Back to the Future 2 Censor on Netflix!

Name of Zeus! They hit Back to the Future ! For a few hours now, French Internet users have been angry with Netflix because is , a reworked version of Retour vers le Futur 2 which is available on the platform. We explain the reasons for this censorship.

After the controversy following the censorship of some episodes of South Park, Netflix is again in turmoil for having censored Back to the Future II. Platform users have noticed that a scene has been edited. It’s only a few seconds, but for fans of the franchise, it’s really a scandal to rework this Robert Zemeckis classic.

The scene in question is on video just above, when Marty thinks he has retrieved the Sports Almanac, but discovers that it’s only the cover and that it hides a naughty magazine called Oh There.

In the Netflix version the cover has been cut off during editing. A break that has just been spotted by Internet users but which had already been made 3 years ago when the Back to the Future trilogy was already available on Netflix. A surfer had already noticed it and reported it, but at the time it hadn’t made so much noise. The question now is, why this censorship? This is not censorship for explicit content because the young woman is not naked and is wearing a nightie on the cover. The real reason would be a question of law.

The magazine Oh There There is a fictitious magazine created for the needs of the film, but the magazine inside the film is a real magazine. It is number 29 of Paris Sex Appeal, released in December 1935 in France. The young woman on the cover is Venetia Stevenson, muse of the American magazine Swank in 1955. Copyright issues are here. The publishing company Swank US still exists today and would be ready to attack the producers of Back to the Future and the people who would broadcast the scene. That’s why Netflix decided to suppress the cover of the magazine Oh There There. They decided to be far-sighted and thus avoid having to give money to Swank US for the broadcast of the sequence. This is why the footage is cut at Netflix, but not at Amazon Prime Video

Once again it’s just a small break in the movie, but the fans don’t like to have their Proust madeleines touched up again. Remember the different polemics when George Lucas dared to retouch the original Star Wars trilogy…

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