Édouard Baer.

Obelix / Gérard Depardieu

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The second monster of French cinema. Unlike Christian Clavier, who gave up the role of Asterix after the second opus, Gérard Depardieu remained loyal to Obelix for Asterix at the Olympic Games and Asterix and Obelix: In Her Majesty’s Service. In addition to its success in France, our national Gégé also has an international career. His filmography would be too long to detail, we will note that he is currently in cinema in the comedy Amoureux de ma femme with Daniel Auteuil. He is also the headliner of the Marseille series broadcast by Netflix.

Numérobis / Jamel Debbouze

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After Mission Cleopatra, Jamel tried his hand at more serious roles as in Angel-A or Natives. He quickly returned to comedy with films such as Hollywoo, On the Marsupilami Trail or Why I didn’t eat my father. Today he is also a producer, he produces many comedians in the Jamel Comedy Club. 

Cleopatra / Monica Bellucci

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After Mission Cleopatra, the beautiful Monica Bellucci played Persephone in Matrix 2 and Matrix 3. She also played in Les Frères Grimm or Shoot ‘Em Up. In 2015 she was one of the antagonists against James Bond in 007 Spectrum . She separated from actor Vincent Cassel in August 2013.

César / Alain Chabat

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After Mission Cleopatra, the master of humour continued his career in comedy. We saw it in Chouchou, RRRrrrrrrrr!!!!!, Lend me your hand, Button Wars, On the Marsipulami Trail, Turf or The Kids. He also played in big productions such as La Nuit au Musée 2 and Valérian and the City of a Thousand Planets . He played Santa Claus in the movie Santa & Cie in 2017, and since the end of April 2018 you can find him in Burger Quiz on TMC.  

Panoramix / Claude Rich

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After Mission Cléopâtre, Claude Rich’s work is mainly in auteur films. The actor died on 20 July 2017 at the age of 88.  

Amonbofis / Gérard Darmon

before/after asterix 11

Gérard Darmon has also confirmed his talent in various comedies after Mission Cleopatra. We were able to find him in The Heart of Men 1 & 2, But who killed Pamela Rose?, Les Parrains, Bienvenue à Bord, Bis, Robin Hood, the true story and more recently in Tout le monde debout by Franck Dubosc.  

Otis / Édouard Baer

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The Otis monologue is perhaps the best known replica ofAsterix and Obelix:. Mission Cleopatra. After Alain Chabat’s comedy, Édouard Baer participated in many comedies such as Double Zero, Mensonges et trahisons et plus si affinités, Combien tu m’aimes ?, Seuls Two, Turf or Les Invincibles. It will be found this year in Convoi Exceptionnel by Bertrand Blier, but you can also listen to it on Radio Nova. Note that he took the role of Asterix in Asterix and Obelix in Her Majesty’s Service.

Caius Céplus / Dieudonné

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Dieudonné stopped his film career after 2004 to devote himself to his political activities and shows. Today we hear about him mostly for his controversial remarks.  

Itinéris / Isabelle Nanty

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Isabelle Nanty is now an actress, but also a producer. She has produced many French artists for the theatre as well as for one-man shows. Today she is best known to the general public for her role as Cathy Tuche in the three films Les Tuche and that of Gladys, the English teacher in Les Profs.

Nexusis / Édouard Montoute

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Edouard Montoute played in many TV movies for TF1 likeLes Toqués,Les EdelweissorLa Croisière. He appeared in the seriesCain,CUT!, but also in the filmsLa Première ÉtoileandLa Deuxième Étoileby Lucien Jean-Baptiste. In 2018 he resumed his role as Alain in Taxi 5.

Malococsis / Jean Benguigui

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After Mission Cleopatra you were able to find Jean Benguigui in Moi César 10 ans et demi, Nos Jours heureux, Coco, Fatal, La Croisière, Les Gorilles et Brillantissime. He is also active in theatre and was a jury member for the show On n’demande qu’en rire.  

Cartapus / Chantal Lauby

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Alain Chabat’s sidekick hasn’t really been in big movies since Mission Cleopatra. She played Marie Verneuil in Qu’est-ce qu’on a fait au bon dieu? in 2014 and will resume her role in the sequel in 2019.

Caius Antivirus / Jean-Paul Rouve

before/after asterix 4

Today when we think of Jean Paul Rouve, we think of Jeff Tuche. But we must not forget that the former member of Robin Hood tried his hand at many comedies like Me Caesar, 10 and a half, RRRrrrrrr!!!!!, Podium, Nos Jours Heureux, Denisor Les Nouvelles Aventures d’Aladin. 

Red Beard / Bernard Farcy

before/after asterix 3

We do not necessarily recognize him under his big red beard, but it is indeed Commissioner Gibert alias Bernard Farcy who played Redbeard in Mission Cleopatra. Before he was back in Taxi 5 to embody his cult role, you could see him in 2016 in La Folle Histoire de Max et Léon

So much for this new before/after, we’ll see you very soon for a new old one!In the meantime you can still discover or rediscover the last before/after that was dedicated to James Cameron’s Titanic right here.

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