Beautiful Desolation – An Engaging Story Set in a Beautiful World

Beautiful Desolation is a story-driven adventure game set in the beautiful world of Aylen. Follow the journey of a young man as he embarks on a journey to save his father from a dark pit within Aylen. Discover what really happened in the first war in Aylen, and what it is that threatens the peace of the continent.

The last story I wrote was about the aftermath of a civilization-destroying event. It was a great story, and I loved the game it was based on, but it felt more like a tough slog than a fun romp. I decided to write a new story about an entirely different type of challenge: isolation.

Beautiful Desolation takes place in a world that’s almost completely covered by clouds. No sky, no sun, just a vast expanse of grey. It’s a world where clouds have been carrying the corpses of the dead since time immemorial. A world where angels, demons, and all kinds of creatures roam the earth. A world where people have lost and regained faith, and a world where the sun is almost never seen. A world where dreams can be taken too far. A world that looks like the sort of place where despair could rule.

THE BROTHERHOOD’S Beautiful Desolation originally came out on PC in 2020, but over a year later the game is finally coming to PS4 and Nintendo Switch Beautiful Desolation is a beautiful 2D isometric exploration game that mixes science fiction alien mystery and modernity in an adventure with a post-apocalyptic landscape, puzzles, strange looking NPCs and factions on the brink of war. Here’s our review of Beautiful Desolation on PS4, in which we explore a futuristic sci-fi landscape and try to find our way home by freeing a spaceship. Beautiful Desolation begins in South Africa on an ordinary day, but the appearance of the mysterious Penrose spaceship in the sky on a stormy night completely changes the life of a man named Mark, who is traveling with his wife Charlize to visit his brother Dom. The story actually begins ten years after that night. One thing leads to another, and you end up on an alien spaceship. Mysteriously, you and your brother Dom are transported to South Africa in a distant sci-fi future where the alien ship Penrose is stranded, and you must find a way to free the ship and return home. word-image-15940 You begin your journey in a new sci-fi land, South Africa like no one else, but soon you begin to encounter other NPCs who are strange human-looking creatures that have fused with a machine and seem to have lost their humanity completely in the process. The whole world has completely changed and you, along with your brother Dom and a robot dog named Pooch, must find your way back to your time and country. Throughout the story, you’ll explore the world with your brother Dom and Pooch, a robotic dog who assists you in various missions and even some of the game’s decisions. The story starts off very strong and keeps you on the edge of your seat in surprising ways, mainly due to the art style of the game and the beauty of the sci-fi world. When you look at the world of Beautiful Desolation, it’s a perfect blend of science fiction and nature. The cities, the wildlife, the vast deserts are all wonderful to see and explore. The environment is highly detailed and is a feast for the eyes for players who love a unique and beautiful art style. The map of the game is huge, but unfortunately you don’t travel around the world, you travel in a ship that you repair at the beginning of the game and use to move around to reach different locations in the game. Once there, you can land and explore the detailed environment, meet different people and complete their tasks while you focus on the main mission of your journey. word-image-15941 Another important point to mention in this review is that Beautiful Desolation is not really a game that gives you everything you need. The game stays true to the point-and-click adventure where you have to figure out for yourself what to do in the game. The game tells you very little about how to progress in the story, other than basic clues like place names and needed items. Sometimes, if you’re lucky, you’ll find out some more details, but otherwise you’ll have to figure out the various missions and puzzles on your own. The puzzles range from simply finding the right objects to finding codes to open various cabinets and chests. The game contains a lot of backtracking because you have to find certain objects and combine them with other objects in order to use them. Finding parts is one thing, but sometimes you have to search and gather information about different things before you can start the task. NPCs are willing to help you in your quest, but they are not all friendly in the game. There are no battles in the game and the emphasis is on the story and exploration, but you will still encounter many enemies along the way. You also have to make several decisions during your journey that will affect the world even after you leave it. word-image-15942 The scenes are completely scripted and all the actors who make their mark on the game are South African, which is great. The dialogues are unique and you immediately feel the difference from other games where the actors are usually chosen with a perfect English accent. There are no bugs in the game, but the unique tone gives the game a different feel, and I really like that. The soundtrack in the game was developed by Mick Gordon, known for his work on games like Doom and Wolfenstein, so you can count on a high-quality soundtrack to accompany your adventure. The very first difference you’ll notice between the PC and console versions, or in this case the PS4 version, is that the game is no longer a point-and-click game. To better suit consoles, you can now move around in the game with a controller and interact with different objects when you’re around. All other controls are also assigned to the controller, and you can click on the TouchPad to read a description of everything marked on the interface. All points of interest are marked on the screen by name, and when you press the TouchPad, detailed information about these points appears on the screen. You can turn them on and off as you like. All interacting elements are also highlighted on the screen, to indicate that you need to interact with them. Items can be combined and selected from your inventory, and everything is exactly where you expect it to be. word-image-15943 The shift from a point-and-click mechanic to a more controller-friendly system made for a dynamic change in gameplay, but now the game is also superior. I’m not a fan of point-and-click games on consoles where you have to move the cursor all over the screen to progress in the game, and Beautiful Desolation allows you to control the game entirely with the controller. Moving around seems a bit complicated at first, as this is not a free game. Some areas that seem accessible turn out to be inaccessible, and your character only moves on predetermined paths and areas where movement is allowed. It will take some time to get used to the movements and the way the game works, but after a while you will really feel comfortable. That said, the game is also exceptionally good on consoles. Although the frame rate isn’t as smooth due to the PS4’s limited hardware, the game still runs very well. The load times are a bit longer, but that might be because I’ve been reviewing games on PS5 and PC for a few months now, and it seems like the load times are shorter there now. However, it’s not as long as I remember some PS4 games being. At the beginning the game froze, but after 2 or 3 seconds it worked perfectly and gave no error in almost 8.5 hours of play. word-image-15944 All in all, Beautiful Desolation is a great game, and I’m glad the developer decided to release it on PS4 and Nintendo Switch because it definitely deserves more players. The futuristic sci-fi setting in Africa is great and brings something totally new. Few developers have managed to release a 2D isometric adventure that instantly transports you to a very distant past. Everything about the game feels retro, and I really liked that. I’m sure you’ll enjoy it too, especially if you like playing 2D isometric games.

Final decision:

I went into Beautiful Desolation not knowing anything about it, but as soon as the story started, I was immediately captivated by the title. The game literally took me back to the early days of 2D isometric games where you explored vast open worlds, solved puzzles, discovered beautiful landscapes and interacted with different characters. Beautiful Desolation is a blast from the past, but with a modern twist. The art style, level design and CGI scenes seemed to come straight from classic isometric games. The dialogue is excellent and the aesthetics of the game are great. Beautiful Desolation for PS4 is a game that easily made my top 2021 list. If you want to explore a beautiful world full of quirky creatures and NPCs and experience a nostalgic feeling, Beautiful Desolation on consoles is for you.

Final score: 9.0/10

Nod your head to the soothing, epic melodies and rich environments that have been described by critics as “the most stunning mobile game of all time.”. Read more about beautiful desolation choices and let us know what you think.

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