Back 4 Blood Heng guide – Abilities, weapons, tips and tactics

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“Back 4 Blood” is an online multiplayer first-person shooter game. This build guide will help you find your best abilities, weapons, and tactics in the game. Read more in detail here: back 4 blood builds .

Heng is one of two new Cleaners included in the Tunnels of Terror expansion for Back 4 Blood, the other being Sharice. Heng, unlike Sharice, has a unique combination of passive skills that make him effective in a variety of circumstances and make him a better fit for pre-made groups than solo queue players. In Back 4 Blood, this tutorial will teach you all you need to know about Heng.

Weapons and abilities

The Hatchet is Heng’s melee weapon: a quick, flexible small blade that is good against all foes. In keeping with his prior life as a chef, he also comes with a great custom skin for the basic Knife. His starting weapon is the RPK, which is the heavier and more cumbersome of the two LMGs in the game, but still a respectable weapon.

Back 4 Blood HatchetRegardless, the Hatchet carves through swarms of Mutations. Turtle Rock created this image.

In Back 4 Blood, Heng has two passive talents. The first is the ability to see adjacent weapon attachments, tunnel openings, and Prepper Stashes. This isn’t necessary if you’ve previously played each map a few times and know where the places of interest are, but it does help you navigate. When he is struck by a Mutation, his second passive is that there is a slight possibility that a random new item will fall out of his pockets. This is excellent for decks that rely on Accessory usage, but it’s also humorous, since it indicates that Heng carries a plethora of valuable goods about with him and refuses to use or share them with anybody until a zombie pushes the issue.

To go along with this amusing ability, Heng’s team passive grants all players a 5% chance to re-use items. This implies that every time someone uses an item — whether it was discovered, purchased, or wrested from Heng’s parsimonious grasp by a Mutation — there’s a small chance it won’t be consumed and will be used again.

Advice and the greatest cards

When it comes to deckbuilding in Back 4 Blood, Heng has a few specialties. For starters, his ability to detect weapon attachments is beneficial to those who want to develop a powerful weapon. If this sounds like you, you may want to try combining Heng with the new Weaponsmith card; keep in mind, though, that Weaponsmith costs a lot of Copper to use, and is only worth taking when playing with friends so that everyone can have a copy. Each duplicate of Weaponsmith lowers the cost of using it by 100 Copper, bringing it down to a minimum of 0.

Heng is also a solid fit for item-focused setups, since he naturally pairs well with Back 4 Blood Cleaners like Hoffman, Karlee, and Doc, as well as cards like Medical Expert and Fire in the Hole. Take damage resistance and self-healing items and cards above ones that let you totally escape harm, such as movement speed cards, since Heng’s item production passive only works if he anticipates to be struck by Mutations. True Grit and Ignore the Pain are essential cards for Heng decks because they let you to fight toe-to-toe with Mutations like Smashers and Bruisers and take a few hits without taking too much damage.

Finally, Heng is designed as an introduction character and is a decent Cleaner to choose if you’re new to Back 4 Blood. When you play Heng, you can rapidly identify spots of interest on the game’s maps so you know where to seek for them afterwards. He also helps you to get and utilize things more often, allowing you to have a better grasp of all of the Back 4 Blood Accessories.

The “back 4 blood weapon tier list ” is a guide that will help you choose the best weapons for your battle against the Blood Heng. It includes information about each of the weapons, and also gives tips on how to use them effectively.

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