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He is undoubtedly one of India’s most famous, respected and renowned chefs and the eccentricity of chef Gaghan Anand’s cuisine reflects his own personality. Most people know him from the restaurant of the same name Gaggan in Thailand, which according to Restaurant magazine is the best restaurant in Thailand and the best restaurant in Asia on the list of the 50 best restaurants in Asia in 2015, 2016 and 2017.

The separation of the partners led to the opening of the restaurant by Gaghan Anand in 2019. A few weeks ago a chef was in town to launch Culinary Culture, a group of passionate chefs offering consulting services to companies in the food industry. The outspoken cook told us about his collaboration with the culinary culture, the rebel he is and his plans for the future. Fragments:


What led you to collaborate with Vir Sangvi in the field of culinary culture?

Vir came to me with the idea of being a mentor so we could disprove the various myths associated with cooking. We also want to change the perception of Indian cuisine on the world map.

What does a rebel say about the current state of the hospitality industry in India? Various prizes, the ambition to become a famous chef, organizing cooking shows, etc.

Break the monotony and boil. Stand up for the cause. The rewards and recognition are all great. But don’t get distracted and do what you have to do. Quick success is not an easy decision, you have to work on it and find ways to be better than before.

Few people know your new restaurant with the same name, tell us about it and the journey that followed the opening.

Everyone knows why Gaggen was shut down. And in three months, we discovered Gaggan Anand. It is impossible to explain the journey in several lines. We invest a lot in it. I can tell you all to come try!

Do you think the good things you do and the hard work you do somehow pays off?

It always is. But I believe in smart, hard work. Stay authentic, believe in what you’re doing and move forward. Success is simply a matter of how others judge you. It’s about what you do.

Did you say you have no idea how popular you are in India? Have you finally understood and felt that you are no less famous?

I am grateful to be recognized as an international Indian chef. But I’m still the same as before. I love it, and it’s amazing.

Are there plans to open a restaurant in Mumbai or in the countryside?

Not yet. Not yet. But who knows what will happen in the future.

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