Batman has been airborne for almost a season, creating a fairly unique cannon for Gotham City. CW’s success followed the path of Kate Kane/Batman (Ruby Rose), who assumed the role of crusader after the death of her cousin Bruce Wayne near Gotham. While Batman was a mystery in the Arrow in many ways, we gradually began to learn details about how he operated before his disappearance and the enemies he had met before. Thanks to the last episode of the series, the penultimate part of 1. a whole new corner of the Batman world has been officially sanctified in Strelka. Here’s the spoiler from the Batman episode of The Secret, hidden for the rest of the week! Look, only if you want to know!

The episode followed Kate and most of her direct entourage in the hunt for the diary of Lucius Fox, who allegedly kept secrets about Batman’s various weapons. Thanks to special Lucius glasses, they were able to decipher a secret log – only to find out later that the book gives instructions on how to kill someone wearing a Batmaker. At the end of the episode, Kate exchanged the glasses for Elizabeth Kane/Alice (Rachel Scarsten) in exchange for the lives of her friends, and Alice wore the glasses for a short time to prove their authenticity. In the blink of an eye, the deciphered message unravels a rather surprising part of the Batman legend – his first skirmishes with a group of assassins from Saint-Dumas, and finally the birth of Azrael. The part of the magazine – which apparently also describes other iterations of Batiuk – describes how Bruce finally got the Sorrow Suit, a twisted version of Batiuk that Azrael wore.

Bat (Photo: CW)

Legend has it that it can give strength and speed to its bearer, but it can also completely pamper anyone whose heart and soul are not pure, reads part of the journal. Initially the Black Knight doubted this legend, but eventually he became aggressive when he wore armour on patrol. Batman later learned from a member of the Order of St. Dumas faction that the armor belonged to a knight named Geoffrey of Cantona, who in 1190 staged a massacre of hundreds of people in the Alpine valley. The mourning costume becomes one of the trophies on display in Batkawa to remind the Dark Knight that not only in his crusade against crime, but also against himself, he must always be vigilant. At some point, the new Azrael will take over.

Does this mean that we will see Azrael on the Batwomen – or even the Order of the Holy Dummas – is not yet visible, but in any case it is still a truly fascinating Easter egg. Although this is only part of the description of another bat costume Bruce once wore, it may also be the stage for this part of the legend to play a more important role – or at least the mourning costume to eventually make an appearance. And come on, a flaming sword on Batman would be legitimately beautiful to see.

What do you think of the Batwoman Azrael’s Easter egg? Share your thoughts with us in the following comments!

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